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  1. Thanks, I'll take it! I think the face could be improved but I still haven't gotten it working any better; they're just kind of a weird looking fish in my view haha. Anyway, I got distracted for a time but decided to come back to this. Here's an update to the Grand Rapids Rampage! This one I didn't want to change too much, but I took some of the little detail marks out to simplify it in some areas, and added a darker shade of red to give it some depth. On the helmet, it felt natural to do a wide, tapered stripe based off the main horn of the logo
  2. I might come back to Portland since it sounds like it isn't quite a winner yet, but for now I'm going to keep moving forward while I experiment with the Forest Dragons logo some more. I again looked to challenge myself with this update, but it felt like a place where some touchups would do some good and not many others have tried to handle in the past. Here is the Minnesota Fighting Pike! I wanted to maintain what they were going for with the 'muddy' color scheme but still get a little more vibrance and contrast between colors so I made the main color a midpoint between the old logo's yellow and dark olive? colors. I tried to simplify the fish, while making the way its body is twisting around still clear. I'm not 100% sold about the face right now to be honest, but I'm not sure what to do to get it better. Pike faces are just kind of weird looking I think to begin with which doesn't help much haha. I wanted the helmet to come off kind of like the fish was jumping out of murky water, which then lets the fish sort of wrap around the top for a stripe-like effect while also being the side logo. I put the wordmark in the front to help fill in the negative space there.
  3. I made some more revisions to the Portland logo to try and simplify it a little bit. Next one up should come soon.
  4. Today we travel straight west, as we check out an update to the Portland.... Forest Dragons! The Forest Dragons was a fun challenge for me but I'm feeling pretty good with it right now. I like the creativity of the name, but nothing about the logo screamed FOREST dragon to me. I also wanted to simplify the color pallette. I took inspiration from a Forest Dragon D&D figure I have, while also incorporating some elements from the original logo, including two of the colors (the really dark aqua and yellow), the lower jaw, tail and general positioning of the dragon. I replaced the other colors with green and tan shades more fitting of a forest motif. I also tried to shape the spikes on the dragon to take a more branch-like appearance, as well as give it an appearance of vines growing off it. I tried to be careful to give it that viney look without getting too busy, and I think I did pretty ok there. The hand is shaped the same as the leaf in the center. PDX is the airport code for Portland, and something I have seen incorporated into other Portland logos recently (such as the AFL's Portland Thunder). I toyed with trying to have the branch antlers come off the front of the helmet but it just wasn't looking quite right to me, so I went with a straight-forward Dragon Head logo. Overall I feel like I was able to take this update in a new direction without totally throwing out the old, and I feel I highlighted the forest aspect which I felt was really lacking. I hope you all enjoy!
  5. Here is the full revised display of the logo and helmet for the Toronto Phantoms. I'll have the next team up tomorrow, and I'm thinking we'll be taking a trip to the West Coast for the next one.
  6. Good suggestion! I think this is the best yet. Unless I get feedback saying a major tweak is still needed I think I'll mock this up on the helmet and make the full display.
  7. Thanks for the ideas about the Phantoms logo. I took another shot at the white face and I think I got it to a good place. I'm not sure about making the logo more of a true shield like what suggested. I made versions with a uniform edge on the left to give it a more shield-like design and one that's unchanged to compare.
  8. Hey, thought I would share something I was working on as a bit of art for my man cave. This is the Iron Ghost! The idea is if Ghost Rider were to possess Iron Man. Aside from the obvious flaming head, I wanted to give it a look like the metal was heating up and in small amounts melting off. I based it off the Mk. XLI armor, which had the appropriate nickname of Bones from Iron Man 3. Hope you all enjoy it!
  9. Time for the 2nd entry on this list, an update of the Toronto Phantoms! This was one of my favorite logos when I was younger, so I hope I did it justice with the update. The biggest change was separating the text from the logo itself; having all that grey on top with all the blue on the bottom felt unbalanced for me and nowadays I feel the trend is to keep them more separate. I made the colors bolder shades that would stand out more, and I reduced the streaks in the phantom and also made what remains flow in the same direction. I considered doing the white skull face like the original, but I found I personally liked the look better this way with the facial features popping out from the blackness of the phantom. For the helmet, it felt like a natural fit to go with the oversized logo to let the scythe come up into the front of the helmet and then wrap around over the top.
  10. Appreciate the feedback, that was a good tip! I extended the pupils of the eyes down to get their gaze more centerted. How's this?
