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  1. I know there are stores like Exclusive Pro that customize pro jerseys and such, but are there any online that can do a college jersey with school specific fonts? In this case, I'd like to get a number 7 Michigan jersey and have someone attach a "Henne" on the back but I'm not sure if thats possible. Any feedback?
  2. I'm sure we have many members of the CCSLC who were little leaguers. With the start of the series, I'm wondering who was closest to actually making it to Williamsport. My sorry team unfourtunatly never made it past districts in all age level tourneys. Anyone make it to sectionals or even states?
  3. Dude. Did you WATCH the last four games of the season?
  4. OH MY GOD. You saw how we came out with fire after the fisherman ordeal. Be prepared for that again. Seriously. Madness.
  5. a. Islanders training camp is in Moncton this year. b. No.
  6. Isn't the bloody sock in the hall or something? Couldn't they just check it out?
  7. Guys, I think I was robbed. Don't know how "authentic" this really is, but I saw the price and had to bite. What do you think? LINK
  8. I was thinking of picking up this jersey, as it's going for pretty cheap. But I don't know, It doesn't look right to me. What do you guys think, should I go for it? LINK
  9. Hmm, let's see. Mets: Family tradition, just carrying it on. Although it sounds rather arranged, I have come to love the Blue and Orange. Islanders: See above. Giants: My family members weren't really football fans, so this was one decision I had to make on my own. At about the age of six I realized all my friends loved the G-Men, so I joined the bandwagon. It was love at first site. NCAA Sports: I used to support whoever was the underdog, but after going on an amazing college visit to Michigan last weekend along with their recent success, I now am pulling for them. I have actually been following the football team all year.
  10. Yeah they had to bring up half the JV team to fill in. Any of you guys play baseball at your respective LI schools? yea i play at East Meadow We had a game scheduled with you guys a couple of years ago at the JV level, the game got cancelled though (after we made the 30 minute trek to your school). I play for Valley Stream North
  11. Yeah they had to bring up half the JV team to fill in. Any of you guys play baseball at your respective LI schools?
  12. Guess who the other team,with the better jerseys, in that photo is. The East Meadow Jets. Wrong and wrong. Division's new duds are better. I'll post a pic later tonight So many Long Island kids on this board. You guys still go to your respective High Schools? (I'm assuming NY Jay is from Baldwin?)
  13. Shane Victorino of the Phillies still uses two flaps. He's the only one currently, I believe.