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  1. horace grant as a sonic unpopular opinion: i like that sonics' set. not as much as the classic green & yellow, but i thought it was one of the better 90s era uniforms
  2. a personalized jersey that says 'pizzaman7294' on the back
  3. I think I may have just decided what jersey to buy. which did you decide?
  4. chris paul in the hornets' valentine's day uniforms... even my escapism outlets are mocking me
  5. So let's change it to Players in the "wrong" haircuts kobe's mini-fro wasn't that bad I'm pretty sure he meant Jason Kidd's hair. thanks, guy. (also, glen rice in the background behind kobe) charles oakley (and some guy named mike jordan? not sure) on the 'zards.... plus, half of the head of byron russel (the guy MJ pushed off of against the jazz in the finals) and a short-haired (relatively speaking) etan thomas
  6. So let's change it to Players in the "wrong" haircuts kobe's mini-fro wasn't that bad
  7. Carter23 must not know much about basketball. He also had no idea that Ray Allen was a real basketball player, and thought he played for the Celtics and Heat at the same time. If your going to join a site like this, you need to know more about sports. HOW DARE YOU. I just wasn?t aware that Patrick Ewing Jr.?s (hoosier/hoya/drafted by the kings in the 2nd round in 2008/ended up on the rockets/traded to the knicks for former 1998 knick draft pick [picked right before queensbridge?s ron artest/metta world peace] Frederic Weiss [frenchman who never suited up for the knicks] who was famously dunked on by vince carter in the olympics or world games) dad was a major league based-ball player for the mets. Doesn?t mean I don?t know anything about the basket ball league
  8. whats so special aboutthat photo? a tall baseball player? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEESH
  9. Garnett is far and away a Celtic to me. What'd he do in Minny besides get old, exactly? yikes... not sure where to start with that one how about john starks as a bull? (i could use photos of him as a warrior or jazzmanian devil also)
  10. how do you speak a logo? (logo in speech bubble)
  11. dirty curty's angsty obsession with darko is weird as hell
  12. hof 2008 edition: art monk on the jets http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/52134261.jp...40A659CEC4C8CB6 art monk the iggles http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/52134271.jp...40A659CEC4C8CB6
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