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  1. Hello from the GUD, Just thought this might interest you. We now have a complete week by week uniform matchup display for every single NFL game since 1949. To access, go to www.gridiron-uniforms.com, then scroll down to the year of your choice along the left column on the homepage, (for example, 1965), then below the banner for the season (1965 NFL Teams), you'll see a row of numbers, which are weeks of the season and some abbreviations, which are post season weeks. Click any one of those numbers (example, "8"), and you will get a graphic of what uniform each team wore for that week's games. Here's what that page looks like: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/weekly/1965/1965N8.html It took us the GUD the better part of 15 months to complete this project. We truly hope you enjoy browsing through this part of football uniform history. If you detect any errors with the matchups, please notify us with visual proof at the contact link on the GUD's homepage.
  2. Before 2006, when the long black pants first appeared, the only other season that pro refs wore long pants, you have to go back to 1940, when officials wore long white trousers with the white shirts (and bow tie) and the optional white newsboy caps.
  3. This was an awesome look for throwback games. My only negative about this look is that the numbers aren't the most legible in this format. I don't remember when the NFL went to the format with white numbers/position in a black box, but although it would not have been accurate, I think it could have been an acceptable tweak to make the officials' numbers more legible. The NFL went to the white numbers/black box shirts in 1960. Before that, from 1947-1959, the NFL refs had red numbers sewn right onto the backs of the ref shirts. The AFL actually dropped officials numbers entirely from 1961 through 1964.
  4. When baseball umpires wore plain caps, dark blue coats and neckties. When NHL refs wore v-neck sweaters and neckties. When football refs wore all white (newsboy caps, dress shirts and knickers) and black bowties. Old school, baby!
  5. They rarely wear white/white in the regular season. I know they did it at Tampa last year and at Jacksonville in 2010, but other than that, I don't remember any other times in the last 10 years Here's the other Eagles white/white games since 2003: In 2007: Week 1 at Green Bay In 2003: Week 1 vs. Tampa Bay, Week 2 vs. New England, Week 4 at Buffalo.
  6. Week 11, 2011 at Denver: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/matchups/2011/2011_11_NYJ_DEN.html
  7. Y'know, you can go to the www.nhluniforms.com website. If you go to an individual season, the uni renderings for each team clearly shows the uni maker ID on the hem. Let's use the 1982-83 season as an example: Bruins-CCM Sabres-Sandow SK Flames-CCM Black Hawks-Sandow SK (Gunzo's also on hem, was the Hawks equipment supplier) Red Wings-Maska Oilers-Nike Whalers-Sandow SK Kings-Maska North Stars-None shown Canadiens-Maska Devils-Sandow SK (Gerry Cosby also on hem, supplied the Devils equipment) Islanders-CCM Rangers-None shown Flyers-Sandow SK (and the Cooperall slacks) Penguins-Sandow SK Nordiques-Maska Blues-None shown Maple Leafs-Maska Canucks-Maska Capitals-Maska Jets-Sandow SK Uniform databases are a very useful tool for these sorts of things. Hope this helps..
  8. Well, the Chiefs ARE wearing white socks, so they're not QUITE in all red today!
  9. My full run of Super Bowl programs and a copy of each Kicker Sportmagazin Bundesliga Sonderhefts since 1976-77.
  10. Did ANYONE see this coming? Panthers in BLACK pants with blue socks???
  11. Use this link to see when the throwbacks were worn: http://www.gridironuniforms.com/grid/1994.htm The chart gives you the week they were worn. Hope this helps some.
  12. J.C. Tremblay and Bobby Rousseau both started wearing blue helmets for the Habs in 1966, I believe. Note that Stan Mikita began wearing a black helmet with the red jersey for the Black Hawks (two words then) at about the same time. Also, recall the Flyers helmeted guys were all in black helmets to go with their orange jerseys from the start in 1967 as well as the Penguins going dark blue helmets with their light blue sweaters in '67 as well.
