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  1. There are some terrible team names in the Big Bash League, with Renegades and Scorchers being the exception. All of the others (Stars, Heat, Strikers, 6ers, Thunder) are hopelessly generic ... but the primary colours matched with the names are even worse. Lime green stars? Aqua/teal Heat? Pink and black 6ers? Purple hurricaines? Two green teams on a massive green field? Also, why "Hurricaines" not "Cyclones", and why Hobart, where they never occur?! Also, Thunder ... but all of their imagery is lightning-related?! Also, Strikers ... there are no strikes in cricket?! That said, the league is pretty fun and Channel Ten's coverage of the league has been fantastic.
  2. Your stuff looks good, and I presume you're from Australia. Did you enter the NBL's competition to design the all-star uniforms? It's too bad that the NBL cannot afford to have clean uniforms like the NBA ... I get the commercial reality of our league, but your crisp clean uniforms will never look as good on court as they do in concept phase!
  3. A mascot swinging a bat is hardly revolutionary though ... there's only so many things he could be doing (ie. batting, pitching, fielding). Logo theft here ... I don't think so!
  4. In Australia, AFL teams have jersey sponsorship, but somewhat less overwhelming that soccer advertising. Teams are allowed one sponsorship logo on the front of the jumper (opposite the AFL logo), one logo on the back (bigger, below the players number) and one (I think) on the shorts. All three logos can be different, or the same. Take a look at uniforms for Richmond, Collingwood and Brisbane: It's just what we've gotten used to, and doesn't seem to take away from the core jumper identity. Of course, most AFL clubs don't modify their uniform each season, which is very different to soccer (and the NBA to a lesser extent).
  5. Actually, I'm glad you put it there. I wanted to see everybody's ideas and thoughts. I don't really want to see just my ideas, I made this thread so people can post thier concepts so, feel free post your ideas if u like (that goes for everyone). Also your AZ logos and your Jags logo with the heat's color scheme are awesome. Good deal, and thank you. Here's my home state, Missouri: When you have one team called the Cardinals, and one called the Blues ... I think you're stuck with some red/blue combo. What if you retained the cardinals colours, and set the music note to blue instead of red. Same colour set ... just a different emphasis.
  6. Your concept in post #57 looks like the Miami Dolphin.
  7. I'm no expert, but I just don't think the huge logo on the front of the jerseys looks good ... in fact, I think it looks terrible. You'll need to check the NBA rule-book, but I am pretty sure that you need numbers on the front of that jersey too. Also, the teal and red combo doesn't exist in sports for a good reason ... those colours DO NOT look good together, plus, I am not sure that teal is particularly "cool" anymore outside of Florida.
  8. I'm really enjoying this thread, but I think the concept falls over a little where a team either has a colour in the name (Red Sox, Blue Jays) or where a colour is inseperable from the team's nick name (Celtics, Yankees, Patriots). That said, the idea is brilliant for teams with generic nicknames (Thunder, Supersonics, Force, Heat) and it's been fun to see the recoloured logos in matching city-sets! In Melbourne (Australia), we have Melbourne Demons (red/blue) in the AFL, Melbourne Storm (purple/navy) in the NRL, Melbourne Rebels (navy/white) in Super-Rugby, Melbourne Tigers (red/yellow) in the NBL, and both Melbourne Victory (navy/white) and Melbourne Heart (red/white) in the A-League. Good luck getting those harmonised!
  9. I know that you're basically done with the NHL ... but I LOVE the idea of incorporating Anchorage into a newly expanded league. Based on what you have above, I would ditch one of your mid-western teams, Kansas for arguments sake. Then move Dallas over to the Western Central group, and then add the Anchorage Moose (or whatever) to the Pacific group. It would be a unique attraction as the only Alaskan team in pro-sports ... and Sarah Palin could be the #1 ticket holder ... oh, wait a minute! Get on board with the Anchorage Moose!
  10. Gregmond


    Congratulations RevNet on a very cool overall concept. Yep, I would buy the away jumper for Mobile, any of the Montgomery jumpers, the away or clash jumper for Huntsville, the alternate for Anniston, home or away for Birmingham. If I ever make it to Alabama, I hope to see your ideas running around an oval somewhere!
  11. Gregmond


    Nice work RevNet ... your concepts have improved throughout this process, and your recent uniforms are the most realistic of all. I really like all three of the uniform sets for Mobile, I think the teal and white hooped away strip is my favourite of the entire project. I even love the red alternate, and the black home uniform is a simple, clear, traditional footy uniform. Well done. I'm not sure that your Hornets logo is brilliant, but I am no artist and will stay away from commentating on that, but again, your three uniforms are nice. My only suggestion would be to make the Hornets stripes on the home jumper a colour other than black - perhaps green, but the contrast might not be strong enough ... white maybe? I like the "D" logo, although the wings could probably use a little work, but it really works well on the alternate. It may pop even more with a bolder yellow outline? I think you've created a pretty realistic looking league that I can easily imagine running around ovals across Alabama! Congratulations ... and GO BUCS!
  12. Gregmond


    What is the point of the alignment - countries that are close to each other geographically, or countries that are of a similar standard, or countries that have some sort of traditional bond. You original question seems very vague ... perhaps you could provide some clarification before asking for opinions?
  13. Gregmond


    Apart from there being too many stars in the wordmark, and the silhouette of the rotunda being a bit vague, I really love the Montgomery concept. You say that the kits are conservative ... which may be why I like them so much ... they're the most like traditional Aussie Rules jumpers which (IMHO) makes them the best. Well played! I really like the Druids identity too, but I feel your Gaelic "D" is too intricate to be on the front of an jersey. Either simplify it for the guernsey, or ditch it and just use the Big-T for the jumper. I think the numbers on the back of the brick-red uniform will be difficult to read against the grey sash, but you could overcome that by outlining the numbers in bold black, like this:
  14. Gregmond


    With Anniston's clash kit, I tried to imitate the Army PT (physical training) shirt as best I could: I chose orange, because in the steel production process, the sparks that are produced in the furnace are orange, and the molten steel emits an orange glow, even as it cools down. I had my doubts about orange, too. It's an Auburn color, for one thing. But I had to put it on some team, because there's not that many colors to choose from. Thanks for the explanation, and I like the changes, especially the new font for the team name. My only other suggestion would be to use the grey shorts with the orange clash jumper ... an all-orange footy uniform is NOT a thing of beauty.