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  1. Right, but atleast the Heat don´t retire numbers left and right.

    Like Montreal in the NHL, there is a number retired allmost every year, and they have not won the cup in 20+ seasons. *takes cover*

    No. Player Position Career Date of honour 1 Jacques Plante G 1953-63 October 7, 1995 2 Doug Harvey D 1947-61 October 26, 1985 3 Emile Bouchard D 1941-56 December 4, 2009 4 Jean Beliveau C 1952-71 October 9, 1971 5 Bernie Geoffrion RW 1950-64 March 11, 2006 Guy Lapointe D 1968-82 November 8, 2014 7 Howie Morenz C 1923-37 November 2, 1937 9 Maurice Richard RW 1943-60 October 6, 1960 10 Guy Lafleur RW 1971-85 February 16, 1985 12 Dickie Moore LW 1953-63 November 12, 2005 Yvan Cournoyer RW 1964-79 November 12, 2005 16 Henri Richard C 1955-75 December 10, 1975 Elmer Lach C 1940-54 December 4, 2009 18 Serge Savard D 1967-81 November 18, 2006 19 Larry Robinson D 1972-89 November 19, 2007 23 Bob Gainey LW 1974-89 February 23, 2008 29 Ken Dryden G 1970-79 January 29, 2007 33 Patrick Roy G 1985-95 November 22, 2008

    15 jersey numbers for 18 players over 104 seasons or 54 seasons since the first in 1960. Not quite every year

  2. Y'know, I always liked Lalime's "Marvin The Martian" mask. I thought it was great.

    lalimes mask is a nice mask.

    but i really want to keep it a sens mask.

    3/4 logo on top, o logo on the chin and sort of ottawa skyline on both sides.

    red top half white bottom half

    let me know what you think

  3. hey guys i just bought a new set of goalie pads and im playing with a plain white mask. i want to get it painted as a sens mask (to match the pads: black white and red).

    the only thing is i have no idea what to include on the mask. so i come to all of you readers for ideas.

    any and all ideas are appriciated


  4. hey guys, ive been looking at the all star jersey concept on the board and i like it but i'd like to see teams use their colour scheme for the jerseys. so i went overboard with my concept. its too much, i know, but i dont know how to tone it down, a little C&C would be appreciated.

    1st concept


    1st edit


  5. yup she's almost done. the blue paint is a metallic paint. i havn't done the clear coat on it yet. and the cage is currently drying (it's yellow). the explination of the goalies number is he is a forward in ice hockey and kept his number while playing in net.

    thanks for the comments

  6. the mask is done, now i have to paint the cage and backplate. heres the pics. once again id like to get lots of c and c. and im still taking ideas for the backplate and cage, so dont hesitate if you think of something.

  7. the first few sketches only have one crown on each side but as i have made changes as i go i added a 3rd crown just above the cage (in the same spot as the leaf in the canada/quebec/ colorado mask). and the flage now start above the crown on top instead of above the cage.

  8. Looks pretty good...but there are a few problems I've noticed:

    1. Put a white primer on it if you want the yellow to show up on your new mask, even the blue, otherwise the yellow will look very dull and dark, same with the blue.

    2. why do you have Quebec on the side when you have Colorado on the top and side, wouldn't it have made more sens to put Quebec on the top and Colorado on both sides?

    1. yes i am using a primer

    2. the positioning of the logos was never considered as i have the 2 biggest logos on top, the 2 middle sized logos on the sides and the smallest logo on the chin.