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    Studying History; Following sports, especially baseball and hockey; BIG Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers fan; collecting sports logos (I have a plastic crate filled with sports logos I have cut out from various sources!)

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  1. I was in Denton, TX a few weeks back and spotted a Pizza Hut and Red Lobster whose signs featured new logos. I did not have my camera with me. When I go back, I'll take some pictures. The Pizza Hut logo was in the same style of the aforementioned "The Hut" logo, but it did say "Pizza Hut."
  2. While looking at an aerial photo of Arco Arena, I have noticed that there is a structure located just to the north of the arena. From the air, it has the shape of an old baseball facility. If anyone here is familiar with the Sacramento area, can you fill me in on what this is? Here is a picture from Mapquest:
  3. To me, the coolest name for an LA NFL team would be... The Los Angeles Lizards It rolls off the tounge (L A Lizards), lends itself to a cool logo and pretty unique color scheme (green, yellow, and red), and kinda lends itself to the legacy of The Doors, one of the coolest and most famous rock bands to come out of the L.A. area. Here are some uniforms I whipped up... "Home" Uniforms: "Road" Uniforms: "Alternate" Uniform:
  4. The Cowboys also made a mid-season change (old turf to new turf) a few years back.
  5. Because in North America, teams represent places. I didn't mean that the A's should become a nationalized franchise. The team would still represent the area in which it plays. I only meant that the specific naming of the team would leave off the geographical location. BTW, I realize my idea sucks. ;-)
  6. I have a novel idea, although it is 180 degrees from the direction Wolff wants to apparently take... Why not just simply call the team "The Athletics"? No geographical name. Just "The Athletics." I swear once reading that the team, when it was in Philadelphia, was officially called "The Athletics." Never did the team include any reference to Philadelphia on its uniforms or caps while it was in Philly. It wasn't until the team was in Kansas City that they started including a geographical reference on their road unis and caps. So, it would be a nod to tradition for the team to once again refer to itself as "The Athletics." Whenever TV or newspapers require an abbreviation, they could simply use "ATH" or "A's" instead of "OAK" or "FRE" or "SV" or whatever else the official location of the team would otherwise be.
  7. I like that one. Sort of a retro look. Our Fox station in Dallas/Fort Worth recently changed to the homogenized look... OLD: NEW: http://rc77.tripod.com/kdfw2.jpg My favorite TV station logo in North Texas is the one that our ABC affiliate, WFAA 8, used in the 70s and early 80s. Simple yet bold... http://rc77.tripod.com/wfaa8.jpg
  8. Maybe the conference itself is changing its logo for next year?
  9. I'm a Texan, and I like this logo. The only problem I have is with the font used, which has been used on earlier Final Four logos. I like the three notches on the belt, which I assume is meant to represent that San Antonio is hosting the Final Four for the third time.
  10. Is this it? http://rc77.tripod.com/cbsnfl.jpg
  11. http://annex.ncwc.edu/athletics/sportsinfo.../logo_index.htm