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  1. I think more of the hand and arm should be included. I'd probably plus up the Colossus name too, since the idea is of something larger than the other things around it.
  2. I actually prefer that cursive Cleveland script over the block type uniforms they have now. It has more personality.
  3. Bolton has now updated their away uniforms as well.
  4. I'm surprised Nike hasn't done NBA football jerseys yet, they just did the Premier League and Barca last year.
  5. Loved that logo when it came out too. But they were afraid of turning off Mexican fans with the 1836 moniker.
  6. OK, i remembered reading something about the possibility boosters could use the new corporation to hide expenses that a school could not.
  7. Isn't the money flow issues the reason they "privatized" their athletics department?
  8. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50152024 El Clasico's new date ticks off the league, even thought the two teams involved asked for that specific date. https://www.marca.com/en/football/barcelona/2019/10/23/5dae7335ca4741971c8b4600.html It also is annoying the two teams that will play them the following week.
  9. The red looks orange in that light. maybe they can plan a better spot to shoot next time.
  10. I'd expect NBC to try and focus on the Austin supporters groups for Liverpool and Spurs since they'll be the televised Sunday afternoon/morning game after Newcastle vs Wolves, and then also hit up the Arsenal and Manchester United fan groups.NBC doesn't really have a vested interest in MLs so that makes it easier to overlook them, other than to discuss former EPL players playing over here.
  11. Good! We won't have to see a light show after every play!
  12. I'd disagree. The dark green numbers didn't look all that good, but the other uniform combos have looked good. Are they better than the Mariota era uniforms? No, not at all. But they aren't disasters.
  13. Premier League weekend is scheduled to come down to Austin, I know it's a different league but I would expect to see a lot of Plastic Tree FC gear getting handed out. It will also be somewhat of a barometer to see how well they and Austin Bold can turnout in comparison to supporter clubs for the Premier League teams. Their marketing department has been out and about letting people know they are on their way in. San Antonio FC fans were even ticked off because they set up stands at a UTSA game to advertise for a team that isn't stepping onto a field for 15 months.
  14. I love the idea, especially since we've seen how Cincinnati and Columbus get amped up for the games. San Antonio are rivals in chili, tacos and horribly maintained streets, let's up the ante and add MLS too. It wouldn't be a manufactured rivalry either, the folks here in SA absolutely feel Precourt killed off any chance the Spurs would have followed through on pushing for MLS when he tried moving the Crew, then was given an expansion team as compensation when the MLS got called out for planning that move over a year before. That being said, a lot would need to happen around the stadium to get it MLS ready. You can't build parking immediately next to the stadium because Morgan's Wonderland, Heroes Stadium and several physical therapy businesses are right outside the stadium. You can play at the Alamodome, but I think that if that happens you'll end up having the team stay there if they can't figure out what to do with Toyota Field.
  15. Twitter trolls have been after him. https://gbmwolverine.com/2019/10/21/michigan-football-directing-hate-towards-ronnie-bell-wrong-move/
  16. And the UM fans are taking it out on a kid who brought them back into the ball game. Adults can be so childish sometimes.
  17. The grey is dark enough that the navy blue uniforms would be harder to distinguish from than white is. Depends on when they originally planned the game. It was most likely at least a year in the works. D III teams can't expect to fill a stadium like US Bank to the required numbers to make rent.
  18. I think there are limits to what even Oregon can get away with. But the fact that Arkansas State used numbers that look like Oregon's and looked nothing like Arkansas State "should look" is why they get the hate. That uniform was hideous and deserves rebuke, but we've said the same of other teams in the past, like Ohio State, for wearing uniforms that we feel shouldn't be worn by those teams.
  19. Some MLB teams also complained about their AAA teams not being near airports that offer direct flights from the Pacific time zone to Eastern. I believe the Nationals started sending players to their AA for rehab assignments because it was easier to get them where they needed to go if the team was on the road. I'm more worried for teams like San Antonio who need to upgrade to a new stadium to meet AAA requirements. An independent version of the Texas League could occur, but I don't think it would be embraced nearly as much as the current team is. The ones that may most likely suffer are the A and Rookie League teams.
  20. https://es.pn/32vt87v via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina had a dance off to start the 4th quarter. Both sides flagged for taunting and 3 players were ejected due to previous personal fouls.
  21. It starts in the 5th OT. South Carolina vs Georgia ended before that. Tennessee was amped up before that call then just fell off the rest of the drive. Alabama's need to show off their new lights is painful as hell as well. Do you really need to play with them when YOU'RE punting?