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  1. I would use the aviator head logo on the shorts and only use one apple logo on the sleeve. Maybe draw up aviator rank for the other sleeve
  2. nice doodle, looks like it was during during a boring math class
  3. I'm actually surprised Reebok let them wear the MLS kits, since the are adidas unis, but I think Nike let Club America sue that for a throwback game, if I recall correctly.
  4. It's pretty much what I thought they'd go with. I like that it doesn't have the city name on the front, just the crest and number. I don't believe they will have a sponsor on the back of the jersey either. I prefer the Reebok design, but if it dropped the two outside stripes on the front it would look even better.
  5. The horizontal stripes are known as hoops in soccer circles
  6. Columbus Crew wear all black at home and all gold on the road. The thing that drives me nuts about the new home kit is the white panels break up the hoops on the sides. Not a big fan of that. Didn't they learn from dealing with River Plate?
  7. I thought they were Eastbay designs. But I'd put Blazers on the gold uni since they do not refer to themselves as Alabama-Brmingham
  8. I like the first white the better of the two and the second orange the best. As for making it "old school", Canes in a cursive font like the Clippers use would definitely work.
  9. Not another Broncos rip-off!!!!!!! There's enough of them already!
  10. I like the triangles as opposed to without. It's a pretty good concept.
  11. It was for visibility during night games. The NFL actually tried using a "DayGlo" ball for night games in the 50's, but it never caught on.
  12. That looks more like Titans numbers then Blue Jackets to me.
  13. The only shots I've seen are the back and neck. The cross that is currently on the away kits at the back of the neck will be on the new home kits. As well, the numbering will remain the same. There is also a line that is broken up similar to adidas' new MLS home kit for the Crew running around the neck as opposed to the three stripes down the sleeve. It will be collared as well so simply reversing the road kit isn't going to happen. Of course I like the idea that the two kits are a bit different from each other. not simply colored differently.
  14. I like them all, but to pick one . . . I'd go with #4
  15. they look nice, but I wish adidas would roll out more than 2 or 3 designs. I think they only have 4 different possible uniform combos this year.
  16. Yup, you have to look at the hat to figure it out. But it's an ABC uniform from the late 30's-World War II years
  17. I like your graphic. Pretty nice. Also the jersey looks sharp as well. I'm a Browns fan. Our last bona fide star was Bernie Kosar and Ernest Byner so it's been a while since we've lost one.
  18. They all look pretty nice. I'd almost buy this game just to detail the cars.
  19. You might want to double check your links
  20. It looks better on a pant stripe than on a number. I actually want to implement UNC's stripes on my next football uni's.
  21. It might be an issue of lighting
  22. Whoa! nice job on that one. I'm half tempted to send a model and design just to see what you can do with it!
  23. I just want to know how they got kylie to pose for them?
  24. Did anyone see the PSG vs Lens game? It threw me off but PSG wore all white and Lens all black. They both had the Stand up/Speak up logo on the back nameplate too. Nice touch.