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  1. horace grant as a sonic unpopular opinion: i like that sonics' set. not as much as the classic green & yellow, but i thought it was one of the better 90s era uniforms
  2. good riddance. While I may not love everything that nike/under armour do, atleast they're a little more subdued with promoting their own brand. adidas' 3 stripes appear on EVERYTHING.
  3. Generic, NCAA looking alternate. Nothing says SUN like these dull colors. i skimmed the press release - the gray signifies the phoenix rising from the ashes
  4. no purple i'd like to be able to see the shorts a little better.. i guess i'll have to wait til tomorrow
  5. sixers claimed him off waivers, so that photo can be added to the "legends in the wrong uniform" thread (legend can be used loosely, here)
  6. today is media day for the knicks and spurs (and probably more?)
  7. Good find! Most recently their jerseys have been more less combination of tweaks not really am overhaul compared to early 90s when they switched from RWB to Purple silver and black. I'd like it if they kept the "Sacramento" wordmark from the current set and moved the NOB on the alt to below the number, but that's a minor issue. I'm liking this tweak (if it's official, considering the logo sheet we saw previously had no wordmark changes). Looks legit. What is that thing about the NBA logo? Looks like a small gold spec on the collar maybe a crown? nice find The kings needed this for along long time wow.. this is great! as campbell said, this was long overdue... i never understood the kings' decision to have 'sacramento' in white on their home jersey and black 'kings' on their purple uniforms
  8. lots of leaked info, from the same source that filled lukas in on the nets alts and next year's hornets uniforms... none of this info is good news
  9. that pic is from last year, when the starters -- then called 'the basketball jones' -- were on TSN in canada, not nbatv. that being said, i''m still pretty sure the nba sent that to trey since he's technically a part of the media
  10. lebron publically trashes sleeved jerseys: "LeBron said in pregame that the Heats shooters are already upset about the Christmas jerseys. LEBRON: I cant have my shooters out there worrying about some sleeves and not shooting the ball.
  11. the necklines are all different from what each team wears on their normal jerseys. the nets one is especially egrecious
  12. zipped 1/4 the way up, exposing the crispest of untucked collared shirts and tapered jeans
  13. Where's Wallace? (POTD worthy, i know) you killed it by saying that