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  1. 1 hour ago, CreamSoda said:



    Yeah, they could add a blue strip to keep the silver separating the burgundy and blue:




    This is easily the best option.  The blue looks great and the additional arm stripe ties it all together well.  Really hope they go with this.


    This not only balances out the blue equipment but makes the road uniforms consistent with the home in color/striping pattern (burgundy/silver/blue).

  2. Week 10



    Tennessee over Indianapolis



    Cleveland over Houston

    Detroit over Washington

    Tampa Bay over Carolina

    Philadelphia over NY Giants

    Green Bay over Jacksonville

    Arizona over Buffalo

    Miami over LA Chargers

    Las Vegas over Denver

    Seattle over LA Rams

    Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

    New Orleans over San Francisco

    Baltimore over New England



    Minnesota over Chicago

  3. 1 hour ago, BBTV said:


    While I don't know if I'd like to see that as an on-field option, that's a pretty good suggestion that I'm surprised hasn't been done yet.


    I'm not a fan of scripts when it's two words "new" "york", but there was something cool about that one - as opposed to the version with the tail, which was a total disaster.


    Looking a what cap coloration, I think that you would need a drop-shadow or there is not enough contrast (and for consistency purposes, you would need to add a drop shadow to the jersey script as well).


    Could this work/be acceptable?

  4. Week 9



    Green Bay over San Francisco



    Houston over Jacksonville

    Washington over NY Giants

    Baltimore over Indianapolis

    Minnesota over Detroit

    Tennessee over Chicago

    Kansas City over Carolina

    Seattle over Buffalo

    Denver over Atlanta

    LA Chargers over Las Vegas

    Arizona over Miami

    Pittsburgh over Dallas

    Tampa Bay over New Orleans



    New England over NY Jets


  5. Week 8



    Carolina over Atlanta



    Green Bay over Minnesota

    Tennessee over Cincinnati

    Kansas City over NY Jets

    Indianapolis over Detroit

    Baltimore over Pittsburgh

    LA Rams over Miami

    Buffalo over New England

    Cleveland over Las Vegas

    LA Chargers over Denver

    New Orleans over Chicago

    Seattle over San Francisco

    Philadelphia over Dallas



    Tampa Bay over NY Giants


  6. I know I'm late.


    Week 7



    Philadelphia over NY Giants



    New Orleans over Carolina

    Buffalo over NY Jets

    Cleveland over Cincinnati

    Dallas over Washington

    Green Bay over Houston

    Atlanta over Detroit

    Tennessee over Pittsburgh

    Kansas City over Denver (in the snow)

    LA Chargers over Jacksonville

    New England over San Francisco

    Tampa Bay over Las Vegas

    Seattle over Arizona



    LA Rams over Chicago

  7. 10 minutes ago, M4One said:


    No. No they wouldn't be.  They are trash and should never see the light of day again.


    Agreed! The socks, breezers, and gloves are the only redeeming parts of that uniform.

  8. Week 6



    New England over Denver

    Tennessee over Houston

    Cleveland over Pittsburgh

    Baltimore over Philadelphia

    NY Giants over Washington

    Minnesota over Atlanta

    Detroit over Jacksonville

    Indianapolis over Cincinnati

    Carolina over Chicago

    Green Bay over Tampa Bay

    LA Rams over San Francisco



    Kansas City over Buffalo

    Arizona over Dallas

  9. Week 5



    Tampa Bay over Chicago



    LA Rams over Washington

    Pittsburgh over Philadelphia

    Arizona over NY Jets

    Kansas City over Las Vegas

    Houston over Jacksonville

    Baltimore over Cincinnati

    Carolina over Atlanta

    San Francisco over Miami

    Dallas over NY Giants

    Cleveland over Indianapolis

    Seattle over Minnesota



    Denver over New England

    New Orleans over LA Chargers



    Buffalo over Tennessee

  10. 2 hours ago, Digby said:

    I get the argument for silver pants for the Patriots' home jersey, but I don't see the need on the away. They made white-over-navy their look in the Brady era and it was fine. My gripe with them now, if anything, is that the silver layer of number outlining looks more out of place than it used to.


