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  1. If he can still play, I don't think he'll have as many issues as he does in Italy. The fact teams are telling their own players that the owner's just telling a joke, one which said he's "trying to lighten his skin", I'd want out as soon as possible.
  2. I'd go with Imgur. I'd also use Alabama's A. It's iconic and still somewhat simple.
  3. Isn't that the going rate for authentic footballs nowadays? I know Big Game footballs are over $100. https://www.biggameusa.com/
  4. Unless Utah runs the table, Georgia loses the SEC Championship and Alabama lose to Auburn.
  5. Packers and Tampa Bay Rays, with some of their fauxback stuff. Chargers do as well. Southern University and Gambling do too.
  6. I think this is when we find out how much power Oliver Luck actually has within the league. McMahon has to know that expecting profit with the first year or even the second is not going to happen without a good bit of luck. As long as we don't see random rule additions like we saw in the first edition of the league I think they can make 3 years easily. But as you mentioned, Vince has to stay out of the day to day stuff and let the right people run it.
  7. Max Allegri is still available, but I think he's more interested in Manchester United.
  8. I have a feeling that adidas will give them a Mexico style knockoff kit for the game and the MLS will look like an adidas version of the US national team.
  9. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/11/universal-puma-euro-2020-kit-font.html Not too bad this time.
  10. Will Bayern think he can lead the team over the next 3 years or would they bring him in as a stop gap until they get a bigger fish? As for Mourinho, it just doesn't seem to be a good fit to me. Tottenham are not known for their defensive prowess and that's Jose's biggest selling point. You'll probably get an uptick in older players willing to take less to play there, but will they be any better than what's already there? I'd compare him coming in to Andre Rison joining the Browns in 1994. It's a big name that moves the needle on the gossip channels but does it actually improve the team?
  11. If they're just getting teamwear like Cincinnati did, they probably don't care to rush it out.
  12. https://ohiodominicanpanthers.com/sports/fball/2019-20/releases/20191118j1fdbs Ohio Dominican playing Truman State in a bowl game, the America's Crossroads Bowl.
  13. I think cancelling at the last minute, and wearing a shirt sure to stir up controversy doesn't help Colin win over any NFL executives. The language in the waiver could have been an issue, but that should have been known to him even before it was announced. i can't see the NFL announcing an event like this without talking to his agent at a minimum, as well as Colin himself before letting the world know. The biggest loser appears to be Hue Jackson who was tabbed to help run the workout, something that would have allowed him a chance to meet with team executives and draft guys as well. Instead he booked it out of Atlanta as soon as the official workout was cancelled.
  14. Too many drops, a fumble and INT and a total of under 5 minutes in control of the ball in the second half.
  15. Oklahoma survives. They should be 5th or 6th on Tuesday. I wonder if the committee will hold Tua's injury over Alabama.
  16. The way every network is covering it you'd think he was the victim of an assassination attempt, not a guy with a hip injury. He's a much better player than his backup but the fact security is needed to keep people from an ambulance is ridiculous.
  17. Not until Sparty is permanently on the helmet again at least.
  18. https://media.giphy.com/media/LNeEIW7jQxnOW6510g/giphy.gif
  19. With Euro 2020 going on next year, this will be a better matchup too since the European stars at the biggest clubs would probably skip the US Tours.
  20. I think four at most is appropriate, not half the season. With four games next year that's 10 weeks of lost revenue, plus any losses if he's not allowed in training camp.They'll probably review his case just prior to training camp as well or just prior to the start of the new season.
  21. If they can fix Sky Blue FC, more power to them.
  22. Both had the intent to injure, and Kermit Washington's punch destroyed Rudy's career as a result.
  23. Only in hockey, that I'm aware of. And maybe minor league baseball.