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  1. Guess the CPL is announcing team #8 soon. Tomorrow maybe.
  2. Well... it was after this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_War
  3. I don't know if this is quite the right thread, but man, the selection of hats the NHL has now is awful. I need a fitted hat (I have a giant head, size 8 hat), and I was thinking a Canucks skate logo hat like I had back in the 90's would be nice. There simply aren't any fitted hats in the retro colour scheme, which seems like a huge missed merchandise opportunity. In fact, there are only two fitted hat options at all for the Canucks.
  4. Whitecaps teaser. Based on the teasers and what we've seen so far I'm expecting something fairly boring. Though they did post a teaser last week with a wave image superimposed on last year's kit. Maybe this will be like the Philly black kit with the sublimated snake design, so a dark blue shirt with a sublimated wave on one side and the big three stripes shoulder that seems standard this year.
  5. I can get that Crew fans are sensitive right now, but at least it's Nashville, and not Austin going for a similar colour scheme. But we've got four teams with very similar colours (some variation of blue and white) in SKC, Montreal, NYC, and Vancouver so two yellow teams isn't the end of the world I think. I mean, the Nashville colour is ugly, but they aren't copying the Crew I don't think. They should have copied the NHL Predators colour scheme though.
  6. Yeah, seven teams was not ideal. I was hoping there might be additional teams added this off season but nothing seems too imminent. They need a team in Quebec somewhere, and adding Regina and something on mainland BC would be good.
  7. Those three Avs guys in the new jerseys look strongly like a creepy cult.
  8. That is some kind of ridiculous name for a drink. Back on the CPL stuff, it appears Ottawa will be joining CPL next year and it's being backed by Atletico Madrid?
  9. Former Whitecap and Timber Pa-Modou Kah is the new head coach of Pacific FC in the CPL.
  10. Slightly odd that they're including teams in the retro merch who weren't in the league until many years after 96. It doesn't look like the Timbers even existed in any form in 96. Sounders and 86'ers (Whitecaps) were at least, you now, actual professional soccer clubs during that year.
  11. Whitecaps went with memes for their schedule thread.
  12. I feel like they missed a chance to go with Philadelphia Union: Local II
  13. Monarchs is odd, given that's the name of RSL's USL team.
  14. So dumb, the Fury should have just agreed to join CPL in the first place.
  15. Odd. MLS isn't going back to having 3rd kits are they?
  16. Behold! https://twitter.com/UticaComets/status/1199417826030817280?s=20
  17. Did they copy that Kings design from the Canuck's salmon jersey???
  18. Yes, but we have a deeply stupid front office.
  19. All sarcasm aside, welll, https://twitter.com/GlassCityFC/status/1197192019979964416?s=20
  20. That would seem like the smart thing to do, so knowing the Whitecaps, they won't do it.
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