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  1. Yeah, so? It is not Native American based and the perfect way for Snyder to say F you to everyone.
  2. I agree. The Redskins need a name without any connection to Native Americans, they do not have the "lee-way" that the Warriors did. If the Blackhawks were every pressured, they could change the logo and keep the name, I think it way beyond the point of no return for the Redskins.
  3. With a college, I think it might be easier. 1) crowds at those schools are not as big. Secondly, I would assume their fans attending games are most likely to be current students and alumni? So, the current students turn over every 4 years. Freshmen come in and buy their school sweatshirts/t-shirts etc. I would think alumni who are attending games are more likely to be the type who would support the school in what it decides in terms of the name, so is less likely to protest by continuing to wear the old logos/names. I have lived in the NY Metro area my whole life. I was in HS when St Johns changed from the Redmen to the Red Storm. I'm 44 now and cant remember the last time I saw any St Johns Redmen stuff although their following is not all that big.
  4. I was thinking that, but let's be honest this is the NFL we are talking about. They do not give anything away for free. Every owner right now is not thinking, "FInally, we are doing the right thing...". They are thinking, "How much stuff is the new team going to sell and what will my cut be?"
  5. I could see them cracking down on fans wearing headdresses or other Native American costumes. I do remember them having a well-known fan who I believe was African-American who wore a headdress. But no idea if he is still going to games or if he is still alive. However, not sure they can or want to try to police people wearing Redskins t-shirts, jerseys, hats, jackets, etc. I think that would be very difficult to enforce. Fans enter the game with no Redskins gear showing. Once inside, they de-layer or they pull a redsksins t-shirt out of their pocket and change. One benefit they have is I think it is likely fans are not attending games this season. So, it gives STH over a year to start buying gear with the new team name. Those who choose to do so. But, it will definitely be interesting to see. I think if they completely try to ban the stuff, that is going to cause more of an uproar. Edit: I think this is who I am talking about and it seems he has passed away. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_Zee
  6. I would not be shocked if Snyder is being strong-armed by the league here. I have said for 20 years, name will not change until it hurts their profits. Nike and FedEx were going to hit them in the pocket and merchandise sales are shared by the league. They have already said they will not have any Native American imagery and even though they could get rid of the spear, feathers, and go with Warriors, I think it is too close to fly here. They are keeping the colors, think it will be something with "red" in it, will keep the same wordmark font and the "R" logo (like Gibbs wore on his hat for years) to appease as many of the current fans as possible. Keep the change as simple as possible, but get rid of the Native American stuff. This is not the same scenario as the Blackhawks or Chiefs. Yes, I know the origin of their Blackhawk name. But, if the pressure became enough, they could easily change the logo and keep the name in honor of Chief Black Hawk. Same for Chiefs. Could keep the name, drop the arrowhead logo and just go with a basic "KC". Not the case here. Simply going "warriors" for them is re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic.
  7. Didn't they city (or a group of fans) sue to keep the history in Cleveland or something like that? The Redskins won 3 Super Bowls and played in 2 others and won 2 Championships in the pre-Super Bowl era. I do not think they want to abandon that. Secondly, keeping the colors, a name with "red" in it, using the same wordmark is a way to keep the current fans. If they started over as a new franchise with a complete re-brand to say the Washington Generals with a Red-White-Blue theme, it may not go over as well. I do think we will continue to see Redskins gear at games for a long time. Not sure the majority of their fans are going to run out to buy the new stuff in bulk, especially with the prices for licensned merchandise.
  8. I was reading that it is not as simple as someone "owning" the trademark. I am not an attorney, but supposedly if Snyder wants one of those names, the owner of that trademark would have to prove WHY and how they use the trademark. I read somewhere that the law is written like that to prevent people from simply applying for random trademarks they will never use just to try to handcuff someone who has plans for the trademark. However, what I could not find was anything that broke down how long of a process that would be for Snyder if he wanted one of those names.
  9. I was very surprised when I heard about this. Honestly, never knew the endzones were painted each week. Always thought they had different pieces of field turf for each team that would get laid down, sewn in, then cut out.
  10. I know, but if Montreal ever gets a new team, one of two things should happen. 1) The Nats "give" the history to the new team or 2) New team be able to use the name Expos if they choose and still acknowledge the history. When the Thrashers went to Winnipeg and used the Jets name, they should be able to use the history of the old Winnipeg Jets. Do people in Arizona actually care about their Avco Cups?
  11. If they are going to go with a re-brand, new name, color scheme, etc. Then, I hope they leave the history behind. As far as I am concerned, the History should belong to the fans and the city/state. Start over as a new franchise. Love seeing banners for the Expos in the Bell Centre.
  12. I am thinking you were in a VERY small minority on that one. Then again, I don't know any NY'ers who cared or followed those leagues.
  13. I'm not from California, so I don't know, but maybe the fear is that there are still too many people in LA who hate the Chargers from the LA Raiders days, that they would have a difficult team? With a new name and look they can be embraced by LA as "their" team. Jets play 2nd fiddle to the Giants and still have a huge fan base.
  14. Black sells. Until it doesn't, teams won't stop trying to use it.
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