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  1. This would work, just copy the insert that the Chargers use. To be fair, that's probably the best option if they're going to stay that small. I believe the NFL rule that primary uniforms are required to have them is still in effect though.
  2. Somehow, the field crew managed to place the league logos next to the wrong end zones for the Pinstripe Bowl. ACC logo is near the Michigan State end zone and the big Ten logo is near the Wake Forest end zone.
  3. Least - NBA teams and bland uniforms. Also WNBA and G League teams wearing the same template for every single team. Boring All Star Game designs and templated championship logos
  4. Nebraska is changing over from one system to a new one. Miami wasn't. Nebraska's biggest issue currently is not having a quarterback that can run what Scott Frost wants to do as an offense. Miami's issues are the same ones that got it in trouble in the past. Too many people involved with program decisions that don't know what they are doing.
  5. It's better than the Idaho Potatoes Bowl which is just the Boise State field and a couple logos slapped down. Sometimes they haven't even bothered to do that. Boise's swapped out the field two times since then but still stitched the logos in instead of allowing themselves the ability to swap out the paint. As for the Quicklane Bowl, this beats when it was the Motor City Bowl and the car companies were all placed in the end zone instead of a school name. They also add conference logos as well. And with the possibility that te Lions could host games the following Sunday, just having the team's name, even if only one color, is a step up from other bowls. The Independence Bowl does the same thing, somewhat, though in actuality those end zones look like that year round instead of just a repaint for the game. the only addition is the bowl logos. Watching the Division II Championship in McKinney, they played at a high school stadium and the normal championship field logos couldn't be placed on the field because the McKinney ISD logo and the wordmarks in the end zone are stitched in. Only the NCAA bubble was able to be laid out. For 2020 and 2021, the Division III championship will be at Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium in Canton and I'm guessing it will be the same setup there unless someone pays to swap out the turf. That probably won't happen though. I know the Hall of Fame was happy to rename the stadium in honor of Benson, but I don't know why they couldn't have done the usual step of adding a wordmark on the field similar to how it's done at the Alamodome or Gillette Stadium.
  6. It's surprising how many of the larger colleges have license plate deals in Texas. All of the Big XII and SEC West and most of the SEC East are available here.
  7. The Akron Aeros had a similar issue with their original name, the Akron Blast. Their issue was tone deafness, as the name Blast was supposed to be in reference to a space shuttle taking off and an allusion to Judith Resnick, one of the astronauts of the Challenger that dies in the 1986 accident, and who was a resident of Akron. The team backtracked on the name of the team and the mascot, whose original name was Kaboom, before changing over to Orbit. https://www.wksu.org/news/story/37247
  8. Louisiana Tech and Miami are wearing similar Jerseys but their nameplates are way lower. It's pretty annoying.
  9. I would add a slight arch to the Seventy Sixers wordmark and enlarge the jersey numbers on all of these since they are pretty thin. that would make them easier to read on TV and they won't look as huge as Oregon's numbers do.
  10. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/08/england-euro-2020-away-kit.html England away leak. Nike National team looks so far: https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/12/all-nike-2020-kits.html
  11. Charlotte will also play in a football stadium that already meets FIFA standards. That should be enough for the city to tell them no.
  12. I might root for JMU but I still think the Bison are the ones to win it again. It's interesting to see the dynasties in the lower leagues stretch on so much longer than in FBS. Mount Union hadn't missed a semi-final since 1993!
  13. The Bold have taken shots at Austin FC over how they've acted in Austin, especially the two "gentlemen" that were working over city council and the mayor to try to get Columbus down there two years ago. That doesn't mean they would put off working with Austin FC if it helps them in the long run. San Antonio FC would appear to be in that same situation as well, though that animosity came from the fans more than the leadership of the team.
  14. CLE down 9 with 8 minutes left. "Let's go for 2"!!!!! Now down by 9 but Ravens have the ball.
  15. http://imgur.com/gallery/AmLN4Zs Cincinnati ditching 150 patch.
  16. Who keeps telling the Saints those plain white pants are a good idea?
  17. Indiana's never worn names on back so that's not too bad. Notre Dame suffers from UA's inability to have numbers the sane size as everyone else.
  18. I think he is if you look at him as a specialist, rather than as a RB. Devin Hester is not considered as a CB anymore but is he considered HOF worthy?
  19. They also have a fan base that would actually get annoyed if they were forced to buy a new jersey every year if they went on a run like Alabama did this decade. There would be quite a few who would buy them up but not everyone would. And Nike only gives a set amount of uniforms per year, even for the big clients.
  20. Creative market may have what you need.
  21. They look like Backbreaker numbers or a Madden team that couldn't get permission for the correct numbers.
  22. Stacking logos look pretty bad compared to that Portugal jersey.