    Would you be amenable to white socks with the red/navy/red stripes, paired with the navy pants? I think that would take care of the navy heavy road look for the Pats.

  11. Week 4:



    Denver over NY Jets (Sigh.)



    New Orleans over Detroit

    Tampa Bay over LA Chargers

    Cincinnati over Jacksonville

    Houston over Minnesota

    Seattle over Miami

    Dallas over Cleveland

    Arizona over Carolina

    Indianapolis over Chicago

    Baltimore over Washington

    LA Rams over NY Giants

    Kansas City over New England

    Buffalo over Las Vegas

    San Francisco over Philadelphia



    Green Bay over Atlanta


    Postponed: Pittsburgh over Tennessee



  12. Week 3:



    Jacksonville over Miami



    San Francisco over NY Giant

    Cleveland over Washington

    Philadelphia over Cincinnati

    New England over Las Vegas

    Atlanta over Chicago

    Buffalo over LA Rams

    Pittsburgh over Houston

    Tennessee over Minnesota

    LA Chargers over Carolina

    Indianapolis over NY Jets

    Seattle over Dallas

    Arizona over Detroit

    Tampa Bay over Denver

    Green Bay over New Orleans



    Kansas City over Baltimore


  13. Week 2



    Cleveland over Cincinnati



    Chicago over NY Giants

    Philadelphia over LA Rams

    Dallas over Atlanta

    Tampa Bay over Carolina

    San Francisco NY Jets

    Denver over Pittsburgh

    Tennessee over Jacksonville

    Green Bay over Detroit

    Buffalo over Miami

    Minnesota over Indianapolis

    Arizona over Washington

    Baltimore over Houston

    Kansas City over LA Chargers

    Seattle over New England



    New Orleans over Las Vegas

  14. Week 1



    Kansas City over Houston



    Philadelphia over Washington

    New England over Miami

    Minnesota over Green Bay

    Indianapolis over Jacksonville

    Detroit over Chicago

    Las Vegas over Carolina

    Buffalo over NY Jets

    Baltimore over Cleveland

    Seattle over Atlanta

    Cincinnati over LA Chargers

    San Francisco over Arizona

    New Orleans over Tampa Bay

    Dallas over LA Rams



    Pittsburgh over NY Giants

    Denver over Tennessee


  15. 2 minutes ago, Kevin W. said:

    The Lightning's 2011 jerseys were unveiled without black trim and fan outcry forced them to add black trim before they saw the ice.


    And later the 'bolt' down the breezers.

  16. 1 hour ago, Friedrich Stuart Macbeth said:

    That's an interesting attempt by Puma. Wish they could do proper stripes instead of just cutting the top portion of it.


    Puma did this for AC Milan



    Just replace the black with blue and maybe a 'crystal' pattern and there you go.

  17. 2 hours ago, dont care said:

    Jesus Christ no, the gradient is the worst part of the uniform.


    I'm not saying, I prefer gradient in sports uniform design, but would rather see some sort of cohesive design application. 


    Personally, I would rather have had the Rams do a single color horn on the helmet and sleeve, and single color pant stripe.

  18. 39 minutes ago, WSU151 said:

    Kinda wondering why they didn't make the blue arcing space on the helmet decal the orange color. Would have been much subtle, would have made the decal fit better with the orange accents on the numbers, and would have still created enhanced 3D ram horn. 




    Had the done that with the sleeve cap 'horns', it would have given some cohesion to the entire home set (gradient across all elements).

  19. I would push for larger D /\ C around the central figure and maybe add additional monuments (or memorials i.e. Lincoln and Jefferson) at the bottom.


    I like the use of the badge and flag iconography and agree with leopard88.


    Oh and maybe integrate the football 'point down' into the bottom of the shape of the badge.

  20. The overall design is cohesive and reminds me a lot of what the Minnesota Viking did with their most resent design. You definitely improved the elk antlers from your initial posting.


    I would improve the color balance on the road by using a green base layer (instead of yellow).


    Nice work.