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  1. They should have went with a new logo, not just a recolor.
  2. Reminds me of the old Champions uniforms for UMass in the 90's.
  3. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/10/dragon-adidas-manchester-united-2020-chinese-new-year-kit.html https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/11/spectacular-adidas-real-madrid-2020-4th-jersey.html I think these are contenders as well. The United kit reportedly won't see the field but will still be sold.
  4. That's why you'll see teams like Hondo, in Texas Division III, make the playoffs. They'll play teams outside of district that are a higher qualification, then whip everyone in their district. They're usually 4-6 or 5-5, but first or second in the district.
  5. And the sleeve pattern too! Hahaha!!!!!!
  6. Guess someone was afraid he'd leave for Florida State. I was actually hoping he'd go so someone could tell him he's not putting oars on the helmets.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50309214 Liverpool will play 2 games in 24 hours on 2 separate continents. A significantly weakened Carabao Cup team plays on 17 December and the regular starters will be in Qatar to play in the Club World Cup the following day.
  8. For the next head coach: I can't see this being as bad as Tennessee, unless FSU decides to look at Schiano, but I can't see who is willing to deal with that much dysfunction on multiple levels. You had a guy who isn't there even 2 seasons who has had to rebuild the offensive line and fix some of the arrogance that this team apparently had and still has. Your next hire needs to be a disciplinarian and he's going to probably need at least 3 years to fix this, if not more.
  9. Reminds me of those generic glass trophies that you get for being the best in marketing for the year.
  10. https://www.uniswag.com/blog/northwest-salute-to-service-uniforms Northwest Missouri going with the family member theme for their Veterans Day salute.
  11. After watching that big run by Ingram in the first quarter, it reminded me of Chubb's big run, minus the fumble at the end. It shows that New England is vulnerable to strong offensive lines that can push their linebackers around. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28005022/cleveland-browns-waive-jermaine-whitehead-threatening-posts The guy's an idiot. You just got beat. It's frustrating because they probably all walked around this week thinking they were just going to roll through Denver. They got punched in the mouth, and didn't know what to do. Watching his "attempt" at tackling Fant, when have big bodies ever just gone down without throwing your weight into them? Pathetic.
  12. The same on the phone and the desktop. Not every time, but they do seem to pop up when logging in after a few hours.
  13. Melbourne City Central Coast vs Perth Glory
  14. Didn't started out as a tennis academy before branching out to the other Olympic sports? Not sure how many decent tennis champs ended up coming through there though.
  15. Last year's UA unis were the Hawaii 5-0 uniforms. Not sure why they couldn't use their corporate colors for the presentation uniforms.
  16. If you could watch that mess of a game last year, this will at least be interesting. Score may be 10-7 or 42-35. But it will be entertaining instead of watching the Rams play like they were the AI on rookie setting in Madden. I can see the Patriots run the table in the regular season because the Chiefs and Texans will be too beat up, Jackson may have to run to beat them and Phila and Dallas are Jeckyl and Hyde this year.
  17. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, brand recognition. In other parts of the world they think the Cosmos should be playing in MLS because they're still the biggest name in US soccer. Then i have to remind them they're playing in amateur leagues now because they refuse to play nice with anyone.
  18. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50254750 England will be introducing legacy numbers, similar to how the ECB assigns each player a number that is placed below the England badge on cricket gear. 1071 is Gareth Southgate's number, as he was the 1071st person to play for England's men's team. After this match the number will still be on the kit, but will be on the inside collar.
  19. Adidas has been doing Parley for the Oceans kits the last 4 years. They usually use Real Madrid, Bayern and Manchester United for those. These Juve kits aren't bad, save for the highlighter yellow logos.
  20. $$$$$ That's why. I'm sure that most of the bigger adidas teams will have a Parley uniform as well.
  21. It's basically him and Jaworski, but if they shut the league down before Christmas, why not jump to another league? Some players may be able to latch on to XFL teams in the interim, but by the time April rolls around you'll see those guys start rolling back in when the XFL season closes. I wonder if that might even be a viable option for XFL players at the bottom of the wage scale? The PLL model for the teams can work if they are set at the 6 teams, but are they going to simply roll through the same cities they are in or do they take the risk of moving across the country to say Omaha, San Antonio/Austin or even San Jose? They've been cautious enough to say it won't guarantee viability, but I think if they are using smaller arenas that would still need to accommodate the netting and field goal posts, they are still limited in what arenas will take them in.
  22. I would look at Leeds United's old monogram logo and try to come up with something that reflects that. This is a good start in identifying a direction, but that font will not be received well as a logo for an educational system.
  23. Since they've been broken up a bit by the game last year, it doesn't have the same feeling that we got from pretty much knowing it was going to be the Warriors and Cavs before the ball was tipped. It's been a bit of the same with college football until this year. Everyone expects Bama to be there but they aren't as sure about Clemson.