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    I think a great update would be matte helmets with new number font on jerseys and a new pants stripe, done!
  2. New Orleans Knights sounds good but I don't think it relates to the region. What about the Krewe?
  3. I hope not! Current uniform is way better. Somehow, I see the Saints getting a very UCF-ish treatment from Nike.
  4. I'd vote for this! Nice work.
  5. Is this the opening day super bowl champs patch?
  6. Took a shot at one for ya. THANKS!!!
  7. someone do a Saint's helmet. please.
  8. i love the helmet. wish they were wearing orange pants though. too much white.
  9. Or would it be because you can't put stripes on it? I like this idea, but it looks like you got the Schutt ION template and pasted a logo on top... ofcourse I did?! Did you expect me to build a helmet, paint it by hand and take a photo?
  10. I think I like the original better. I wouldnt put stripes on it. I like this ultra minimal, just my opinion.