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  1. It looks blue, but then Clemson in the 1980's had that issue too in certain types of light.
  2. During 1968, I've seen a mixture of jerseys for the team. Unfortunately almost all of white jerseys I've seen are in black and white and from distance so it's hard to tell. The 1969 Ohio State-Michigan game had some players with black numbers on the sleeves and some on the shoulders so it's possible they were worn the year prior. 1970 appears to be when they swapped over to white numbers on the shoulders.
  3. I'd find a different plane and tilt it so that it lifts off.
  4. Did a quick mockup. Added the Nike on the left chest as well for comparison.
  5. I hope that's the case. If they place the swoosh at the neck I'd rather they leave the left chest blank.
  6. I would love the Eddie George era big Champion style numbers on those. Rumor is they'll move to the template worn by Oregon next year as well. I'm not a fan of the Nike logo at the neck but I think it could give a few teams a better way to show off shoulder stripes, like Mississippi and LSU.
  7. Only if they lose as badly as they did to Florida last year.
  8. I just want a Super Bowl where I'm not looking forward to the commercials.
  9. I'd love to see A&M and Texas play in a bowl game since they'll never play during the regular season.
  10. Any chance we see those throwback unis for Ohio State?
  11. Playoffs Peach Bowl 1) LSU vs 4) Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl 2) Ohio State vs 3) Clemson
  12. I think they need more 30 second cut scenes rather than 4 minutes of commercial time. But unfortunately, that'll just mean 30 second cut scene, kickoff, 4 minutes of commercial time, 3 and out, 4 minutes of commercials instead of allowing fans 30 seconds to run to the fridge before the first offensive play, 3 and out, punt and then right to the next offensive play.
  13. It sped things up in the AAF, but I know most fans want to keep it because there's that one time a year that a player will go 100 yards for a TD.
  14. There's 2 separate fields for college and NFL games at Mercedes-Benz stadium. Dallas has like 2-4 separate sets of turf depending on who's playing that week.
  15. If the committee looks at each half in detail, Ohio State may be #1. I still think LSU jumps them though because they finally played a complete game today. I think the most amazing stat is 4 of the teams Ohio State played were in championship games today. None of the others played one.
  16. They've looked like that since moving to UA. With adidas they were larger but could look warped.
  17. Penn State might get the Big Ten spot in the Rose Bowl if Wisconsin has 3 losses.
  18. They were good uniforms, just not something BYU should wear.
  19. And they can't spell out Central Michigan. Sun Belt Championship is color vs color and Conference USA has FAU wearing those ugly grey pants.
  20. Yes. Can't see Georgia getting in with 2 losses and no title.