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  1. The only thing I would change is the helmet logo. It just looks wrong. I'd definitely replace it with the secondary logo and maybe place the primary logo on the sleeves since it's nowhere else on the uniform.
  2. They look nice, a lot better than what they have now IMO. Good job on those
  3. Team Name: River City (San Antonio, Texas) Nickname: Pilots Colors: Varsity Blue, Red, Old Gold, Black I've put in a request for uniform help, hopefully I'll have a uniform and logo set soon.
  4. A little big, but otherwise, good job
  5. What is the patch located on the right side of the jersey?
  6. I liked the Michigan design except for the bottom part. The cursive font should have matched the rest of the design a little better. I like that Michigan likes to be a bit different with their jerseys. And it would have have looked better if they weren't required to wear the generic Rose Bowl logo and BCS design on the helmet.
  7. You know I'm up for a challenge, count me in
  8. I have over 20 jerseys here's a short list" 1999 Browns Home Authentic 1999 Browns Away Authentic 2002-04 Manchester United Home jersey 2000 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1995 Cleveland Indians Alternate Jersey w/1995 World Series Patch 2002-04 Manchester United Goalie Jersey 2004 Manchester United Training Jersey 2002 Ireland Home Jersey 2003 AS Roma Alternate Jersey 2003 AS Roma Away Jersey 2004 England Away Jersey 2002-04 USA Training Jersey 1997-99 UAB Blazers Football Jersey Charlotte Rage Away Jersey 1991-92 London Monarchs Home Jersey 1995 Frankfurt Galaxy Home Jersey 1997 Rhein Fire Away Jersey 2003 Scottish Claymores Away Jersey 2004 Scottish Claymores Away Jersey New York Rangers Blue Alternate Jersey Cleveland Lumberjacks Home Jersey Tacoma Sabrecats Away Jersey 2000 NHL North American All-Stars Jersey 2002 FC Barcelona Away Jersey 2002 FC Barcelona Alternate Jersey 2002 Cameroon Away Jersey 2002 Argentina Home Jersey 1995 Columbus Crew Home Jersey 1995 Columbus Crew Away Jersey 2003 Columbus Crew Away Jersey 2004 Liverpool Goalkeepers Jersey I have several more that i can't recall without looking in my closet.
  9. Looks like a land mine or torture device. I would use either the whole Liberty head or the skyline.
  10. The uniform is correct but one reason they probably switched back is trying to keep a traditional look since they wore the Northwestern striping through th the 40's into the 70's.
  11. Normally they will at least put Tulane in one end zone. Temple however, does not usually change the field at Lincoln Financial
  12. The simplest, and smartest thing to do is put Pittsburgh in both end zones, one in Steelers font, one in Pitt font or simply put Pittsburgh in both end zones instead of one. Then simply paint the NFL or NCAA logo at mid field depending on who is playing that day.
  13. I like the ideas you have, but keep the sleeve stripes the same and it'll look even better. And the socks they had prior to this year look way better than just plain orange or brown socks
  14. At one time in the 90's all Cleveland teams shared at least one color of another team. Indians Blue & Red Cavaliers Blue & Orange Browns Brown & Orange
  15. ?Huh? swen? It is possible to paint over the team logos, but IMO if they knew they were playing a bowl game there(which they did, the turf is 2 years old), they should have planned to paint the Boise State logos rather than seemingly stitching the logo into the turf. I know it's a more permanent paint job, just in case someone planned to tell me it's not stiched in. They didn't even use the actual bowl game logo, at least they did that when it was the Humanitarian Bowl.
  16. Anyone else watching this game? Just something that rubs me wrong, the end zones still has Broncos at the one end. I know when Boise played bowl games they would at least change one end zone. It's pretty cheesy to just paint the bowl logo and microsoft logos and call it a day. At least change end zones to just boise or do what the citrus bowl used to do with Florida and Citrus at each end
  17. They used a different font, the 2 and 7 weren't the normal block number design, but they weren't the standard Champion numbers either. Not sure what the font is.
  18. I like the logo placed on the front. I also like the font, but I think the ALouettes "A desisn" would fit better then the fluer de leis on the sleeves.
  19. Where is Conseco in regards to the stadium? It actually looks like a train depot or a giant barn in my opinion. I think the huge opening is only to show the field, but they should take and place glass there if possible. If done right, it'd be a nice touch.
  20. The UNLV away jerseys(red) are horrid. The grey are ok from the front at least. At least Nike didn't take the adidas model and dress everyone alike again. What is it with adidas and only using 2 types of uni's a year? The only reason the Vols and Notre Dame look different for football is fans would strangle adidas for messing with tradition as drastically as they did with Arkansas and Bowling Green. Those away jerseys are f-ugly! Sorry, I'm calm now.
  21. The bands remind me of Clemsons collar, not bad but not something to write home about. The numbers should be more agressive too. Personally I like the idea of adding the Bengal head to the helmet, on top of the stripes.
  22. I like your throwback design. It looks like Army's uni's from this year, minus the number color. Are you getting that done up as well. I'm thinking of having one made up for my fantasy league team if I win the title this weekend. Mine's kinda plain though, San Antonio Outlaws. Let us know what it looks like when you get it
  23. As long as they don't go with the minimalist design like the last two games. I think the primary logo at the top of this design should be either at midcourt or at the sideline areas where they normally stick NBA. The cheesy DN04 logo should be tossed
  24. This teams uniforms are pink because they are sponsored by a gentlemans club. The cheerleaders from the team actually work at the chain of clubs in Peru, the name escapes me for them though