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  1. That's certainly a perfect post for this thread, because holy smokes are those things fugly. The color balance is fine, but the design is awful.
  2. The silver numbers weren't even a great college idea. That's why Rutgers ditched them after a couple seasons.
  3. Man, it's totally weird that someone from New York moved down to Tampa. Never heard of that happening before.
  4. Also the Florida Gators' home uniform or the Denver Broncos' home uniform, both of which are good:
  5. There are lots of great ways to maximize a relatively plain uniform tradition. The Steelers, Giants, and 49ers, to name just a few, have used traditional uniform elements but created modern classics. And the Browns have a number of historical uniform elements that are anything but stodgy, like their drop-shadow numbers (1946) and orange alternate jerseys (1953): If the Browns were to unveil a new uniform that was similar to their 2010-2014 set, but with a brown facemask, the new orange, drop-shadow block numbers, and alternate orange pants (instead of brown pants), that would instantly be in the top half of the league.
  6. The fact that a lot of teams have done something doesn't mean it looks good. It's a lazy argument to defend something's aesthetics on the basis that half the league has done it at some point.
  7. USF has already gotten pretty close to this: But I agree, it's not a good look, and it's definitely not the Jets.
  8. I don't doubt this is what Elliott said, but he's not even close. Seven different Cowboys wore #21 between Deion and Zeke, including a starting RB (Julius Jones) and a first-round pick (Mike Jenkins).
  9. Guys, I marked up a concept for the Browns that is more coherent than their current look and, to me, really represents the franchise.
  10. I don't mind the design, but I think it would be better if some of the light blue and yellow highlights were switched. The yellow is easily the most striking part of the design, but it seems to highlight what should be the least important lines - the neck and the front of the thigh.
  11. The stripe helps a lot, in comparison to teams like the Ravens and Saints. Still, it can be a little much when players wear mostly-purple long socks:
  12. I've never heard that before - do you have a source? I'm curious because cannons and cannonballs were never made out of pewter. Pewter would be uniquely unsuited to making weapons, since it is relatively soft and has a very low melting point. If the Bucs are going for that, they shouldn't call it pewter.
  13. This is pewter: This is the Bucs' "pewter" uniform color: We can talk about lighting and photography and such, but that's a fundamentally different color. And in my opinion, it's much worse, particularly in contrast to the metallic helmet.
  14. Jacksonville used to have some excellent basketball uniforms:
  15. In that case, is this photo a visual representation of chucking plastic back into the oceans?
  16. The Red Wings are also unique (I think) in using vertically arched lettering on their nameplates:
  17. Yes - and even Dr. J started his NBA career with a "traditional" number 32: When the Nets sold him to Philadelphia, he had to switch numbers because #32 was going to be retired by the Sixers for Billy Cunningham. Rumor is that he switched to #6 because the Sixers paid $6 million for him ($3 million to the Nets, $3 million to Dr. J), but Dr. J (more diplomatically) said that he chose #6 to be like Bill Russell. But why did Russell wear #6? He presumably wore it in the NBA because he wore it in college: And he was allowed to wear it in college because the NCAA's rule that players may only use digits 0-5 was not yet in effect.
  18. I actually like the number detailing, but a plain uniform with block numbers and sleeve caps is pretty meh. It's a lot like their current look, except less interesting.
  19. If the Bucs just fixed their numbers, and changed their shoulder yoke from olive drab to more of a true pewter, their uniforms wouldn't be half bad.
  20. A lot of good matchups this week. Without commenting on the design of the uniforms, Lions-Bucs, Saints-Chargers, Chiefs-Bears, Bills-Bengals, Giants-Jets, and Packers-Raiders have beautiful color combinations
  21. The conference now includes Nebraska Wesleyan. The shape of Iowa is defined by the Mississippi River to the east and the Missouri River to the west, and Nebraska Wesleyan is just across the Missouri River from Iowa, so the name makes sense.
  22. If there's any positive to the oversized Oregon numbers, it's that this disease probably won't spread to the NFL. Having such ludicrously huge front and back numbers only works with plain shoulders on the uniform, and the NFL requires TV numbers. Oregon's numbers extend up to the bottom of the collar, so you couldn't have those plus shoulder numbers of any size.
  23. I know the "sad husky" is an old UConn logo. I was saying that the melting husky that Northeastern used to use is the second-worst husky logo of all time for any team.