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  1. I bet he wants to smoke the trees on his uniform so bad...
  2. I was in Ross last night and I saw a bunch of blank NBA Jersey templates. Among those found were the Kings away, the Gold Kings alternate, Sonics home, T-Wolves away, and Warriors road.
  3. Yeah sometimes with the rubber balls they inflate weird and get distorted a bit. I guess they didn't have any good ones around.
  4. Well we have always had a tertiary logo similar to the one that he came up with so, I don't know why all the sudden it is reminding people of Oklahoma. Anyways, AWESOME concept. I really love the use of just Red and White, it really just gives it a clean look very classic yet contemporary. The only thing is I'm not sure about the stripe at the top, but other than that I have no problem with this concept.
  5. Well we have always had a tertiary logo similar to the one that he came up with so, I don't know why all the sudden it is reminding people of Oklahoma.
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    Las Vegas Gamble

    Oh, I understand now, yeah the way I envisioned it was as side panels but since I was just sketching it, I kinda threw it all onto the front so I had an idea what everything would look like.
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    Las Vegas Gamble

    The only problem with paint is that I don't have a PC. I have used paint before (see my previous version) but that was on a friends computer. I'm not totally sure what you mean about only half of the suit logos. The colors I have been considering are White, Silver, Black, Gold, and Red.
  8. So a while back I posted this concept: for a team called the Las Vegas Gamble. This Idea has stuck in my head for a while now and just the other day in school I starting getting an idea. I'm still working on logos but here is what I have so far. Sorry about the pen and paper but I cannot figure out photoshop for the life of me. C and C much appreciated.
  9. I lived in Plattsmouth for a few years so I have a soft spot for Nebraska and Creighton when it comes to college sports. Unfortunately I never got a chance to go to the CWS. I only went to Rosenblatt for a Royals game hahaha, what a waste.
  10. Seeing as its UnderArmour I think the idea of it being some kind of ventilation is most probable. On the home uni's it just looks like they decided to match it up, if they did that on the away set, it wouldn't be a bad look at all.
  11. If you look closely it looks like there is a slash but they just made it the same color as the pants.
  12. Agreed. I know I'm in the minority but I like the blacks and don't think they should change anything. I also prefer the plain whites instead of the pinstripes. I like the pinstripes over the plain whites but it wouldn't matter to me, I just don't want to see the black go.
  13. Hmm, interesting. The funny thing is, I really like the black alts for some reason. I really like the set as it is.
  14. Yeah I'm gonna have to go with the minority here, I like these. Those helmets are ridiculous (in a good way), but Bucco is right, they should have left the treatment off of the facemasks.
  15. It's just some stock logo, I know my old middle/high school would use that logo.
  16. I've seriously never seen that exact logo before. Where did you see it? The feathers are never like that. Drum and feather logo may not last I've seen it on some merchandise around town I'm pretty sure. I know I've seen it before.
  17. What is that supposed to mean? New Orleans, Louisiana Yeah, I know that I'm not stupid, I mean what does he mean by it.
  18. Just declared Ineligible for poor performance in Spanish class.
  19. Team: Utah Jazz Logo: Colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue and Purple Border color: Dark Blue Team: Carolina Panthers Logo: Colors: Black, Teal, and Silver Border color: Black
  20. I can answer the first question, but the rest are beyond my comprehension... For whatever reason, southern Utah has traditionally been called Dixie, particularly the area around St. George, Utah. So in St. George, there's a Dixie High School and a Dixie State College. Yeah I go to Dixie High. As for the name change and logo. Horrible, huge downgrade. Wow, when I heard they were doing it, I was excited but man this logo and nickname blows.