  11. Hey everyone, I decided to get going with another series and look at the defunct Arena Football League which, especially back in the 90s had some really fun team identities to play with. I actually intended to do this prior to my Milwaukee Expansions Teams series but saw Wideright do his own awesome version of this idea and wanted to give that some space before bringing mine up. Some logos I had already done before seeing his work, but decided to still show my takes. To help this one stand apart despite doing a similar concept of trying to modernize older Arena Football League logos and branding, I am focusing on teams not done there (aside from those already done). I don't have a particular number of teams in mind, this could be sometime I come back to while also working on another bigger project I have in mind. I have several in the can and ready to present, but here I will start off with my take on an update for the Chicago Bruisers. On the logo I focused on thickening the lines, adding a more aggressive edge, and simplifying the color pallette while also making it pop more. The lighter blue from the Chicago flag really stands out, and in general I have it down to 3 colors + white, rather than the 5 + white in the old one. For the helmet my big thing to help this one stand out was the diagonal stripe meant to emulate the dog collar going around the player's neck. I also put the trademark Chicago flag star in the center of the helmet to help fill the negative space there. I hope you all enjoy this take! Further posts have included (in order): Chicago Bruisers Revision Toronto Phantoms + revisions Portland Forest Dragons + revisions Minnesota Fighting Pike Grand Rapids Rampage
  12. Well I hope people have liked the past few logos I posted. Here it is, the last one in the series... the NHL's Milwaukee Hunters! Truthfully I might workshop this a bit more, but I'm hoping for some C&C to get some outside ideas. I don't think it's bad, but it doesn't feel quite like it's where I want it to be yet either. I wanted to use the orange from the Blaze along with the blue to give a color scheme that would stand out from the other franchises without seeming like an independent entity. The hunter's hat and rifle were replaced with a hockey stick and helmet, and the stick is resting in the antlers like a hunter might rest a rifle on a tree branch to keep it steady. The Buck antlers are meant to frame the whole thing in, and the inner antlers are wrapping around a puck with the M logo on it. My goal was to keep the Hunter in the logo in more traditional hunting colors while blue represents the hockey-specific aspects of the logo. Unless someone has a sport they would like to see aside from what I've already done this will wrap up the new logos, but if I get feedback to help I may keep workshopping some of them. While I'm very much liking some of he logos, I know things can always be improved. Otherwise I'll move on to the next planned logo series. Thanks and enjoy!
  13. I hope the last one was enjoyed, but I'll keep pushing forward. Here is my design for the Bucks organization's foray into Rugby, the Milwaukee White Harts! I went with White Harts rather than just Harts in part to emphasize a specific deer which holds a role in English mythology (rugby being popular in England), and also enables more variety in the logo design without straying so far to be unrecognizable as part of the brand. As you can see I inverted the green & white parts of the deer (except for the antlers, they just looked weird in all white), while beefing up the antlers in relation to the rest of the body which seemed more fitting for this type of deer based on photos I found. Again I altered the antlers to create a rugby ball shape inside of them to carry on that theme. I changed the part of the body that typically looks like an M to be a W for White Harts. Hope whoever looks at this likes it, but C & C is always appreciated! Next up is the NHL's Hunters.
  14. I hope people enjoyed the Staghorns logo, I'll still be happy to receive C&C on it or the touched up Does logo but I'm going to move forward. Today we have the Bucks' entry into the National Lacrosse League- the Milwaukee Blaze! I felt that the NLL deserved a less traditional team name which would fit with current teams like Rush, Rock, Swarm, etc. The inspiration for the name was the blaze orange clothing hunters in Wisconsin are required to wear during deer hunting. I enjoyed getting to modify the color pallette and move a bit out of the shadow of the main teams while still carrying over some common themes to fit the overall brand. The main thought driving this logo was "what if a deer became Ghost Rider?", which felt like it worked given that Milwaukee is also the home to Harley Davidson, which Ghost Rider is popularly known to ride motorcycles. The main Ghost Rider character was also known as Johnny Blaze which connects to my team name. While still being a deer head-based logo, we now see the skull rather than the face. To carry on the theme of integrating parts of the sport into the logo, I fashioned cracks in the front-center skull to form a shape reminiscent of a lacrosse stick. The workmark is the traditional Bucks font in bold-italics with a relatively thick outline. This was arguably my favorite so far to make, so I hope you all like it!
  15. Since the copper and teal colors both have a decent amount of real estate along the edges of your logo and the outline is fairly thin I don't think either color works well for the helmet. I would either color the helmet the dark brown used for the outline or white. I'd be quite interested to see that logo on a white helmet actually.
  16. Something that would be less of a tweak and more of a redesign admittedly that I think would fit in with the 90's would be to design it to blatantly reference the comic book Avengers. The 90's after all were a time where the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Anaheim Angels took identities matching movie franchises. Given the color scheme you could do a logo that's vaguely Iron Man-ish and a wordmark incorporating the Avengers 'A' logo. Then something closer to this could be it's 2000's redesign if you were to build an ongoing narrative for them.
  17. Agreed with others that this is fantastic! A GREAT example in my opinion of how to honor Native American culture with a team without crossing over into offensive territory. It's easily noticed as representing a basketball franchise without the basketball being too prominent and the half roundel with with the feathers coming down gives it a pretty unique profile. The colors all work together well in the design; I really have nothing critical to say of it. Well done!
