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  1. We're talking about the Jaguars. They don't need to worry about being on TV.
  2. That was the Suns' primary from 2001-2012, which encompassed eight of Nash's 10 years from the franchise, six of his eight All-Star selections, and both his MVPs. I think that's pretty clearly Nash's "right" uniform.
  3. Thanks, now I have Elton John's worst song stuck in my head.
  4. I think it at least gives teams the theoretical ability to go after copyright infringement. If you are selling a green-and-white jersey with block numbers and sleeve stripes, the Jets can't prove that it's theirs, as opposed to any other green-and-white team or just a custom design from the Eastbay catalog. But if the team's jersey includes the logo or wordmark, then the legal case is easy. As you mentioned, it's anyone's guess as to how much this is actually enforced.
  5. I'm pretty sure that every new jersey design rolled out in the last 15 years (maybe more) has had the team name or logo somewhere on the jersey. Like you said, it keeps the jersey from looking generic, and it also helps significantly with copyright enforcement and limiting fakes.
  6. For what it's worth, here's my list. First choice listed first, second choice (if any other color makes sense) second. Buffalo: blue, gray Miami: white, aqua New England: gray, navy Jets: green, white Dallas: gray NY Giants: gray, blue Philly: green, black Washington: burgundy Baltimore: black Cincinnati: black Cleveland: brown, gray Pittsburgh: black Chicago: navy Detroit: gray, blue Green Bay: green Minnesota: purple, black Houston: navy Indy: blue, gray Jacksonville: black Tennessee: gray, navy Atlanta: black Carolina: black, gray New Orleans: black Tampa Bay: pewter, black Denver: navy Kansas City: red, white Chargers: navy, white Raiders: gray, black Arizona: gray, white Rams: blue 49ers: gray, gold Seahawks: navy, gray Going through this, I was surprised at how few teams I put in a gray facemask, considering that I'm not opposed to gray masks. The only non-silver-helmeted teams for which I chose gray as the top choice were the Giants, Titans, Cardinals, and 49ers.
  7. I agree that the helmet is more plain without the red mask, but that's a flaw in the helmet design, not a reason to keep the gaudy mask. Putting a red facemask on that is like putting chrome bumpers, spinners, and a spoiler on a gray Toyota Camry so that it doesn't look "plain."
  8. I think the language could have been more precise, but I think I understand what he's going for. To use your example, while the Falcons' uniform is unmistakeably from the early 2000s, their various panels and swooshes all arguably reflect the wing of the falcon logo - parallel red, white, and black areas spreading out and evoking motion. In contrast, it's tough to discern any unifying theme from the Cardinals' splotches of color around their uniform. They have a yoke on the road uniform, shoulder pinstripe outlines on both uniforms, splotches of color in the armpits, then spike-shaped panels starting in the armpits and ending on the thighs. Despite the curved lines and piping throughout the uniform, they have fairly standard block numbers, and obviously a very traditional helmet. The whole thing appears to be a grab bag of early-00s design ideas, and I think that's what the author is trying to communicate when he says that the shapes "don't accomplish anything."
  9. Those Utah uniforms were based off local scenery, namely, a desert mountain sunset. Maybe the Bucks' rumored yellowish uniforms are based on the color of a generic American lager, or the exposed belly of an overweight Caucasian fan.
  10. Not that I want to be in the business of defending the Spanos family, but that shift could also be the result of now sharing a city with another blue/yellow/white team (arguably one who is currently more popular than the Chargers) and wanting to distinguish themselves.
  11. It's an interesting idea, and I like the article, but this is a great example of why uniforms shouldn't be designed around the whims of what is ??? to 18-21 year olds at any given time.
  12. I love the return of the shield. But it's interesting that the original had very rounded font for the "L A" and semi-rounded font for the "CHARGERS," whereas the update uses non-rounded block font for the "L A" and completely rounded font for the "CHARGERS." I wonder if this was an intentional change or just a goof.
  13. The USC example is a good one. I think USC's helmet works far better with a gray mask than a red one.
  14. NBA in general - teams must wear one of their two primary uniforms for every game in the postseason, except the Lakers, who can wear gold, purple, or white. This year's Finals featured (and would have featured, had it gone longer) black/gray vs. white in every game, and it was depressing. I don't really care if teams want to dilute their brands in the regular season for the sake of selling a bunch of different jerseys. But if a team likes one of their alternate looks so much that they want to wear it throughout the playoffs (e.g. the black jerseys for the Cavs and Rockets), they should just switch to that as their primary.
  15. I'd argue that the Yankees are not the Lakers of basketball, seeing as how the Yankees haven't won a single NBA championship.
  16. I mostly agree with this. I'm not against colored masks, but the mask shouldn't be the focal point of the helmet. So I'd tweak your rule regarding colored masks that are darker than the helmet - that's OK as long as the color isn't so gaudy that it detracts from the rest of the helmet. For instance, I thought the 1996-08 49ers uniform violated this rule, as the red facemask was a distraction: Gray isn't a part of the 49ers identity, but I think it works better for the 49ers for that reason. Likewise, I think the Patriots' red facemask looks out of place; I much preferred their initial version of the Flying Elvis helmet with the gray facemask.
  17. The gold side panels were there for the Rams' first two years in the navy-and-gold set, 2000 and 2001. Their last game with them was the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots: The side panels were gone by the 2002 opener, which was a loss to the Broncos:
  18. Grant Hill had all the talent in the world, but I'm still surprised that he was elected to the HOF. He had a run of six seasons in Detroit where he was a legitimately great player, but topped out at a solid contributor after that. And the fact that he hung around until age 40 is mitigated by the fact that he had six (!) seasons in which he played fewer than 30 games, five of which occurred in the prime of his career.
  19. That green is obnoxiously bright and really detracts from the teal and purple, in my opinion. It was much more muted on the original, which worked better:
  20. I tend to dislike uniforms where the sleeves and helmet have exactly the same logo on them. It just seems duplicative. The uniform should work as a set - not every part needs to have explicit team branding, especially where the two logos are maybe 10 inches apart.
  21. What's with the wordmark in the end zones facing out, rather than toward the field? Never seen that on a football field before.
  22. Remove the "WCF" stripe from these, since the vertical stripe and text in the middle of a horizontal stripe looks awkward: Use gray-over-white socks with these:
  23. These aren't bad, but I think the fire emoji has lost all meaning.
  24. I like the thought, but having accidentally bit into a chunk of peach pit this morning, I can attest that putting a pit into food is a terrible idea.
  25. The Thunder's logo and overall identity package are among the worst in the league, but I'm not sure I'd call the home uniforms themselves "awful."