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  1. There are plans to start up the Blue-Gray game next year, but probably not in Alabama. Personally, I'd like to see San Antonio take it. 2 weeks of college football att eh end of the year sounds even better than 1. Maybe move the Alamo Bowl to New Years Eve or the 30th.

  2. Just started watching the game and realized that they included NFL Europe logos at the 30's. The staffs of Berlin and Frankfurt are coaching the teams and I think that honoing their work with the game by putting the logo on the field is a very classy move. Now if the NFL could be as classy when the season starts in April . . .

    That's a different topic, but I think it's cool that the game organizers did that.

  3. As for the bird, I don't think the one in the wordmark looks too stretched out, I think the one sans the wordmark looks too scrunched! I guess it's a perspective thing. I'd make the birds match by stretching out the bird by itself.

    I would say leave both as they are. If you stretch out the one minus the wordmark, it could leave him looking skinny rather than how you would like

  4. I guess the F is supposed to emphasize "the future" but it's still a pretty decent logo. I think the main thng is it's such a drastic move from the current logo. Not like chelsea which went back in it's history to build a new identity logo

  5. true. But the dawg is a connection to the Canton Bulldogs ( the first team ever ).

    Nope. The Dawg is a connection to the Browns defense of the 80's. Though there was a Cleveland team in the late 20's-early 30's that had a connection to the Bulldogs as they bought out Canton, raided it of it's best players and renamed themselves the Cleveland Bulldogs. Of course before then they were the Cleveland Indians.

  6. Cleveland wears orange at home, Cincinnatti too.

    True, but he's saying orange as a substitute for white. The refs wouldn't allow that.

    Actually the Browns traditionally wear white at the start of the year so orange would be substituting for the white. But actually this year the NFL decided that as long as the two teams jerseys were different enough to distinguish, i.e. Cleveland orange jerseys and Denver in all blue, it would be allowed. I think it was designed as an excuse to explain why Dallas wears blue jerseys on Thanksgiving or New Orleans asking teams to wear their dark jerseys when the Saints wore gold.