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  1. 15 minutes ago, FALCON6 said:

    Now this I can get behind. Good point on stadium infrastructure.

    Image result for oregon mariota

    Related image

    Something like this, but put that yoke pattern on the sleeves, is something I think would look great for Atlanta. Just use that wing pattern from the logo and you're good to go. 

  2. 18 hours ago, OnWis97 said:

    That the reported ringleader got one game for "team violations" is pathetic. Franklin is going to have to do a lot of explaining if the accusations are true and that's all they felt was appropriate for stuff like this. I know the NCAA will stay out of it because they crushed Penn State, then pulled back immediately, but they need to do something about things like this before another kid is permanently damaged by things like this.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Dodgeryaqui8016 said:

    Reebok piping era was the worst in pro sports history.  They even ruined the NHL for a while.  Throw in the Broncos too while you are at it.  

    That was Nike's first step outside the box that led to BYU's bibs before a semblence of sanity returned to uniforms. 

  4. 36 minutes ago, BlazerBlaze said:

    So a few things. First, I don't think that the logo is safe. I think its changing. Brett, Arthur's SVP and CCO for the ownership group, seem to imply that they're changing the logos too.




    As far as the jerseys, and I don't even know if the NFL would allow this, but I think we're going soccer style with a 3rd that isn't just a recolor of the home/away. @BrandMooreArt might be able to share some insight on if this would even be possible. 

    Personally I think the home/away are going to be something modern looking with the 3rd being a fauxback. 

    I think team colors are still required but the third jersey doesn't have to be a recolor of the home or away jersey.

  5. 10 minutes ago, djam2410 said:

    Funny the amount of mental gymnastics people will use to continue to not give credit to Teal. I'm looking forward to seeing what the design looks like. 

    We give him credit. The issue was all of the cryptic speak, and basically him having to be told to say who the mystery team was, that annoyed everyone. 

  6. 2 hours ago, B-Rich said:

    4. Getting back to Joe Burrow; he had already gotten a bachelors degree, a master's degree, won the Heisman, is the consensus NFL number one pick. His future is set....  To listen to some on this board (and in the media, social and professional) there was no reason for him to play in the playoff game or national championship game, and he was a a sucker to do so. "he is just one injury away from not being able to collect millions of dollars; look out for number one".  But as the consummate TEAM player, he played anyway, and led his team to the championship.

    These are the same idiots that say Lawrence should sit out next year , then enter the draft with no new tape since yesterday.

  7. 1 minute ago, mr.nascar13 said:

    I mean, Florida and Michigan are Jordan schools which is just a Nike uniform with the Air Jordan logo slapped on the chest. If they were to make the CFP they'd probably have a Crystal Jordan instead of the Crystal Swoosh.

    Image result for oklahoma vs alabama

    As did Oklahoma last year.

    1 hour ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:

    Who among Auburn, Notre Dame, and others will step up to be the first non-Nike team to make the Playoff Championship?? 

    Utah has a better chance if they run the table in the Pac-12. Auburn plays way too many better teams to survive in the SEC unscathed. Notre Dame will only make the playoffs if they are undefeated, and they play Clemson at some time next year. Wisconsin could run through the B1G West, but I don't know if they could beat Ohio State, Penn State or Michigan in the B1G title game. They also need to replace Taylor and Cephus, the former being more difficult to replace than the latter.

  8. Just now, dfwabel said:

    Is the PAC-12 watching? Because they are still considering 9 AM kickoffs. Bringing Big Noon there would be a coup, but playing a game at 10 AM is a bad idea. And I don't think Florida State will be that much improved next year either. 


    Also of note, the SEC got rid of playing FCS teams the week before their rivalry games this year. LSU will play Auburn before taking on Texas A&M and Alabama plays Texas A&M before playing Auburn. Arkansas plays Mississippi before the last game of the year in 2020.

  9. 9 hours ago, WarriorFight said:

    Chicago's kits got leaked again today.


    Honestly, I think they both look pretty tight. Somehow, somewhat, makes up for how awful the crest is. Not really, but I dig the cuffs.


    But they say they're for 2021? Does that mean that one of them we get and another placeholder? It feels that considering their color scheme changed, they ought to have two new kits. Anybody hear anything about that, whether or not they're getting two new kits or just one as usual for the MLS cycle? 



    Since it's a rebrand I'd expect 2 new kits and then they keep the home kit for next season (2021). Does this mean they're exempted from the shoulder loops too? 

