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  1. Puma did this for AC Milan Just replace the black with blue and maybe a 'crystal' pattern and there you go.
  2. I'm not saying, I prefer gradient in sports uniform design, but would rather see some sort of cohesive design application. Personally, I would rather have had the Rams do a single color horn on the helmet and sleeve, and single color pant stripe.
  3. Agreed. Had the done that with the sleeve cap 'horns', it would have given some cohesion to the entire home set (gradient across all elements).
  4. I prefer that version of the asymmetrical Atlanta Thrashers jersey versus the Edge version.
  5. I would push for larger D /\ C around the central figure and maybe add additional monuments (or memorials i.e. Lincoln and Jefferson) at the bottom. I like the use of the badge and flag iconography and agree with leopard88. Oh and maybe integrate the football 'point down' into the bottom of the shape of the badge.
  6. The overall design is cohesive and reminds me a lot of what the Minnesota Viking did with their most resent design. You definitely improved the elk antlers from your initial posting. I would improve the color balance on the road by using a green base layer (instead of yellow). Nice work.
  7. It also allows teams to focus designs towards different taste (going from traditional to modern and back again).
  8. Gold: 8 Sliver: 5 Bronze: 1
  9. Super Bowl LIV SUNDAY: Kansas City over San Francisco
  10. What if you flipped the logo, so the angle bisects from left to right. Thia keeps the Ottawa coat of arms imagery the same, but closes off the white space and allows more room for the maple leaf.
  11. Conference Championships SUNDAY: Kansas City over Tennessee San Francisco over Green Bay
  12. Divisional Round SATURDAY: San Francisco over Minnesota Baltimore over Tennessee SUNDAY: Kansas City over Houston Seattle over Green Bay
  13. Wild Card SATURDAY: Houston over Buffalo New England over Tennessee SUNDAY: New Orleans over Minnesota Seattle over Philadelphia
  14. Week 17 SUNDAY: Buffalo over NY Jets Cleveland over Cincinnati Dallas over Washington Green Bay over Detroit Kansas City over LA Chargers Minnesota over Chicago New England over Miami Philadelphia over NY Giants Atlanta over Tampa Bay New Orleans over Carolina Indianapolis over Jacksonville Baltimore over Pittsburgh Houston over Tennessee Denver over Oakland LA Rams over Arizona San Francisco over Seattle