  13. Browns wore brown at Dallas, San Diego and New York (Jets) in 1985 in addition to their playoff game at Miami.
  14. 1968 looks to be the year. Vikings at New Orleans 10/13/1968 in purple. Lions, 3 times: at Dallas 9/15 hosting Bears 9/22 at Los Angeles 11/3 all in (darker) honolulu blue. Falcons also wore a short sleeved specific jersey for a few games, likely at Minnesota in white 9/14 (Saturday night) hosting Colts in white 9/22 also hosting Packers in black 10/6
  15. This is - amazingly - the 5th different logo for NHL Network in their 10 year history.
  16. A couple more addies: Browns had gray and white caps in 1950 with browns visors. "STL" in both cases was orange. Tigers "D" in some cases had a different Gothic font thru 1967. Can't pull one up right now, but I will try soon. Plus the one "B" on the cap of a very youthful Ted Williams is from - at the latest - 1941 or so.
  17. This a great project. I love it. Great job, so far! A couple to possibly add: Reds had an oval non-wishbone C that was red with navy outline from 1961-1966. Worn on gray cap and white red pin-striped caps. Athletics coaches/managers wore white caps with similar logos as green caps from at least 1966-1976. As for the 1976 caps. I KNOW the Pirates wore them all season. The Cardinals wore them most of the season. The Mets wore them occasionally as - I think - the Giants. The Phillies wore them the opening week of the season with the intent of wearing them for most of the season. They were swept by the Pirates in their home opening series and didn't wear them again. I THINK the Expos wore a white pillbox cap (blue visor) on occasion as well.
  18. I let Rob know and he is OK with it! Thanks, NJTank!
  19. Good catch, didn't see that one with the white jersey! Looks like the 9/12/69 preseason game in Detroit. Simply go to the website forum and go to the changes/corrections one and submit this on there. Much appreciated, Blue Sky! What a refreshingly positive response. Thanks for that. Funny thing is, I didn't want to be "that guy" who immediately starts sniping after all your hard work. So instead I was "that guy" who asks a question before looking on the site for the answer. DOH! I'm amazed at the scope the site covers. Fantastic work. It is appreciated. Blue Sky, I appreciate the kind words. Kindness goes a long way with our crew! Anyway, we realize that even though I at least have spent a ton of time looking a photo resources, on line, in magazines, books, etc., we are always going to come up short in accuracy. Even though out site is up, I continue to research and rescrub sources when I'm not entirely certain. In fact, it's on my agenda to head down to the Library of Congress's newspaper room on the 26th, to dig thru microfilm to have another look at the 1941-1944 papers to make sure I didn't miss anything the first and second (and so on) time around. I'm old school, so it's just me, my composition book and my mechanical pencil to jot down the pic, the colors of the helmet, jerseys, pants and socks and the paper I found it in. Being a single dad with two kids under my roof, I try to get there every six weeks and make a day of it. I love doing it and I might be crazy, but I want the site to be as close to 100% as it can be. So pointing out errors in a polite way makes me want to get that corrected as best as we can. In a way, it's good that I have two very willing and helpful assistants in this endeavor, rather than being a one man band who is researcher, graphic artist and website designer. I admire what Okkonen and Greenstein have done. I just hope that our trio can be as respected as they are for what they've done. So thanks again, Blue Sky. Sleep well tonight!
  20. Next year. It is a priority. If possible, we'd even like to include game officials uniforms at some point in the future.
  21. Good catch, didn't see that one with the white jersey! Looks like the 9/12/69 preseason game in Detroit. Simply go to the website forum and go to the changes/corrections one and submit this on there. Much appreciated, Blue Sky!
  22. Here it is: http://gridironuniforms.com We officially launched today. We hope you like it!
  23. Paul Rand created the ABC logo in 1962. Folks in the biz have always called it the "meatball" logo. NBC has had their current incarnation of the peacock since 1986. I actually preferred the "snake" logo used from 1959 thru 1975. I'd like to see that one revived. CBS has had the eye since 1951. It should stay forever. Fox is the one that needs to change. "FOX" looks boring to me.
  24. smith03, That should have said RUSSELL and not Reebok. My bad and I revised the listing. As to why a dual usage? I really don't know. One item, unrelated to the Vikings deal. I think the NFL's exclusive contract with Reebok actually started in 2001 as opposed to 2002. However, Adidas had agreements with several teams (at least the Redskins, Buccaneers, Patriots off the top of my head) that ran thru 2001. I guess the NFL decided to honor that and once the Adidas agreements ended, then Reebok took over those teams.