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  1. Just a mediocre photoshop of an old uniform.
  2. Anyone else think the shading on this shield makes it look like a dreidel?
  3. The more I look at it, the more I think they may just update the wordmarks/numbers on the uniforms but leave everything else alone. These marks plug right in to their existing set pretty seamlessly.
  4. My guess on the stroke around "CAVS" is because it is going on a navy or black jersey.
  5. This thread has given me a renewed appreciation for how well-designed NBC's current logo is.
  6. Here are my A&M minis (as well as an older full size helmet). The black helmet in the case is signed by Von Miller.
  7. A&M finally got the white hats to complete their Heritage Series uniforms.
  8. If you envison that the wings attach to the top (left-most) part of the fuselage then it still kinda works.
  9. To be clear, I don't know for certain that's the case (that comma at the end of the tweet was supposed to be a question mark), but it certainly has similarities.
  10. I really hope they pair the gold jersey with navy shorts. Not a fan of the monochrome gold look. Otherise, these are really solid. COYS
  11. A&M vs. Mississippi State in the 2000 Independence Bowl (yes, this is in Shreveport).
  12. A&M is probably a closer comp than Seattle as far as helmet finish.
  13. That definitely is a different helmet finish than before. Maybe not true matte, but a satin finish.
  14. It's easy to saw you don't like the flared out sleeve stripe or the "horns" on the number font. But then again, take those away, and it's kind of a boring design. However I have no idea why they did the black facemask when there's no black anywhere in the uniform. I give it a B, but really want to see what it looks like on the field.
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