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  1. Man, that's gonna make it really hard to tell Joe Flacco apart from Lamar Jackson.
  2. This may prompt some disagreement, but I think the late-90s New England Patriots are in this category. The uniform was modern, yet the colors were balanced really well. Yes, the enormous Flying Elvis on the shoulders was very 90s, but despite that, the uniforms weren't garish or overdesigned. And the sublimated vertical stripes on the jersey were a great touch that, to my knowledge, hasn't been repeated in any other football uniform. That said, the Patriots started a dynasty pretty much immediately after changing from these to their current uniform, and it's hard to do a throwback to royal blue when your current uniform uses navy blue. Plus, the Patriots already have a beloved throwback with the Pat Patriot-era uniform.
  3. It looks accurate to me. I think it looks off just because Nike moved the indent in the shorts forward, so the star is no longer centered over it like it used to be.
  4. Good find! But I think that Northwestern's 40-year peak being a 7-2 season with no bowl game and no final poll ranking kind of proves my point.
  5. I wasn't aware of any British basketball logo before this, but egad, that old logo is terrible.
  6. The new logo makes the spartan head much more recognizable from a quick glance - the 3/4 view of the old logo looked a bit like a blob. Still, I generally dislike logo-above-name combination marks, because they look minor-league. And I can't shake the feeling that the logo would have been better if they dropped the person (the eye/neck/shoulders) and just used the helmet.
  7. I'd argue that nobody wants to remember Northwestern football in the 1950s-80s. They wore black for their first good team in modern history, and black has been a significant part of their uniform since them - much more than white has been.
  8. He failed so spectacularly that he was out of the league at age 54, so he's not as ancient as you would think.
  9. The fact that a color has been used in an alternate uniform in the past doesn't mean that it's part of a team's color scheme. Would you consider red and orange to be part of the Jazz's color scheme, or pink and turquoise to be part of the Heat's color scheme? Or, more to the point, would you consider baby blue and dark blue to be part of the Lakers' color scheme? We're in an era where teams wear a ton of alternate jerseys that may or may not have anything to do with their core identities. That doesn't make every alternate jersey part of a team's scheme.
  10. If a school only has two colors, is it really necessary to have helmets in both of them? For Northwestern, their colors are purple, black, and white, and the football team has a long history of wearing black (going back to the 1995 Rose Bowl team), so it makes sense for them to have a black alternate helmet more than a white one.
  11. Who could have possibly predicted that ditching the tire tread pattern would make literally every Adidas uniform look much better?
  12. I agree generally, but in this case, it's likely that Scott Frost is looking to bring back the look from Nebraska's glory years in the '90s, which also happens to be when he played.
  13. I don't think that's the issue, though. They don't scale well, which is an issue when so many people follow sports on mobile devices.
  14. I've never seen Marks 65, 66, and 68 before, but they all look like Buzz just got swatted and smeared across the wall. And Buzz looks a little too self-satisfied in 60, 61, and 62. Is it really necessary to have so many variations on a classic mark?
  15. Yes, it's still Chicago's primary athletic mark. http://athletics.uchicago.edu/landing/index They still compete in football, too, although at the D-III level, a far cry from when they were a national power in the early 20th century. They use the wishbone-C as their helmet logo, although it looks like a skinnier version than the Bears and Reds use:
  16. Aren't preseason games almost always at night? Jersey color shouldn't be much of a heat factor at dusk.
  17. That's going to be a hideous and boring-looking game. Silver/black/gray (Panthers) vs. Silver/gray/gray (Lions).
  18. These throwbacks are based on Washington's 1937 jersey, in which they won their first championship. Back then, they didn't have helmet logos, but the Indian was always facing right on the sleeve logos, no matter which sleeve he was on.
  19. Alex Fernandez, the former Marlins pitcher, pitching for Pace H.S. in Miami. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/alex-fernandez-pitcher-for-the-florida-marlins-pitching-for-news-photo/813748#/alex-fernandez-pitcher-for-the-florida-marlins-pitching-for-pace-high-picture-id813748
  20. Giraffes are inherently awkward and silly creatures. It's cool as a throwback/campy logo, but trying to make the giraffe tough and aggressive like that concept logo just looks dumb. It's like when a minor league baseball team tries to use a tough-looking oyster or something as a mascot.
  21. Mesh pants would be sexy, that's for sure.
  22. I love the pattern around the court. Creative and forest-y, but not so wild as to be obtrusive.
  23. Not sure if this belongs in the "unpopular opinions" thread instead, but the Giants' 1980s-style uniform is bad. Mismatched blues, three different striping patterns (helmet, sleeves, pants), and completely generic (including the "logo" wordmark). I suspect people like it because of the fond memories of two championships wearing that uniform, rather than the actual design. To the extent that it's an upgrade over the 1970s design, it's because the 70s design is even worse.
  24. They also changed the home uniform from '93 to '94. The numbers changed from red to white, and the pants stripe changed.