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  1. My thoughts on the rest of your predicted jerseys... Chicago Blackhawks I know they are based on the 1940 style uniforms, but I just hope the Blackhawks do not put the large numbers on the front. Big two thumbs up on the red shoulder yoke. Colorado Avalanche I would have preferred the route you took, but their teasers already show the Fleur-de-lis on the shoulders and hem. Only question is what the crest logo will be. Dallas Stars I much like your design over what has been widely predicted. The current primary logo I did not like at first but has grown on me. Looks great here. Minnesota Wild Good concept and prediction, but for me it is a no go if they don't make that a North Stars throwback complete with the N logo on the front. Nashville Predators How you arranged the sleeve striping is better than what the team originally had. I like the current numbers better, Ibut won't be surprised if they go with the original here. Saint Louis Blues Totally in love with them going with a red version of their 1990s throwback, the definition of what the purpose of a reverse retro jersey is supposed to be. I'm hoping for white lettered names. Unsure if the numbers should also be white or stay gold outlined in blue to match the original blue jersey. Winnipeg Jets Absolutely perfect. I really hope that is exactly it. And it is BETTER than the original Jets' actual 1979 uniforms. Boston Bruins That is likely to be exactly what they are going with. Plus that angry bear on the shoulders. Buffalo Sabres Based on their teaser, the "goat head" primary logo is on the shoulders, so I really do not know what to expect on the front. Never was a fan of that era of those jerseys. Detroit Red Wings Just a flip of everything from their home red jersey. I like you using red sleeve stripes instead of what Icethetics is predicting with silver. Florida Panthers Excellent take on their reverse retro, but I hope it is exactly a throwback to the original navy blue alternate jersey. So far, the teaser suggests it and I love it. Montreal Canadiens As long as it is the regular number font, the teased jersey is perfect! I love it that they are trying blue for a change. Ottawa Senators That is perfect as well for their current look. I'm hoping the sleeve numbers are also white. Tampa Bay Lightning I like it! I just hope the pit stripes are not that easily visible. Only if the player lifts their arms. Toronto Maple Leafs I know some people especially in Toronto did not like the previous logo, but I wish they kept it. Hoping for the standard block font for the name plate. Again, great job. We shall see what the real ones look like tomorrow!
  2. All about marketing strategy, I agree. I'm curious to know when they will be on sale. Immediately or sometime in December.
  3. I agree, but my gut feeling is that they are still implementing the program more right now to keep fan awareness of the NHL while we are in this pandemic. I do not believe that is totally a certainty. Looks like it is blue outlining of the white shoulder yoke. They strategically kept us from seeing below that trim. Not sure, but I would hope the NHL does a reveal similar to when all the home and away Adidas uniforms were introduced in Las Vegas in 2017. If I'm a betting man, more than a couple of teams would consider their Reverse Retro jerseys for a future alternate. If the Florida Panthers sells big on theirs, they could do it. I feel that is exactly what the 31 teams are doing. Too bad the Seattle Kraken are not a part of it, but the potential for a future alternate is quite intriguing. I'm hoping for more than that. Something similar to 2017 when every home and away Adidas jersey was unveiled.
  4. We need to keep in mind that it would only be worn for up to a few games. We can disagree about whether or not the North Stars' N logo should go on the front of it or not. But I do agree about a Wild throwback. I personally like the original red jersey they had, not the updated one with the phantom shoulder yoke. Switch the main color to green and the primary hem stripe to red. The crest logo, nameplate and number colors would all stay the same. Would be a nice Reverse Retro jersey. I have both the original home and away jerseys, but I do not like that one in red. Not debating on how great it looks in the teasers. I'm only just hoping what I want for the crest logo. Wow, if any future Quebec Nordiques team becomes a reality, I really would love to see an updated uniform look like that. With the N logo, of course. Otherwise, I prefer exactly what they wore in 1995. The crest logo the bigger size is a must, not the smaller one on the older past Nordiques uniforms.
  5. I never said the Wild should change their name. Referred the Reverse Retro jersey. If you are going to go that far, why not the North Stars "N logo" on the front. That image was thrown around on social media prior to the unveiling of the Wild's Stadium Series game. I would be sort of okay with it, but it feels wrong to me.
