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  1. Deion ain't not gonna Deion. That man is good at a number of things, chief among then is generating headlines.
  2. I don't know how many of y'all subscribe to Extra Points, but in today's email he wrote about what he's heard about realignment. He mentioned that TCU might be more attractive to the PAC than TTU. Growing grad studies program, urban-ish campus (only one left in the Big XII), and, yes, it a religious private school but it's no where near the level of BYU or Baylor. When I was out in Texas, I spent a decent bit of time around TCU and it's not an overly religious outfit. My roommate was in grad school there for evolutionary psychology and knew quite a few fellow atheists. In the end, DFW is a helluva lot easier to get to than Lubbock.
  3. The Big XII has been dying for over a decade. I doubt any of the remaining members want to remain in a conference where the commissioner said just days before this all leaked that conference realignment wasn't a thing at this time. Bowlsby has bungled this whole thing and has been reactive since. It seems like he hasn't even tried to improve the future of the conference, likely because he knows it's dead. The best thing he and the remaining 8 can do is say, "sure , y'all can leave for 2023 ... if you pay us everything."
  4. Struggling with mental health is not choking. Sincerely, Someone who routinely battles mental health. Get your knuckle dragging takes out of here.
  5. The NAIA says, "hi." The NCAA isn't really needed. The NCAA is really just the schools and if they want to create a new governing body, they can. It wouldn't surprise me to see multiple new governing bodies but I doubt it happens. I think the NCAA sticks around more for centralized eligibility standards while we see a less centralized sports governance structure.
  6. I wasn't trying to say that they're as bad as Kansas, just that a move to take ISU and Kansas would be mostly basketball motivated which would be a dumb move in a world were the breadwinner for every conference is football.
  7. After thinking it over, I think WVU's only hope is if ND joins the league. Since that's not happening, there's no way in hell WVU and _______ moves the needle enough to justify adding teams and re-doing the TV deal. Kansas and Iowa State to the B1G screams basketball move (despite the Cyclones recent football success) and I don't know if the B1G is really going to take on a football team as bad as Kansas just to bolster the basketball brand and turn El Assico into a conference game. If we don't see a Pac 16 or 20 (why would they do 20 and have a team in Morgantown, WV?), we're gonna see the AAC calling the Big XII teams. One of the podcasts I was listening today (may have been The Audible from Friday, it all blends together when I have it on while working lol) made a good point that Aresco can make the argument of "Bowlsby was asleep at the wheel. Why don't you come over here where you'll actually be valued?"
  8. Soooooo who does the ACC go after if Notre Dame doesn't want to join? The ND-ACC deal is through 2036 but with an expanded playoff, they're probably cool with having more access to the playoff and wouldn't feel the need to join, they'll just keep their 5 ACC games a year. If that's the case, I could see Cinci or Memphis getting the call. They're both decent to good enough at least in basketball and football, add back old rivalries (both were in the Metro with GT, Louisville, Florida State, and VT). This assumes TT, TCU, Baylor, and Okie State go to the PAC. Memphis doesn't get the league much in recruiting but Cinci would get the league into Ohio. The greatest thing of the whole realignment will be if Liberty is still stuck without a conference when the music stops.
  9. Why wouldn't they? You're thinking about the TV angle like this is 10 years ago. Back then, TV markets were the driving factor. Now they don't matter, what matters if viewers. That's why the SEC is kicking the tires on Texas and OU. What does Texas get the SEC when it comes to markets? Nothing. What does OU bring? The 43rd biggest TV market in the country. That's not nothing but it's not as big as the viewership of OU and Texas would bring just because they're OU and Texas. Who's your dealer? Seriously, I want whatever you're having. B1G ain't taking a school with academics the level of WVU.
  10. Granted a lot can happen in 10 years but before the last round of expansion, there wasn't anything requiring them to be in the same conference. Now this is what I've been waiting for, FBS expansion shenanigans. If this happens, what happens to the Big XII. Do they implode or do they go after some AAC teams to get back to 10 or even 12?
  11. XFL 2.0 would be humming along through year two if it weren't for the pandemic. You're looking too pessimistically at that season.
  12. The NCAA doesn't control the CFP. They haven't controlled the D1-A/FBS championship in decades.
  13. The biggest roadblock to a 13th game would be NCAA guidelines. Unless it's been rewritten , the only way to get a 13th game is to be a D1 team based in or playing a game in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. And ND can't just play a game against any team in Alaska or PR, it would have to be a team from there. 17.28.2 Alaska/Hawaii, Additional Football Contest Member institutions located in Alaska and Hawaii shall be permitted to exceed, by one, the maximum number of football contests permitted under Bylaw but otherwise shall conform to the same maximum number of contests and dates of competition permitted other members of the Association. Annual Exemptions. [FBS/FCS] The maximum number of football contests shall exclude the following: (k) Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico. [FBS/FCS] Any football games played in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico,respectively, either against or under the sponsorship of an active member institution located in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, by a Division I member institution located outside the area in question.
