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  1. You are not lying when you said these are the BEST jerseys the Cavs ever had in their history
  2. Couldnt agree more, he only spent 4 years with the Heat while 11 with the Cavs. This would be his 2nd most THE Lebron jersey
  3. this is 2020, not 1985. I love seeing alternates in the Finals. Cleveland winning in that black sleeved jersey is so iconic
  4. So this templete is extending to the next world cup ?!?"!! please God, I hope not.
  5. this board and their love for the EPL... anyway, Guatemala switched from adidas to puma, and I think these kits are absolute class.
  6. damn ! thats one sweet ass jersey
  7. also, Holland wore black as alternate during the Nike Total 90 era
  8. I know you guys will have fun with this, hopefully its not posted already. Have fun boys
  9. they wore it because they were celebrating their centenary. ps.. there is a new thread going on for 08/09...try using that one guys
  10. Trinidad & Tobago home and away I cant wait for the Jamaica one !!
  11. those Germany shirts are absolutely stunning in love
  12. I know this site is the comprehensive site about logos, and this forum provide great insight about jerseys but I was wondering if there is a site that may have photos of some the big clubs jerseys over the past couple of years. It would be greatly appreciated
  13. you know they are actually fake right...but, that still hasn't stopped me from getting an Inter Adriano they are almost exactly like the replicas so I dont mid
  14. WOW ! I have been browsing this board for over 2 months now and whenever I see that Buffaloslug thing, I thought it was a running joke with the community, but boy was I wrong !. There is no way the Sabres can be serious with that logo. I know I am late...
  15. this is crazy. I am a student at the University and I usually go on the site and check up on things and this is where I found it ?!!??!?! our football team is straight thrash. I know a bunch of players that smoked marijuana with
  16. what site do they tell who which jersey they will be wearing ?