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  1. I would have to think someone gave him some more information or he sought it out himself.
  2. Why does this look like 7-11 owns a hockey team?
  3. Italy just quarantined the whole country and cancelled all sporting events. Doesn't seem to be a timeline yet.
  4. I haven't seen anything suggesting another maritime team yet. I think Quebec and Saskatchewan are next on their radar.
  5. Great that the mothership is finally adding the CPL. I was confused why a new sports league launching coast to coast in Canada wasn't covered by the site last year when the league kicked off.
  6. I didn't watch, but by all accounts the Whitecaps were dreadful. Midfield again a huge issue. Not quite sure what the fixation with signing a slew of wingers each year is. There are more central midfielders on the way, but this was a glaring issue last year and they should have prioritized getting those guys into the team straight away. They signed a guy in January they still haven't managed to get into the country apparently.
  7. CPL is dropping the spring/summer season thing and going to single table, as of this coming season. Each times plays each other four times. Ideally, the league will get big enough that Halifax and Pacific won't have to do that eventually, because let me tell you as someone who once relocated from Victoria to Halifax and went back and forth multiple times a year, changing five time zones (four hour difference) is awful. https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-announces-balanced-schedule-new-league-and-playoff-format-for-2020 Also, playoff!
  8. Alternate mark for AO, and here's the page with the logo explanation spiel.
  9. This is a big improvement. Smyl never wore blue and green, and Linden and Bure were most associated with the red and yellow look, though both wore the first generation Orca uniforms too.
  10. VWFC Goalie Kits Highlighter time.
  11. Sound is a good one, to think about how the name works with fan chants in arena, etc. "Go Kraken Go" or "Let's Go Kraken" seems like a mouth full?
  12. A french name would be better, but it this isn't a Real Salt Lake style apeing of euro naming. Ateltico Madrid is literally paying for the team to exist. They're going to want something for their investment. Same reason Redbull has all their teams names RedBull or RB where the brand name is banned.
  13. So, interestingly, Atletico Madrid owns a team in Mexico, which got promoted to the top division this year.
  14. Circling back on this whole "foreign teams buying/branding teams in other countries" thing, I've seen a few places saying that Olympique de Lyon are interested in putting a CPL team in Quebec City. The same group that just bought the Seattle Reign women's soccer team. I'm all for this. Give my Olympique de Quebec, Red Bull Regina, Saskatoon City FC, etc.
  15. Macron's got this in their selection, that will do.
  16. They are starting in the spring. https://canpl.ca/article/to-do-list-whats-next-for-club-atletico-de-madrid-in-ottawa Three months to get a coach, name, logo, uniforms, and roster. Fun times!
  17. I have to say, I like Sea Lions more than either Sockeyes or Kraken.
  18. Why not make the three shoulder stripes gold on the LAFC shirt? Seems like an obvious way to make a drab shirt pop.
  19. No one who follows the CPL is going to think their team or league is in any sort of competition with a club like Atletico. I don't think the City Group teams are a great example, they've used Man City type colours and names, and changed the name, logo, and colours of the Melbourne team to align with Man City. Now, ideally something like Athl├ętique Ottawa would be a bit better as it would be a good compromise between global branding and local context (french language, on the quebec border, etc), but AM is paying their money so they get to decide. And really, they're saving pro soccer in Ottawa after the Fury debacle, so I'm not going to quibble too much. I mean, it's pretty remarkable that Ottawa soccer fans aren't even going to miss one season of soccer after the Fury folded. As Jer15 is saying, CPL is a developmental league and giving Canadians a place to play in Canada, they know they're a selling league and have no pretensions, as MLS sometimes does, of being competitive on a world stage. I mean, the total roster market value of the highest salary team in CPL is under $3million USD.
  20. Also, MLS is a single-entity league.
  21. Some subtle tweets by other CPL clubs. So, I guess not confirming the Atheltico involvement, but confirmation of a new Ontario based team. Pacific FC tweeting at their Ontario based supporters account: York 9 FC:
  22. Many of these I'd have a hard time distinguishing from training gear.
  23. Agreed, these seem awfully generic.
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