  6. I will now comment on your Metropolitan Division predictions... Carolina Hurricanes Absolutely gorgeous. I would buy that immediately. Based on their teaser, a green Pucky logo will be on the shoulders. Looks like the name is navy blue. Columbus Blue Jackets Not a fan of their likely Reverse Retro as I have not for any of their logos. Except perhaps the current alternate logo with the cannon. New Jersey Devils No complaints at all. Not a Devils fan, but they did exactly what reversing a retro means. If Lou Lamoriello was still running that team, he reluctantly allows it. New York Islanders Knowing they would get ridiculed again by many if they brought back the "fisherman" jersey, Lou likely again went ultra conservative with something from 1980. I prefer the name and numbers fonts on their navy jerseys from 1998 to 2007. The current ones are too big and blocky. May be a yawn for many on what they are putting out. New York Rangers Very nice! If they use the same arched nameplate and its font style as their current uniforms, this would look even better. The teaser does not have a red collar, so that might be the notable difference so far. I worry they will flip the sleeve colors from the original "Lady Liberty" jersey. Philadelphia Flyers I dig it! I fully expect that to be the final design. Pittsburgh Penguins Your design is exactly what they should have went with. I'm not a fan of that shoulder yoke they had back the jersey back then (the grey with the pinstripes). But the leaked design stinks. I do not know what people see in a lazy, disjointed look. I personally hate wordmarks on hockey jerseys, so that is already a strike against it. The Rangers are the only team that can pull that off and still look good. Other teams like the Penguins and Avalanche tried to copy it and looked crappy. A reversed jersey with "PITTSBURGH" on it looks terrible and highly disappointing. Washington Capitals Your design is better than what likely is the reverse retro jersey. Cleaner, and without that cartoonish Capitol Building logo. I hope the number doesn't overlap the hem stripe. Looking forward to your next set of predicted designs!
  7. Please make that the N logo on the front of it... if you are going to go that far, you need to make it completely a North Stars jersey!
  8. Ah okay, gotcha... it is going to be weird to see what the Blackhawks end up wearing as a "Reverse Retro" for a game or two.
  9. I'm not saying the Golden Knights cannot have anything else but gold, but do not be surprised if that jersey later becomes the home jersey down the road. We have a difference in opinion if you find their alternate jersey boring because it follows the same template as the current home and away jerseys. I like it regardless of that. I do not know why the Toronto Maple Leafs chose blue or the Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks with red. Never suggested that a team has to adhere to restricting their branding to a specific color because of their team names. My point is it does make sense in the Knights marketing themselves with gold as a focus color. Will a future 4th jersey be black for example and they create a marketing campaign let's say around the Las Vegas nightlife? Who knows. But it would work.
  10. Gold monstrosity? Yeah, uh... no. Completely disagree, but to each his/her own taste.
  11. I do not agree with that at all. The Knights alternate jersey looks better than this Reverse Retro one. At least the gold jersey fits the branding.
  12. I really hope the numbers are not on the shoulders, especially on that shoulder yolk style. Put the number in its traditional location on the sleeves and the primary logo on the shoulders instead if you have to include both on the jersey.
  13. Very nice job with your concepts! My thoughts on your predictions... Anaheim Ducks Quite close to what they are unveiling. Only question remains is the sleeve striping. I hope the Ducks eventually go back to their original uniforms, minus the shoulder logo. Arizona Coyotes Very very nice. I quite dig it despite me usually being very traditional in my jersey design preferences. Your landscape design looks better than the original alternate jersey. The only thing I find doubtful the team will use is the exact logo because it has Phoenix on it. I hate the team changed its name and they are avoiding the former name publicly. Evidently the case when they upgraded the current Kachina alternate jersey and removed that city name on the crescent moon logo and it just says "Coyotes". Calgary Flames We do know it is black with a white flaming C logo on the shoulders. I cannot stand the flaming horsehead logo, but I fear that will be what is on their Reverse Retro jersey. Edmonton Oilers Looks pretty good to me. I have a feeling they are going to reverse the colors in the primary logo on this jersey. Los Angeles Kings Likely what they are going with except the name and numbering fonts will be the traditional block style as they were on the Gretzky era uniforms. San Jose Sharks I LOVE your concept. I wish the Sharks would try wear this jersey. From what I saw in the teaser, it appears the sleeve numbers are white against a black background. Vancouver Canucks That actually looks better than I expected. Not bad for that gradient jersey with the current colors. Vegas Golden Knights Looks almost exactly what they are going to unveil except it will be gold outlining the numbers instead of black. Will have the primary logo on the shoulders. I'm looking forward to the rest of your Reverse Retro predictions.
  14. Well said. The problem is, there are just so many Philadelphia landmarks that can work well as a logo. The Liberty Bell is one of the very few if any that works. The 76ers already used the Rocky theme a few years ago and I wish they kept that grey uniform around. Last year's cream-colored one with the really nice script font on the front of the jersey was also a favorite of mine. I honestly like them significantly better than their primary uniforms. I just do not like the "PHILA" on those. There is just so much you can work with regarding the use of any iconic buildings in the city for a logo and/or uniform. Like the Rocky Statue, City Hall or William Penn Statue atop it, Benjamin Franklin Bridge (a bridge is already used by the Golden State Warriors in a primary logo) and Independence Hall. Then tie it to any professional sports team.
  15. Outstanding job! Only thing I'm not a fan of is the paw print logo the Arizona Coyotes currently have. I wish it would go away. I do like how you used the original crescent moon logo without the wordmark. Never made it onto the inaugural uniforms, but was in fact an active logo at the time. Even in the nice brick red color, it is very underused. Good thing for the team's 25th anniversary plans, it will for at least next season be at center ice. The biggest two thumbs up by me is that you prefer the current primary logo staying as is and not going to the Kachina branding as the primary branding (which needs to stay as an alternate one). The breakout jersey I prefer the brick red crescent moon logo over the paw print logo.