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  1. Ohio State had a WR on the South squad too.
  2. I think that's any fanbase. There was a rock concert at Jacobs Field that ruined the outfield grass in the late 90's/ early 2000's. Fans were against the team doing that ever again. But since team's need to pay the bills that still happens. It's partly why Mapfre Stadium has a stage for their summer rock concerts, at the cost of permanent seating.
  3. MetLife does this for Jets and Giants. Most field turf builds don't take that into consideration.
  4. The other end zone says Cougars. they also have the cougars logos so that would require pulling them up as well.
  5. I always forget about that, because the San Antonio Rodeo runs the first half of February, then Houston kicks off the week after it finishes here.
  6. The only other true options that are within metropolitan New York are Yankee Stadium and Citi Field and Red Bull Arena. Yankee Stadium is good for football but you're also dealing with NYCFC games as well as Yankees games. The Mets don't really like anyone else on their field. And the Red Bulls don't like sharing with NYCFC unless MLS ordered them too, let alone American football. * - Yes, I know NYCFC would avoid playing at RBA unless it was required to stop the apocalypse.
  7. I think most leagues are in charge of branding now, with the ownership of each team giving some input here and there. You could see a ffew changes if they went to franchis ownership, but I'm not sure that would happen until this league was 10-15 years in. New turf is what? $400,000 plus labor for install and $37,500x5 days. So around $880,000 for turf install and field reservations. That's probably still under what NRG would charge by a good bit. https://fieldturf.com/en/why-fieldturf/cost-analysis/
  8. It's probably still cheaper to use U of H. And a 3/4 empty stadium will look worse on TV.
  9. It will look better than what Rice-Eccles looked like for Salt Lake Stallions games. A team playing on a field that had colors that weren't related to the home team was telling for how little attention had been paid to aesthetics by the AAF leadership. I'm guessing that either U of H had already ordered a new turf without logos, or the league paid for a field and the cost of swapping it out and maybe even replacing the turf after the season. I also think that once it's in we'll know what the layout for everyone else is. I think they wanted to use BBVA but were told to shove off by the Dynamo. With 5 home games, and possibly 2 playoff games at the start of the season, the Dynamo wouldn't want the wear and tear of two football seasons during their regular and possible postseason with TSU playing their from September to November.
  10. It's annoying how much of the end zone isn't used since they pulled the helmet closer to the middle.
  11. It always bugged me that the patches for that game were so small. Now i think at times bowl patches are too big.
  12. I'd place that at the back and have the helmet stripe go all the way from front to back, no break to show off the logo. And I'd shrink it a tiny bit to fit completely in the stripe.
  13. The Polynesian Bowl jerseys have side patterns, just look at the blue jersey. I meant teams like La. Tech and Ohio whose sleeve patterns stop before the seams.
  14. The models not wearing them correctly doesn't help either. The Polynesian Bowl look better than the generic stock Nike uniforms they used in the past but then you see how adidas can't be bothered to put on sleeve patterns that go from seam to seam except for their big name programs.
  15. "You're not good enough to make the Senior Bowl". Senior bowl unis will be made by Nike this year.
  16. Interesting addition to the Shrine Bowl uniforms. The player's conference patch is now added to the jerseys in addition to the Shrine Bowl logo.
  17. I'd leave the logo off the helmets, that's a big no no for Browns fans. Bring the wordmark and numbers down so that the NFL shield can sit properly at the neck. Did you do this in Photoshop and then add the numbers? It looks a little off. I'd probably change the number font too. These numbers look better with an outline on them.
  18. Pretty much. But pretending they had as much power as Texas seems petty as well as sad on their part. They were better off staying in line with the league instead of trying to make themselves stand apart from the rest of the league.
  19. The Pro Football Hall of Fame archives should have information on pretty much every team that's ever played a down in the league. That video omitted team logos for quite a few teams and claimed they had no official logos, but I remember seeing them at the Hall of Fame when I was younger. Finding a flat, clean logo could have been an issue, but when you know this anniversary is coming up why aren't you trying to at least recreate the logos if you can't show clean original versions of them? The Dayton Triangles had clean, well known logos but they weren't applied in that video. Sadly for Canton, they were bought by the owner of the Cleveland Indians football team and their best players were shipped up to Cleveland. The Bulldogs and Massillon Tigers rivalry, which was originally built at the high school level, disappeared and the Indians became the Bulldogs. That's not something most leagues like to admit in their publicity campaigns. I will say I'm disappointed that the faux throwback jerseys that the league made for the 1994 season weren't replicated this year. I'm also disappointed the league didn't set aside a throwback weekend like they did for the 75th anniversary. Even with helmets that didn't match the original it's way better than Color Rush games.
  20. I'm just saying I don't think Haslem worries about uniforms. I'm aware he wasn't on board when that kit was worn.
  21. Yup. I hope Nashville ditches all yellow, but I'll only complain if they wear it at a Columbus home game.
  22. There is, but probably becasue he was scratching too much. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
  23. One of the advantages of ownership is picking how you want your team to look. Nashville has also been an all yellow team from inception, whereas Columbus just kind of rolled in to it after the first 5 years of black and white with yellow trim of some sort. some people forget that this isn't a made from scratch team, Nashville has been around a little bit. At kleast Columbus has the better looking shade of yellow. I think it depends on the owner. I think Arthur Blank cares more about teh five stripes being on every kit than Jimmy Haslem cares about what shade of yellow gets used. TrustFund really didn't seem to care about anything that the Crew wore and the Hunt's authorized the "piss stain" kit that copied the city flag colors and that was as close as they came to matching anything about the city on that one.