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  1. The cityscape in the horns is supposed to be a reflection, as the ball cap that was leaked said, "shiny" on it. I assumed it meant the may go with a metallic gold horns as opposed to solid gold color. I hope they go with a flat blue matte color for the helmet and a metallic gold horns, more like what many college teams have gone to .
  2. Any body know where I can get the Reebak full body Hockey template in CS4 AI. file? I have looked and I see it out there but it is usually in MS Paint. Much appreciated. Hooligan
  3. I am using Illustrator CS4 and when I highlight the text with the text tool, I get a grey box that covers the text and I can't see text anymore. Only when I zoom in real close the text it becomes visible. I must have changed a setting or hit a shortcut key somewhere. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. 33hooligan

    Vikings Ship Logo

    If your are going to go with the dark purple helmet, you might want to add some lt. purple highlights to it. I also like the thought of some kind of dragon head on the front of the boat.
  5. Great minds think alike on the choice of the name Jaha...I agree with you also that with time just about any name will sound professional.
  6. I haven't been on the site for awhile and hadn't seen Jaha's Thread before, therefore the claim that I am copying anyone is incorrect. I have since seen them and I do like the Anaheim and Cincy designs that he has done and wouldn't mind if Anaheim used either one of them. Nice Job Jaha!
  7. That's right... I forgot to make one jersey read "ANAHEIM".
  8. I made some suggested changes and added some sample looks. The mascot is a cross between a bull, a goat and other devilish things. The floating crown is from Hellboy and it is also a tie back to the Kings logo.
  9. I am excited about my county getting a new Basketball team here in the O.C. I have made a concept that I would like to see them use. I think if they come they will use the original team name from there time in Rochester, the Royals. I know the Maloof's are hip guys with interests in, gambling, skateboarding and hotels so, I think they should use something more updated that speaks to the people from this area. Being that we have a heavy hispanic culture and the fact that the Angels are across town from here is what gave me the idea for the Diablo's.
  10. This looks like they use a brush, like artistic ink or paint, then applied it to a custom drawn font.
  11. ecker33foothill@cox.net thank you. looks like a great template.
  12. Yeah, that's the way I use to work, but it takes way too much time. Thanks for replying, though. beatnik, if you take the images you want to divide to a new file, circles in pink and brush stroke effect in black, use the divide as explained previously. Then go to Select/same/fill color or stroke/pick black and then hit the delete and all the black will delete leaving only the pink in the disired look you wanted. Then copy and paste it back to your work project. That should save you a bunch of time.
  13. I think some one mentioned it earlier. Go to object, go down to Expand appearance and that should do it.