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  1. Based on the first teaser last week, it appears to be their gold color for the nameplate lettering. This is despite their photo being black and white.
  2. Outstanding job! Even with the shoulder yoke, it is still simple and clean. AND that it is not a phantom yoke, which I have hated for years on their jerseys. There is one and ONLY one thing I would change with this and it is not any design change at all. The primary logo should be a little bigger on the front.
  3. That definitely makes sense. I'm hoping the Rangers correct the alignment of their team name on the front. Been off center for 10 years. I'm hoping that they end up going back to how the lettering was placed on their 2006-2007 season uniforms.
  4. You could not be more perfect with your San Jose Sharks concept. Outstanding!
  5. The only reason why I'm not fully behind this concept is that the template looks a lot like what the Arizona Coyotes have.
  6. Great job, Philly's Phinest... I have to agree with the other posters that there should be a gold alternate instead of red. There are plenty of teams with red as a primary color and honestly I believe Las Vegas' NHL team needs to stand out from the rest with their color identity. Sort of like what the Sharks did in 1991.
  7. This is outstanding! I'm not a fan of pink, but this works. I passed this along on Twitter to the likes of SinBin.Vegas, the Vegas Hockey Podcast and Dana Lane (co-host of the Vegas Hockey Hotline) on Sportsbook Radio with Brian Blessing. They cover the Golden Knights locally in the Las Vegas market. That All-Star weekend logo would be great for the center ice circle. Matches the T-Mobile Arena and its corporate sponsor color scheme. Well done.
  8. I'm COMPLETELY on board with this concept. sparky chewbarky, I really hope to God that you are directly in contact with Bill Foley. And hopefully he hires you to use your identity package if he is to give the Aces name serious consideration for the team name. I do like the brown alternate jersey idea with the beige pants. But I don't feel the Vancouver Canucks logo on the pants for the Las Vegas NHL team is something I would go with. When I got a look at the above jersey neckline design you made, that sealed the deal for me. I have been following your work from the Black Knights and Aces concept ideas you first shared. I like this updated Aces version even more. If Mr. Foley does hire you and does adopt your proposed identity, I honestly believe that merchandise including the jerseys would sell like hotcakes. I would buy one ASAP. If the gentleman that created the original Manitoba Moose alternate crest logo can be hired by that team to create their look, the Las Vegas team sure can with you. Seriously I say well done. I will cross my fingers and toes that somehow you are in touch with Mr. Foley and your hiring happens.
  9. This doesn't have to do with Buffalo or its sports teams. The link to them has and never will be associated to them. It's about New York City, not Buffalo. As for the MetroStars/Red Bulls franchise, think about this and it applies to all of the local teams except for the Devils. The "New York" moniker has always been in reference to New York City. That is unless you don't feel the Islanders misused it all these years, which in itself I feel they did. That name makes a difference in marketing, branding strength and identity. And using the New York City name is of a much wider reach and building potential fan base. It is a place were many people identify themselves to be from its metropolitan area by name if they didn't live within the city's five boroughs. For example, if I said I was from Paramus, New Jersey... would someone from Nebraska know where that really is? Would they know it's an NYC suburb? Unless they are very geographically savvy, very highly unlikely they would know. The New York Giants and New York Jets play just 5 miles from Manhattan. Yeah, it's across the Hudson River in East Rutherford, but so what? The two NFL teams have fans across southeastern New York State, in northern New Jersey and southwestern Connecticut. Marketing to the metropolitan area. Northern New Jersey simply doesn't have the marketing power to compete on its own. Look at the Devils. They won 3 Stanley Cups, but how many people actually have cared? Some do, but nowhere near as much to the Rangers. Just a fact. That part of New Jersey will always be in New York City's shadow based on the city's size and market. Just how it is. Much like how southern New Jersey is mainly marketed and linked to Philadelphia. We could argue the Philadelphia Union should rebrand too since that MLS team doesn't technically play in Philadelphia and is in Chester, Pennsylvania. I know, same state but not in that city it brands to. If the Red Bulls could have built a stadium within New York City, I'm very sure they would have. Same with the Giants and Jets. But it didn't happen. But they are not obligated to go with a New Jersey name. And if you are trying to broaden your brand reach as much as you can, would you be confident enough corporate sponsors would be on board with that New Jersey identity? Would there be enough New Jersey based fans to support a franchise? The Devils have survived long enough to have a fan base and still be in Newark, New Jersey... they never have been a New York City team and never will be as such. But as we know, they have to live with being in NYC's shadow from a market share standpoint. Same hate it, some don't care. The Nets weren't even relevant in New Jersey. In 2002 and 2003, some fans jumped on the bandwagon, but once the team fell back to mediocrity, well, you saw how much they were supported. The Red Bulls are the original MLS team to the New York City area market. Note I said area. Because that's what leagues are thinking about... markets. Soccer fans that have been supporting that franchise understand this. When NYCFC came into existence, I get why such an argument you made was raised. But remember the mindset of those in charge of the MLS marketing department in what would they would want. Appeal to the whole large market that northern New Jersey is PART OF or try to do it as a separate one? Brooklyn only can do just so much and you see how that's not working for the Nets. And the Islanders have a mammoth uphill climb if they even think they can put a dent into the Rangers home territory. And that's despite them having that "New York" name for their team. If you don't want the New York name for the Red Bulls franchise, then going back to simply the MetroStars is the only way to satisfy as many people as possible without the "New York" in the name.
  10. I definitely like the Washington Capitals alternate jersey here, but I would not have all white socks. They should match the jersey pattern. Completely disagree with your opinion about the current Arizona Coyotes primary logo. If it was such a terrible one, the IceArizona ownership would have gotten rid of it. They didn't. As for your Coyotes concept, it isn't bad at all, but I would never put their new paw print secondary logo on the front.
  11. It is not too bad. Would have preferred the blue and orange striping instead of those out-of-place razor thin white pinstripes.
  12. The Arizona Coyotes will wear their road jersey at Gila River Arena on November 5th when they play the Colorado Avalanche. There will be TWO Throwback Nights during the upcoming season... November 27th against Calgary and February 20th against St. Louis. Here is the Promotional Nights schedule for these listed dates.
  13. I thought this was news until I read the thread starter's opening comment. Completely misleading.
  14. The San Jose Sharks will unveil a "heritage sweater" later this summer. Maybe it will be of their original 1991 design?
  15. This is not a 100% confirmation, but I saw this on one of my Facebook groups I'm a part of. Shows a paw print with the letter A in the middle of it. Forgive me, but I don't know how to upload a photo file off my PC hard drive instead of a URL.