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  1. I like Torino the best of all three. But i thought Beijing broke out a different logo at the close of the Athens games. Vancouver's just looks like it should have Canada thrown underneath, not Olympics
  2. They only stabbed the Millwall fans, didn't kill them. Duh, you're right. It was an England fan who was stabbed to death during Euro 2004, but that turned out to be a simple pickpocketing gone wrong. Actually it was more than just a couple of Millwall fans if I remember right.
  3. It just seems that Europe as a whole is taking a step back rather than forward. Ferenvocos(spelling?) a Eastern European football team, taunted several Millwall players and even killed two supporters during this year's UEFA Cup competition. And in Madrid, in one of the more "progressive" countries in europe, several English players were greeted with monkey noises. And Dwight York has run int the same thing on at least two occasions during Premiership matches this season. the startling thing was the fans in England actually did the policing of the hecklers at the second occurance. It just seems as much as folks want to sit and say that the U.S. should follow the European model, something like this seems to remind us why the Puritans left England and later Holland. I hope the Russian Ice Hockey Federation takes steps similar to what the Pistons did and toss the instigators out and ban them from ever entering those stadiums that host their games.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they've gone under though, since the number is disconnected.
  5. I'm actually looking for a direct dealer rather than going through eurosprort. I think local dealers tend to be more likely to come down on price than someone like Eurosport or World Soccer Shop.
  6. Hey guys, gotta question. My soccer club, a military mens and womens team here in San Antonio, are looking for new uniforms. does anyone know of a place to get a newer (2002-2004 start date) kit? We aren't an official military team so we don't get funding for stuff like this so we want to find some quality uniforms that aren't going to break the bank. We currently wear the nike Park, which thankfully(They are horrible for San Antonio spring and summer) are no longer being made. If y'all know of anyone who might cut us a break on unifoms, probably 80 jerseys in total, 40 for each team, 40-60 pairs of shorts and socks, drop me a note here.
  7. These uni's are just too plain. What the Bucks have now is much better looking and are too tradition rich to toss out because you hate sleeve striping. The only thing i ever thought would be different but a nice addition is the O with the stripes through it placed in the middle of the sleeve stripe. But now that they switched to the new O design, I'd leave those uni's alone. Just like Michigan and Army.
  8. I like both the logo and the jerseys. I like that they used the Texas flag and didn't just use the standard red, white, and blue. BTW, does anyone know where I can get a US flag style college team flag?
  9. I think it looks great! I had a similar idea but with NY Jets helmet stripes
  10. It may have been an issue of the away team bringing the wrong kit. If it was a neutral site they both probably didn't have a second kit for the match and had to play as is. It happens every now and then in rec leagues but then, it's harder to afford 2 or 3 different kits.
  11. Kill thears. It looks too dopey. I like the first helmet, but I think a white helmet would look better. as well as white or gold pants
  12. The funny thing with Atlanta's uni's is I saw them and my first reaction was NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I like the all black look they had, but I think the switch to red jerseys was the right one.
  13. This guy must be stopped. They are horrid!
  14. Most likely, the Sonics requested that the other team wear white. It works the same as when the NHL teams wore alternate jerseys
  15. either late January or early February
  16. I want to get my hands on one of those! I like the way it looks.
  17. I'd put the Cardinal on top of the star and get rid of wording in the end zones. Then add the cardinal head at midfield. I'd either put the NFL logo where the cardinal heads are, or have 1 nfl, 1 nfc logo
  18. so are the jerseys falling apart or just the printing? I have the same issue with the numbers on some of my jerseys mainly because of washing them i,properly. Also, never dry them, just hang them out to dry. Gives the uniforms more life.
  19. I'm thinking they aren't switching anything, just trying to get folks excited about moving up to a lot tougher competition next year. I think they would have at least thrown a bone out for a new design.
  20. It looked horrible because they had green jerseys and a white name plate. It didn't help that the uniforms were pretty plain to start with. Hopefully they were just a throwback or something like that. I'd hate to think they'll weatr these all year.
  21. Maybe Syracuse should copy this look rather than the all orange uniform they wear from time to time.
  22. it looks nice, but the wordmark should be agressive. Not really sure which font would give you that attack like look though.
  23. I'm a big fan of the London logo. It's something that's pretty cool without looking abstract. Of course I've been seen the logo before and it looks even better when compared to the other cities. Madrid's looks like someone just ran over to his computer and through something together on paint.
  24. Colts helmet is white with horseshoes moved to the nack of the helmet. Jersey has three blue stripes like Green Bay but with more seperation between them.
  25. Triplett hates Cleveland. He hit Orlando Brown in the eye in 1999. Forced him out of the league til 2002