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  1. Conference Championship Round SUNDAY: New Orleans over LA Rams Kansas City over New England
  2. Divisional Round SATURDAY: Kansas City over Indianapolis LA Rams over Dallas SUNDAY: New England over LA Chargers New Orleans over Philadelphia Thanks Kramerica for not 'Blackening' last weeks picks (yet ).
  3. Wild Card SATURDAY: Houston over Indianapolis Seattle over Dallas SUNDAY: Baltimore over LA Chargers Chicago over Philadelphia
  4. Week 17 SUNDAY: Buffalo over Miami Green Bay over Detroit New England over NY Jets New Orleans over Carolina NY Giants over Dallas Atlanta over Tampa Bay Houston over Jacksonville LA Chargers over Denver Kansas City over Oakland LA Rams over San Francisco Minnesota over Chicago Pittsburgh over Cincinnati Seattle over Arizona Philadelphia over Washington Baltimore over Cleveland Indianapolis over Tennessee
  5. Week 16 SATURDAY: Tennessee over Washington LA Chargers over Baltimore SUNDAY: Cleveland over Cincinnati Dallas over Tampa Bay Minnesota over Detroit Indianapolis over NY Giants Miami over Jacksonville New England over Buffalo Green Bay over NY Jets Houston over Philadelphia Atlanta over Carolina LA Rams over Arizona Chicago over San Francisco New Orleans over Pittsburgh Kansas City over Seattle MONDAY: Denver over Oakland
  6. Week 15 THURSDAY: Kansas City over LA Chargers SATURDAY: Houston over NY Jets Denver over Cleveland SUNDAY: Atlanta over Arizona Buffalo over Detroit Chicago over Green Bay Cincinnati over Oakland Indianapolis over Dallas Minnesota over Miami Tennessee over NY Giants Jacksonville over Washington Baltimore over Tampa Bay Seattle over San Francisco New England over Pittsburgh LA Rams over Philadelphia MONDAY: New Orleans over Carolina
  7. Week 14 THURSDAY: Tennessee over Jacksonville SUNDAY: Buffalo over NY Jets Cleveland over Carolina Green Bay over Atlanta Kansas City over Baltimore New England over Miami New Orleans over Tampa Bay NY Giants over Washington Houston over Indianapolis LA Chargers over Cincinnati Denver over San Francisco Dallas over Philadelphia Pittsburgh over Oakland Detroit over Arizona LA Rams over Chicago MONDAY: Seattle over Minnesota
  8. Week 13 THURSDAY: New Orleans over Dallas SUNDAY: Baltimore over Atlanta Denver over Cincinnati LA Rams over Detroit Green Bay over Arizona Miami over Buffalo (NOTE: Bills fans: deck the halls Sunday and watch the Sabres/Preds game Monday) Chicago over NY Giants Carolina over Tampa Bay Indianapolis over Jacksonville Houston over Cleveland Tennessee over NY Jets Kansas City over Oakland New England over Minnesota Seattle over San Francisco Pittsburgh over LA Chargers MONDAY: Philadelphia over Washington
  9. Week 12 THURSDAY (Thanksgiving): Chicago over Detroit Dallas over Washington New Orleans over Atlanta SUNDAY: Jacksonville over Buffalo Cincinnati over Cleveland New England over NY Jets Philadelphia over NY Giants Tampa Bay over San Francisco Carolina over Seattle Baltimore over Oakland LA Chargers over Arizona Pittsburgh over Denver Indianapolis over Miami Minnesota over Green Bay MONDAY: Houston over Tennessee
  10. Week 11 THURSDAY: Seattle over Green Bay SUNDAY: Atlanta over Dallas Carolina over Detroit Indianapolis over Tennessee NY Giants over Tampa Bay Houston over Washington Pittsburgh over Jacksonville Baltimore over Cincinnati Arizona over Oakland Denver over LA Chargers New Orleans over Philadelphia Chicago over Minnesota MONDAY: Kansas City over LA Rams
  11. Week 10 THURSDAY: Pittsburgh over Carolina SUNDAY: Chicago over Detroit New Orleans over Cincinnati Atlanta over Cleveland New England over Tennessee Indianapolis over Jacksonville Kansas City over Arizona NY Jets over Buffalo Tampa Bay over Washington LA Chargers over Oakland Green Bay over Miami LA Rams over Seattle Philadelphia over Dallas MONDAY: San Francisco over NY Giants
  12. Week 9 THURSDAY: Oakland over San Francisco SUNDAY: Chicago over Buffalo Kansas City over Cleveland NY Jets over over Miami Minnesota over Detroit Washington over Atlanta Carolina over Tampa Bay Baltimore over Pittsburgh Houston over Denver Seattle over LA Chargers LA Rams over New Orleans New England over Green Bay MONDAY: Dallas over Tennessee
  13. Week 8 THURSDAY: Houston over Miami SUNDAY: Philadelphia over Jacksonville Chicago over NY Jets Cincinnati over Tampa Bay Detroit over Seattle Kansas City over Denver Washington over NY Giants Pittsburgh over Cleveland Baltimore over Carolina Indianapolis over Oakland LA Rams over Green Bay San Francisco over Arizona Minnesota over New Orleans MONDAY: New England over Buffalo
  14. Week 7 THURSDAY Denver over Arizona SUNDAY LA Chargers over Tennessee New England over Chicago Indianapolis over Buffalo Miami over Detroit Minnesota over NY Jets Philadelphia over Carolina Tampa Bay over Cleveland Jacksonville over Houston Baltimore over New Orleans LA Rams over San Francisco Washington over Dallas Kansas City over Cincinnati MONDAY Atlanta over NY Giants