  10. Looking at some of the big games coming up next year:


    WEEK 0 - 29AUG2020

    Notre Dame vs Navy (Dublin, Ireland) 


    WEEK 1 - 05SEP2020

    Alabama vs Southern Cal (Arlington, TX)

    Michigan at Washington

    Baylor vs Mississippi (Houston, TX)


    WEEK 2 - 12SEP2020

    Ohio State at Oregon

    Texas at LSU


    7 November

    Clemson at Notre Dame

  11. 13 hours ago, WBeltz said:

    Both teams are wearing white 2020 Playoff patches.

    And the refs wore black 2020 patches. 

    9 hours ago, lahaye7 said:

    like the font on the lsu national championship caps, not the fleur de lis though. 

    It's required for any championship played in Louisiana. 

    7 hours ago, BVZ said:

    Fantastic championship matchup, with both teams looking their best. LSU in anything but the classic whites would have been criminal. Clemson’s big game orange britches always look great as well.


    When’s the last time a major championship matchup included 2 teams who do not use any shades of blue or red?

    Orange is a shade of red, purple is a shade of blue and red. But seriously, . . . Celtics vs Lakers? FCS Championship was green and yellow vs purple and gold though. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    So if fall semester ends in mid December, then theoretically there’s players that graduate and are no longer in school. Do they just hang out around campus rather than getting jobs so that they can play in this game?  I think it’s absurd that the season ends at the end of November, but the last game is being played on Jan 13 just because of bowl-schedule and tradition. This is what - the second game that these teams have played in 6 weeks? How does that make sense?

    Ideally they don't want more than 10 days between semi-finals and Championship but New Orleans had WizardCon last week so the original date of January 6 was scrapped. They were supposed to play on New Year's Eve, but moved the games to December 28 because it fit TV better. I still think when they up this to 8 teams ESPN needs to start dropping some of the bowls they own. They'll make more on those 4 extra games anyways.

  13. 1 hour ago, Faxion said:

    After doing some digging, this’s is the original design concept from ‘Hey Now’.





    Not a fan of the pants with the wordmark instead of striping, nor the lack of either brown or orange on the too away prototype jerseys. Adding an outline of orange to the brown sleeve stripes would work better. 

    28 minutes ago, sisdog said:

    The logo needs to be flipped. looks odd facing that way. Even on his logo sheet comparison, it is facing the opposite of all other logos.

    Unless it's on the helmet, there's no reason to flip the brownie logo.


  14. 20 hours ago, GDAWG said:


    Maybe the Browns were afraid he would change his mind and go back to New England after he was hired. 

    According to some writers, McDaniel didn't like the idea of having to have a sit down with the Haslem's every Monday to go over what happened the day prior. According to one writer it would be a multiple hour visit. There were also reports that the owner wanted to see the play call sheet the Friday prior to games and that the coach would have to accept that an analytics person would be involved in meetings. 

  15. 6 minutes ago, RayFinkle said:


    They are a cheap and lazy group of people. 

    They basically rebuilt the whole thing after Katrina. Unfortunately it's still old by NFL standards and should've been replaced, but asking people to pay for a new stadium wasn't going to happen after what it cost to rebuild around the Superdome. 

  16. 36 minutes ago, GDAWG said:


    Maybe the Browns were afraid he would change his mind and go back to New England after he was hired. 

    When he left straight back to Boston it was clear he wasn't taking the job. At least Stefanski has been in the mix before so we'll see. McDaniel reportedly wanted certain assistants to take the job who already committed elsewhere.

  17. 10 hours ago, colortv said:

    The Dolphins showing everyone how to do orange right..



    Cleveland's previous orange jerseys matched this look as well. It was the first time they had drop shadow numbers in a while but it worked pretty well. Then the current design changed it to an upward shadow which isn't as good a design for jerseys.

  18. 17 hours ago, aawagner011 said:

    In addition to the wrong patch on LSU, this might also be the first CFP national championship without black end zones. Not sure how I feel about this. The black often clashed with team colors but plain end zones feels much too boring for the biggest stage. If they don’t want to do team colored end zones, I’d still take black over the grass colored ones.



    I like this better than black end zones. Personally I'd rather they have team colors in the end zones. 

  19. 5 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

    The factual reality is that a deal was arranged, giving Cleveland a treatment that wasn’t afforded to any team prior. It set a precedent for screwing about like the Hornets/Pelicans/Bobcats did. It is factual to explain this special arrangement. Also, one can point out why it was a bad idea.

    I wouldn't assign this to the Browns, I'd put this on the NBA alone. The renaming of the Bobcats was more in line with the idea of MLB teams taking the name of MiLB teams that used to play there. The only difference was that the Hornets name became available because the New Orleans hornets became the Pelicans. The NBA then took the step of moving the Hornets records back to Charlotte rather than treating them as a new franchise. There are similarities, but they apply to other decisions besides the NFL's choice to retain Cleveland's history in Cleveland.