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  1. I like it for those teams who dont have NOB. The front gets too cluttered with all the patches on college unis.
  2. Love the pinstripes. I think the original font looked better though. Great job.
  3. Great website. Micheal P has great uniform related websites. Personally I have the Seahawks one. My first Seahawks collectible.
  4. They're Heeeeere! Those are in their clearance section for almost half off the original price. Why would they wear them now? It just doesnt make a lot of sense. I really hope Berman was wrong (which he is a lot)
  5. I would love to see the Hawks go to a silver pants/helmet set. I think it would be a great combination of new/old.
  6. It just keeps going.... An unidentified source from within the organization has told me that the Seahawks are planning on unveiling their neon green jerseys at some point this season. The source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, believes that the Hawks are most likely to feature the green jerseys at home versus the Chicago Bears on Sunday September 27th.
  7. Graphic Designer, painter, sculptor, cartoonist and architecture is an art form. If you think any other way, Franklin Lloyd Wright will come back and stick a pencil in your eye! I love his stuff Share some links if you have any.
  8. 3.25 tall x 9" around with .25" overlapping
  9. Even though this was a joke. With the Hawks already selling a "fashion" version of this could actually happen. A lot of the polls and message boards in Seattle were about 50% of people liking the bright design. This may be enough market study along with strong sells of the fashion version to actually bring this design to the field. Spooky eh?
  10. I like Jr. and always cheered for Sr. I like hating Kyle Busch, because it's great to have a bad guy. Busch vs. Edwards last year was a blast to watch. I also am rooting for Joey in #20.
  11. I didnt realize this until reading Verlanders's website that the Falcon's logos all make F's. This makes this logo make more sense since they were going for an "AF" look.