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  1. The could also use historical numbers from players that played at the time (maybe have a special tag to note the historical significance).
  2. Although the numbers do have drop shadow. Hm.
  3. Agreed. This: Would look better paired with the gold in the Knight's uniforms:
  4. I really like the logo design for this Canuck's warm-up one-off jersey. Plus, it shows how the the 'V' and 'Orca-C' logo would look in red and metallic gold (add a black base and you have sort of throwback color scheme that differentiates itself from Calgary (use of metallic gold and going primarially black base). I like when teams promote local flavor and combine it with their visual identity (the sharks have a similar program and promote local artist): https://twitter.com/SanJoseSharks/status/1359608150501036040?s=20 Finally, many in the Avs fan community are now calling the the blue breezer look, 'jorts' and not in a positive way (sadly not John Cena reference):
  5. I like the whimsy of the silhouette bear logo on the helmet. I like that your concept follows the real life progression of throwback concepts that the Bruins have used. Nice work!
  6. One can hope. From a fan perspective, I want to buy something that identifies with the team not the league. Sadly the team I root for is too cheap to see that.
  7. ...or maybe use the 'JSU' from the baseball team:
  8. Agreed, the burgundy helmet (along with the burgundy gloves and blue breezers) balances out the colors of the uniform. I would rather they go back to black equipment after this season.
  9. Heck. They could have combined the snow flake and fleur de lis elements and come out with a nice identity that transitions well between the old and new identity (new name not withstanding).
  10. Looks like the Broncos equipment manager corrected the decal error (via exacto-knife). Broncos-flip-helmet-logo-in-time-for-bills-game -9news
  11. How about the Cleveland Civics (kind of like Citizens). Definitely would like to see them go with a art deco style with that type of name.
  12. ...and if the Avs were looking for synergy the would use a logo from one of the ski resorts that they partner with.
  13. Here is the CCSLC article that has the '19-'20 "The Town" City Edition Warriors jersey that notes it as 'black': CCSLC - Golden State Warriors Unveil Six New Uniforms for 2019-20 @mgfoxx you may want to update your post.
  14. This not only balances out the blue equipment but makes the road uniforms consistent with the home in color/striping pattern (burgundy/silver/blue).