  18. Had a chance to get on tonight and keep this moving, so here is the IFL's Milwaukee Staghorns! My big change to this logo from the parent company was to make the deer bigger and bulkier; this represents both how a Staghorn would compare to most Whitetails, and how most football players would compare to basketball players. Primarily I made the antlers and the deer's body thicker. To carry a Bucks theme of integrating the sport into the logo, I put markings on the snout representing the laces of a football, and shaped the interior antlers to be more elongated like a football would be. I again incorporated a couple splashes of the blue color they use to help it stand out, and add depth to the logo. To give it a wordmark reflecting some of the same differences I added a very slight bevel to the typical Bucks font. Next up will be the National Lacrosse League's Milwaukee Blaze!
  19. And we're back! Either later today or tomorrow I'll post the next new logo, but first I thought I would share out a touch-up on the WNBA'a Milwaukee Does. The touch up didn't change a lot, but there was a comment on the snout needing some help and I think I made some improvements to that. I shortened the length of the snout, and to make it work I also rotated and lowered the eyes. I feel like it's looking a bit more natural now. Hope you all enjoy! Next up I believe will be moving over to indoor football to unveil the Staghorns.
  20. I've had a couple people mention doing an NHL team, and that would be considered an upgrade over the Admirals (though I am a fan of theirs) so I may well do that as well if I can come up with a good identity for them. That is sort of the point that these would all be spinoffs of the Bucks, so Cream City will be about as far from their look as I deviate, though what I have in mind for the Blaze will definitely stand out from the others in some respects. If I have time that is a possibility. I would probably change some of the names as well if I'm not tying into the Bucks but something like that could be done. I had the thought of doing this with the Brewers also which could be fun spin on the idea.
  21. That was a good idea, thanks! I added the Bucks' M logo without any outlining into the barrel to help tie it in a little more with the organization's other teams and fill the space.
  22. Alright, after some revamping I am ready to share some concepts out again. Please welcome Major League Soccer's new franchise, Cream City SC! I went with a roundel design with the major ring as well as the center being that cream color to really highlight it in the same way the Bucks' Cream City jerseys do. The central design represents the end of a barrel used for aging/storing beer, wine, etc. The soccer ball sits where the spout would normally go. While not as subtle as in the Bucks logo in this case, I do want to extend the tradition of representing the ball a sport is played with in the logo.The green ring just outside of the barrel graphic is designed to represent the metal seal around the end of a barrel. I wanted something that would represent the Bucks' branding well, fit with Milwaukee's heritage, and would also fit in with the aesthetic of other Major League Soccer teams. I hope everyone enjoys it! I'll hopefully be posting either the IFL's Milwaukee Staghorns or the NLL's Milwaukee Blaze tomorrow.
  23. Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate the feedback, as it's obvious I'm a bit rusty at this lol. Regarding names, I used the Mustangs due to the former team, and me having some affinity for it (even if the logo design wasn't great). That said, it may be unrealistic for that name to be used in this scenario. I wasn't as sure what to do with the NLL team, but it didn't seem like the type of league to use an animal name in so I tried to think of other local connections. I was also generally worried about it being too gimmicky to use deer names for every team. But I think I will lean a bit more heavily into the theme. Cream City instead of Brew City was just a miss to tie in more, not sure hoe I missed that haha. I now think for the NLL, the Milwaukee Blaze. I still feel animal names don't fit the league, but it references the blaze orange hunters wear so there is still a tie to the deer theme, and can pair with a flaming antler logo or something like that, and add a splash of orange to the color scheme. I do like the Staghorns for a Milwaukee football team so I think I'll make that change too l, as well as the obvious Cream City SC I can tell the Mustangs logo was a swing and miss haha. I felt like the whole horse was too busy and the M was getting lost so I tried to a more minimalist design and I only used the front of a horse a la the revival logo. I blended the horse in hoping to make the M easier to make out. This is probably a case of me seeing it easily because I know it's there given others saying it hard to make out. I'll be reworking it for the Staghorns name; I'll use a similar basic concept as a homage but with changing the animal I'll take some more liberties with the design. Might be an extra day or two to post new or fixed concepts so I can make some name changes. Luckily I don't think my soccer logo will need too much effort to rework. I like the Harts name with the explanation. Rather than a second lacrosse team though, I might use it as a Major League Rugby team. I'd imagine they could still play at the same field.
  24. I hope to get some C&C on the Does, but in the meantime I'm going to move forward with my next team in the series and resurrect both the Arena Football League and the Milwaukee Mustangs! I wanted this logo to reference the history of the Mustang name in Milwaukee as far as Arena Football is considered, while also still making it feel like part of the same larger organization that would own the Bucks, etc. I used the general design of the original Mustangs logo as the base, but changed the horse to something that isn't the same, but has some similar notes to their first revival logo. Of course I used the Bucks' color pallette and font. Simce I'm referencing old logos in the design, I posted the real-life Mustangs logos below my logo for comparison.