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  1. If it was the Desert Swarm version. No stripes on helmet and pants isn't as good as those.
  2. At least that guy will be the first to know . . .
  3. And no colonoscopies this week. Arizona would look better going BWB though.
  4. http://nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/ Actually they have. Uniforms as well.
  5. I think this would work great for a team like Oregon, Kent State or any other team that doesn't seem to have a "classic look" and should never have been worn by BYU. BYU has a classic look but they went with this for a few year before wearing a Jets knockoff look after that.
  6. They've also been using the lightning bolt on their uniforms more than they are the actual Golden flashes logo. Eastern Michigan has a bird logo that never gets used for football as do Miami (Ohio).
  7. Reminds me of an electric company here that's using the Tampa Bay Lightning logo and just slapped their name above it.
  8. Not the worst, but probably the dumbest. Why would a player ever think he wasn't going to get in trouble for doing that?
  9. Unai Emery is now out at Arsenal. Freddie Ljunberg is the caretaker for now. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50532493
  10. I wonder if moving the start of the league to mid-March would be helpful as well? We didn't really see these issues pop up with the AAF, at least with coaches. Aren't mini-camps coming up as well?
  11. I still find it annoying that ESPN actually owns bowl games. Granted the Gator Bowl was originally created to give Florida a bowl to go to.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/11/26/dc-united-is-talks-with-caesars-open-sportsbook-audi-field/ DC United appear to have picked their sleeve sponsor.
  13. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/11/8-amazing-charly-alternate-2019-20-mx-kits.html Charly alternate rollout
  14. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/06/pink-mexico-2020-away-kit.html Mexico away kit leaked. Not liking the asymetric colors on the cuffs and shoulder stripes.
  15. I feel they need to do this with a few QB's this offseason.
  16. Toronto needs to go back to last year's uniforms.
  17. If he can still play, I don't think he'll have as many issues as he does in Italy. The fact teams are telling their own players that the owner's just telling a joke, one which said he's "trying to lighten his skin", I'd want out as soon as possible.
  18. I'd go with Imgur. I'd also use Alabama's A. It's iconic and still somewhat simple.
  19. Isn't that the going rate for authentic footballs nowadays? I know Big Game footballs are over $100. https://www.biggameusa.com/
  20. Unless Utah runs the table, Georgia loses the SEC Championship and Alabama lose to Auburn.
  21. Packers and Tampa Bay Rays, with some of their fauxback stuff. Chargers do as well. Southern University and Gambling do too.
  22. I think this is when we find out how much power Oliver Luck actually has within the league. McMahon has to know that expecting profit with the first year or even the second is not going to happen without a good bit of luck. As long as we don't see random rule additions like we saw in the first edition of the league I think they can make 3 years easily. But as you mentioned, Vince has to stay out of the day to day stuff and let the right people run it.
  23. Max Allegri is still available, but I think he's more interested in Manchester United.
  24. I have a feeling that adidas will give them a Mexico style knockoff kit for the game and the MLS will look like an adidas version of the US national team.