  14. I'd prefer the play-in and quarters be on-campus. Keep the current setup of rotating semis and the rest of the bowls. They clearly put a ton of thought into this already. As weird as 12 sounds initially, 16 would be too many and 8 is not enough. With 8, the teams wouldn't be happy if the Power 5 had autobids and we had a year where a team like 2010's 8-4 UConn was a co-champ of a cluster year in the Big East. Imagine we have a two-loss Oklahoma or Oregon tie up an autobid and a 11-1 Cinci with convincing win over a decent Power 5 opponent is stuck missing an at-large. The six conference champ autobids virtually locks in all five Power 5 leagues, unless we have another 2010 BEast, and at lease one G5 champ a year. Most years, at least one of the G5 champs will be decently highly ranked so you likely won't have a 7-5 unranked team smoked in the playoff. I also think this might be Swarbrick starting the long play of moving ND into a conference. He's said something along the lines of "we'll never have to hear we didn't play enough games because we didn't have a CCG." That's nice bravado but I think ND fans will be livid if they're clearly the best team or top four but they don't get a bye because they're not a conference champ.
  15. Universities play up the "oh look we're barely getting by financially" aspect by dumping the money into facilities and coaching salaries. We're going to see they same or similar financial reports except it won't be "we don't have much in profits but look at our new football-only facility," it'll be "we have to pay our mercenaries." As sponsorship rules/laws get more lax, we'll see more money being dumped into college sports. As much as some say "I'll never watch if they pay the athletes," those people are the vast minority and most of them won't follow through. With more and more states legalizing sports gambling, we'll see more schools follow Colorado's lead and partner with sportsbooks/casinos. There's never going to be a shortage of money being spent on marketing/advertising gambling entities.
  16. I'm sure that Laney College turf isn't in terrible condition with the money the school likely brought in thanks to the final season of Last Chance U. Just paint some soccer lines on it and roll. I understand the desire to want to avoid that but if they had known what they know now, I'm sure they'd go the soccer lines on a football field route. The Roots game was going to be a big part of #FCSPStreamsUSA as St. Pauli and the Roots have a partnership going so this just made it even more awkward of hyping that a German St. Pauli fan living in Southern California would be going to the game and telling people about the club and fan culture.
  17. At this point, he's gotta be worried about the same thing Bowden was. He's afraid he'll die shortly after he quits coaching. That's what happened to Bear and Bobby didn't want to be like Bear.
  18. Correct, the old white helmets were never worn on field, not even for spring games. It was only busted out for recruits, like this new one is here. The guy in the photo is the top rated recruit in the Noles' class, and #3 in the country on the 247 Composite, Travis Hunter. As such, I'm skeptical those even see the field.
  19. TSL supposedly continuing and Fox having an ownership stake in the new USFL tells me that the Fox-XFL relationship is no more. I wonder if the XFL will head to NBC. Yes, NBCSN is dying but NBC will have slots to fill during the spring with no NHL and they could put games on USA and Peacock.
  20. Former AHL markets have a hard time keeping fans coming to the games when they go to the Coast. I'm sure this will go over well. Supposedly the arena has an out clause for an ECHL and AHL replacement. I just don't know iif having a Fed team for year will really be that beneficial.
  21. The BYU bibs Nike decided to have some schools were different colored sleeves. I remember VT, U of Miami, and UF. UF had by far the worst looking one because there was nother other design element acting as a border (Miami and VT had piping).
  22. Esche likely registered it just in case the negotiations with New Jersey didn't go well and they couldn't keep the Comets name.
  23. The NCAA is just the schools themselves, really. Getting mad at the NCAA is like getting mad at Gary Bettman, he's really just a puppet for what the owners want. Don't get me wrong, the NCAA is a bloated incompetent organization and that's kinda by design. The presidents/chancellors/whatever like Mark Emmert because he's one of them and they like what he does for the most part because they don't know better. The ADs are less than enthused and think he shouldn't have been extended. That said, their bosses are his bosses so they have to fall in line. The Penn State situation will play a part but the fact that these hostesses exist in some form or fashion at almost all, if not all, FBS institutions and a lot of the upper tier FCS schools too. The staff soliciting students for sexual favors though... oof.
  24. How long until the Pacific AHL teams actually break away and form their own league. They've been given a decent bit of autonomy/preferential treatment already.
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