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  1. They don't have one. Not that I've been able to track down. Any time I've done a search it only takes me to dealers. Funny, huh?
  2. Yuk! black red and navy blue and silver don't match. Personally I'm sick of the "let's throw black in there" movement. When it's subtle like Tampa Bay I don't mind. When it's something like the Eagles alt, yeah i hate it.
  3. MJWalker45

    Mr. 3000

    It was filmed in Milwaukee actually.
  4. Columbus changed to Nike block numbers. Last years numbers were better. Nashville looked good, but maybe should've been given a different uniform since they look almost identical to Austin save the light blue trim and Austin's silver helmets. How hard is it for Nike to recreate Chicago's numbers, parts are skinny, sure. But they're Nike! San Jose looked like they had a Denver cut jersey and I couldn't tell if the "SJ" was still there. Dallas and Philly are wearing uni's from the same folks who made them last year. Atlectica, the outfitters for 85% of the Mexican 1st Division, and Mitchell & Ness. Austin looked like they didn't hand out numbers til the day of the game. They should have had a better number font. I only saw the Chicago vs Dallas game live. Teh rest i saw from highlights. Someone please tell me that Las Vegas ditched those ugly numbers they had last year. Or does SFC outfit them for one more year?
  5. get rid of the M, and use a different number 1. Only one team should use a 1 like that, Chicago.
  6. Remember that Virginia Texh uses the same template as Kentucky. The only difference being the piping across the yoke. And Miami's uni's are pretty nice. Just depends on the colors used though
  7. It looks like something is on the shorts of the throwback, but the light is blocking it out
  8. This is the best package I've seen yet. Now if only I could trust the Cards to not screw it up and come up with something that looks like the Bengals
  9. I like that Pro Bowl jersey a lot. Hopefully the pants will be more like the Packers and less like what they've worn the last couple years. And I hope they don't outfit the AFC in all red. That'd be gross
  10. I think it was to celebrate Adolfo's 100th start with Chivas. The Mexican League is a little different in terms of numbers. Chivas allows some players to have their nickname, "Bofo", or first name, Osvaldo, on thier uniforms. And until this season when Reebok started making their uni's, Osvaldo had his own keeper set, not made by the same company as the team.
  11. It's kinda hard to make out the UCLA, I thought it was Tulsa until they showed a close up
  12. Looks like Adidas is making sure the y retake the lead they had over Nike. Of course if Nike budged in and snuck off the top three sides in England, Adidas would be absolutely red faced.
  13. This is the first I've seen them wear them, Michigan or not. I think they look good for a once in a while uniform look, not permanent. They actually started wearing white with the home uni's and red with aways this year. Or did they do it last year too?
  14. Notice the CCM on the sleeve, it's probably just a replica as opposed to an authentic.
  15. That's how most soccer jerseys are now adays. You have to have something back there or it just looks empty. Doubly so for those with the Newcastle design. At least I can read the numbers next year. Unless they have a close up, I can't make out the purple numbers against white/black stripes.
  16. Nice start. I think you'll either need to clean up the eye or nose. Either the nose looks too high or his eye looks closed.
  17. I like it, but I would probably include the football player behind the Titans and toss the NY logo
  18. I've seen Barca do a variation on this for Champions League. I'd pick that over the designs shown, but I'd probably pick A just because I'd hate to see a white peice of cloth attached to the back of the shirt. It just looks tacky to me.
  19. It's only for the 2005-06 season. I'm sure the fans would riot if it were permanent. I just wonder if they are going to use the current logo or an older one since their kits usually didn't have the team badge on them back then. I like the collar too. It's funny, some teams are going back to a similar collar only shorter.
  20. I just hope they don't spend half the game explaining the rules like they do with Arena Football. Just broadcast it like your audience knows what's going on. If you don't the folks that do know the rules feel like they're being overlooked
  21. That's a sweet logo, awesome job man!
  22. Uggh!!! i hope there's a better selection than just 04 jerseys. They should have just put a 4 on and called it a day. I know New Orleans has replicas available for a couple of the players as well as the authentics
  23. It's a quick fix logo since Cape Fear moved. Not original, but something that sets it apart from it's previous logo. They could have done better
  24. I'm sure there will be a white or silver outline to distinguish the logo. That's what they have done with previous uni's. Just looks funny that they will look like the Texans. Didn't they both start the same year? or close to it?