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  1. If Griffey is able to win a campionship, I don't think it will be that bad. Also take into consideration there is one generation of fans who grew up seeing him as "the kid" in Seattle, while a whole other generation saw him as a Red. He did spend about half of his career between two diffrent cities and leagues. I agree. Being a Seattle fan and growing up with Griffey, I was pissed when he went to Cincinnati, but after all the years of injuries and time to heal I am White Sox fan for the rest of the season. I cheered on the Celtics because of Ray Allen, and the Heat for Gary Payton, the D-backs for Johnson, but I will never route for A-Rod. Go Sox's and Griffey.
  2. Grandmaster C's Quest Field pic didn't have all the banners so I wanted to fill in a couple blanks, but this one is still missing the 2007 NFC West Champs Banners
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