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  1. The helmets need way less, . . . "marbling" and a logo on the sides of the helmet. Only thing I don't like about the Army jerseys is the "spray painting" on the right shoulder. I know it has a story to it but it's adding one element too many there.
  2. At least not any that weren't part of a name the team contest. And do we really want modern fans nicknames for some of these teams?
  3. Montreal Impact sounds way better than Montreal FC, Montreal City or Montreal United. They should have kept it and maybe gone back to something resembling their older logos.
  4. The seven they had were before the last game. They're probably still going to be out in addition to the one new case they've gotten.
  5. Or striped, which would be a better look. Why? It just makes no sense.
  6. There's a reason I stopped in Van Horn on my trip last week. LOL!!!! It's only 6 hours away
  7. Drove from San Antonio to Arizona last week. Hitting El Paso made me happy because I was only 4 hours away from my destination on the way out. It was strange to see the signs for exits to Mexico stating they were closed though. Speaking of, the Sun Bowl has been cancelled this year as El Paso has not reacted well to the pandemic. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30427611/sources-sun-bowl-first-1935
  8. Design should have been completed, but the team could decide to just roll with what they have and save the designs for the next rebrand.
  9. Chicago changing the logo in 2022 may mean no changes at all.
  10. Errea fits similiar to Nike, or at least they did when I wore one in the early 2000's. XL should be fine if that's what you normally wear. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/11/goalkeeper-4-arsenal-keeper-to-wear.html Leno wore the Arsenal away kit yesterday due to the color clash possibilities of all 3 keeper kits. Yes, even the black jersey was considered to be too close to Wolves home shirts. The statement that this is the first time that a keeper wore an outfield player's shirt is incorrect because prior to 1930 the only way to tell who the keeper was by having him wear a hat. (http://www.goalkeepersaredifferent.com/keepers/getting-shirty.html)
  11. I think if Fitzgerald ever left they'd fall off. But that division helps keep them around the middle to the top of the league.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIMd5vdJYFw/?igshid=kj62cmdx9im9 Army unveiling the Army-Navy game uniforms. Honoring the 25th Infantry Division. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIMkanIF2tn/?igshid=a773xfr749zz
  13. Vanderbilt reminds me of how Northwestern was before Gary Barnett arrived. Everyone assumed the only reason they were allowed in the league was to boost the GPA of the dumb jock schools like Ohio State and Illinois. Unlike Northwestern though, Vanderbilt seems to have less alumni interaction. They also have to deal with being close to Tennessee and trying to fundraise in the same areas as the Vols, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Northwestern being better than Illinois helps them as much as Vanderbilt is hurt by being so bad compared to the rest of the SEC.
  14. It looked like a pee wee league game. The red pants were the only thing that stood out
  15. Because the Big Ten wouldn't let them wear them against Michigan. Maryland should have worn their regular home uniforms instead.
  16. He also came off as a blowhard who's more worried about winning games than understanding that you put people at risk by bringing potentially positive, then actually positive players to the game.
  17. The costs of renovation will continue to rise and the Cubs would lose a lot of their mystique if they moved to a new park. Same for Boston.
  18. A way for them to get more free money to fix up the park. Fenway has it too.
  19. Ohio State fans are freaking out, but it's important to know that Ohio State held Indiana to -1 rushing, but gave up over 500 yards passing AND held Indiana to 0 points off turnovers today. That's saying something about Indiana's ability to stay in games this year.
  20. Ontario is one of those travel hub cities that have a bunch of airlines running through them. That probably helps keep travel costs down for teams that drive and fly coach.
  21. Wait until they try to wedge Playstation in there somewhere.
  22. Only if the Rams wore the yellow pants instead of bone.
  23. NCAA will put limits on how many people the teams can bring. It'll probably be less than 35. MLS capped their teams at around 35 for the MLS bubble in Florida. I could see them possibly approving a set number of fans per game as well, but they won't be in charge of finding them rooms
  24. Looking at some of the big games coming up next year: WEEK 0 - 29AUG2020 Notre Dame vs Navy (Dublin, Ireland) WEEK 1 - 05SEP2020 Alabama vs Southern Cal (Arlington, TX) Michigan at Washington Baylor vs Mississippi (Houston, TX) WEEK 2 - 12SEP2020 Ohio State at Oregon Texas at LSU 7 November Clemson at Notre Dame
  25. Do you logo sets and uniforms for Southern Atlantic yet? Looking to start working on ideas for the ECAC football guide.

    1. GriffinM6


      Zion Eagle was doing the identity, but has been MIA since late April. I made uniforms and he made primary logos, but the identity wasn't complete. 

    2. MJWalker45


      Ok. No worriess. Hopefully he surfaced soon.