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  1. "RISE TO THE TOP"? As in the President's national "Rise to the Top" education initiative that really has not worked? I guess "No Child Left Behind" does not work as well for football
  2. Hello all. I am trying to work on my design skills and here is a concept I have for a hockey team called the Alaska Kodiaks. I tried to make it look like it was a northwestern-woodcarving-type deal. Any advice would be helpful. I have other logos that I want to share but this will be the first. Thanks
  3. The list of owners and their teams are in our forum page on thenahl.weebly.com
  4. Griffs, pick a team. Kyle-you got it. will keep you posted if we get enough interest!
  5. The Final Match up is set St. Louis Monarch versus Washington Eagles @ GriffinMarlins--->Not at all, this is just for fun.
  6. North American Hockey League (website) Check out our fantasy league! Like many of you, my friend and I have created fictional simulation leagues. For our hockey league, the North American Hockey League, we have created a website. The website is not finished however, that's where you come in. Not all of our teams have logos/uniforms. Currently on the website you will see place holder logos (so don't accuse us of stealing), some of them are our own original logos. The league has been around since 2010, to find out how it all works check out the HOW IT WORKS tab. We want to spread the league to this community. -If we have enough interest we would like to put the league into an online fantasy league. Let us know if you'd be interested in owning a franchise -We need team identities! Work on a design for the team! You will be given proper credit for your winning design. The teams available to design are OHIO, SASKATOON, MILWAUKEE, BOSTON and SALT LAKE CITY.
  7. when i was a kid my dad told me to just name it after the family. so it has nothing to do with tony or phil but just my family. I felt it wrong to change the name of the league for the thread.
  8. Since I was a kid, like many of you have created and cultivated my own personal leagues. The EHL (Esposito Hockey League) is an American hockey league that has existed since 1999. I am new to designing logos on the computer so I am working on improving the teams as I go and any advice and input would be helpful as I move forward through this series. I will start with the Western Conference (to avoid an east coast bias situation). So here we go with the EHL and the first entry. Any interest in helping design secondary or arena logos please feel free to. #1: Seattle Sasquatch (Mountain Division) DON'T MESS WITH SASQUATCH! The Seattle Sasquatch began play in the EHL in 2002 in the Mountain Division. The expansion franchise saw immediate success. Fueled by its passionate fan base the Sasquatch battled through the 2004 ESPO Cup playoffs defeating some of the league's most high profile stars. Led by captain Peter Turcotte and goalie (playoff MVP) Robert Macintosh the Sasquatch brought a Western Conference banner to the ceiling of the Starbucks Center. Since the 2004 season Seattle has not been back to the finals although have had moderate success winning 3 Mountain Division crowns. Their arch rivals are the division foes to the south the Portland Navigators. WHAT'S IN A NAME? The Seattle group that was responsible for bringing hockey to the emerald city held a name the team contest that yielded finalist names of Stealth, Swords, Brewers (coffee) and the eventual winner Sasquatch. Ultimately the team selected Sasquatch for its mysterious nature, ferocity, domination and history with the Pacific Northwest. Up Next: #2 Alaska Kodiaks
  9. Now, that it is Super Bowl time, we have the entire offseason to get our league up and running. I think the best way to start it would be to develop an official league logo as well conference logos to ourselves an identity. Then we should discuss our strategy to market our league to board members so that we can get the largest and best participation for our league. Open to all thoughts but we should get started!
  10. We're in the process of slowing it down so we can do just that, we will keep everybody posted
  11. Absolutely I am on board, I want the league to be as full of a fantasy football experience for everyone as possible. Let's first set up a forum (something I will leave to Kamtos) that will be where we can discuss how we want to proceed. Perhaps the first step would be to develop our league identity. We can use that identity to advertise, build followers and then start the voting and designing process. What does everyone think?
  12. To both of you, I agree, and to Crash and Kamtos for that matter I will definitely be calling on you soon to set stuff up. Can't wait to see where we can take this.
  13. I see what you're saying, I think that you'll have more of a say on the teams that you think. Check out the IceHL site which is what we are modelling ourselves after and check out their balance of individuality and collaboration. If we straight up make our own teams then we are more like a typical concept league as found here on the forums. I hope that makes sense but since there is a small but solid group to start the league you ultimately will be designing every team instead of just your own. It'll have more room for your influence. I am always open for suggestions but I don't want to lose the big idea.
  14. I definitely like the QB better, but I can't decide which one I like better the gray or the white. Both are great