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  1. I'm thinking the 5 will be a reverse version of that 2, and 3 will be illegible.
  2. TCU vs Texas looks like a bad redo of the Longest Yard, the Adam Sandler version.
  3. Reminds me of fan jerseys with numbers meant to be fit inside a shield. It would look better if they rotated the 2, 180 degrees.
  4. Remember that Benjamin Hornigall raided a ship to steal that crew's hats because his guys got drunk and threw theirs overboard.
  5. OK. I remember them wearing that jersey before then when Ronald Curry was the quarterback.
  6. Is there a reason the numbers on the jerseys are smaller, compared to other sports? They're still easy to read so just an observation.
  7. It started with UNC in 1994 though. And this uniform could've been worn forever.
  8. Especially when they'll be getting more here than they will in other leagues. The XFL's still doing win bonuses apparently, but $30,000 is barely staying above water in Houston when you add rent, gas and other expenses. I'm sure folks planned to share space with teammates, but that shouldn't be something they'll be forced to do.
  9. They don't do that in hockey, why do it in baseball?
  10. 2020 All American Bowl Presentation Jerseys EAST WEST East jersys have the "E" patch on the right sleeve and the West jerseys have the "W" patch on the left sleeve. These look way better than last years which were black jerseys with a mixture of colors for the numbers.These will not be the game jerseys design if they follow previous years.
  11. That cut could be the new adidas Primeknit A1, or the Nike Vapor series. Without being able to see any seams or stitching, it's hard to tell. The number reminds me somewhat of the square adidas numbers though.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50175001 Chris Smalling called for handball after he's hit in the face by the ball. No VAR in Europa League, until the final, so they couldn't overturn it.
  13. The biggest issue I've seen with the NYCFC games was how the turf laid over the dirt would just come right up when players slid across the field. The second is sight lines, but that's not a safety issue.
  14. San Antonio has a women's team here called the Athenians, something like that or even a Mexican inspired name could work. A team in San Diego could go that route as well.For Las Vegas, Sin City should be avoided, It works well as a nickname for the city itself, but shouldn't be used as the official name for a team.
  15. I think more of the hand and arm should be included. I'd probably plus up the Colossus name too, since the idea is of something larger than the other things around it.
  16. I actually prefer that cursive Cleveland script over the block type uniforms they have now. It has more personality.
  17. Bolton has now updated their away uniforms as well.
  18. I'm surprised Nike hasn't done NBA football jerseys yet, they just did the Premier League and Barca last year.
  19. Loved that logo when it came out too. But they were afraid of turning off Mexican fans with the 1836 moniker.
  20. OK, i remembered reading something about the possibility boosters could use the new corporation to hide expenses that a school could not.