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  1. Lansing Community released a new crest, and the best crest explanation I've seen.
  2. Looks like the tablecloths for tonight still have gold (ETA: upon further review, I can't actually tell if that is yellow or gold, but it looks goldish to me), but the details in the ball are interesting. Curious if this is just for the tablecloth, or incorporated into the logo somehow.
  3. Every summer we took a trip to Milwaukee to see these beauties. And for us the Muskegon Lumberjacks were our local sports team.
  4. I don't know if this is a sign of something to come for the Brewers, or the Brewers completely ignoring the concept of a unified look, but the recent press conference has a blue and yellow ball and glove logo on name cards, with the gold and navy barley M in the background. It is a complete mess.
  5. The best part is that the $250 million they're getting for their new arena is being diverted from the University of Wisconsin. That's not even remotely true. The state is pitching in $4 million/year for 20 years, which is largely covered by player income taxes. The rest of the funding comes from city and county sources, which has nothing to do with UW money. It's still not a good deal, but the whole "It's coming from UW" thing is just blatantly false. As to the rebrand, I don't like the alternate court (my least favorite logo is being used at center court), but the alternate uniforms have grown on me.
  6. I like the floor a lot, and it will look even better once they get rid of the bevel. The other thing that stand out to me, how much better the deer head logo looks when it's not on that stupid triangle with the beveled "BuckS" under it.
  7. They've actually been wearing those for at least the past 3 games or so. I really prefer the look of them to the regular home look.
  8. It's actually a little depressing to go in there and realize that through the early '80s the Bucks were a dominate team in the NBA, but could never get over that hump to get back to the championship and now are cellar dwellers. They won the Midwest Division title every year between 1980-86 and made it to the Conference finals 3 times in that frame. Between the time that the Bucks were born ('68-'69) and Kohl bought the team ('85-'86) the Bucks missed the playoffs only 4 times, won 2 Conference and 1 NBA title. Since Sen. Kohl bought the team they have missed the playoffs 12 times. It's still shocking to me that the franchise as a whole is still 100 games over .500, despite their awfulness of late. Back on topic, I really like how the Bucks and Marquette handled their retired numbers. The Bucks with an image of the uniform worn, and Marquette with a picture, coloring and lettering of the uniform worn.
  9. Here are some Bucks, Marquette and Admirals banners from the Bradley Center. The Bucks divisional Banners surround the scoreboard, and the World Champions banner is at the south end. Marquette and Admirals banners are in opposite corners of the arena. Sorry for the quality I snapped them from my phone: Bucks Championship and Retired Numbers Bucks Divisional Championships Marquette Retired Numbers (you can also barely see the 1977 NCAA Championship Banner to the left of Al McGuire) Marquette non-NCAA Championship Banners Admirals Banners: I like the way both Marquette and the Bucks handled the retired numbers. I also appreciate that Marquette hasn't replaced the banners that say Marquette Warriors.
  10. Alright, my first post here. I would like to say that I like the design. I have heard a lot of people complain that the current design is clean and relates to the city. I would like to disagree with that, the current uniforms could be the Miller softball team, and they would have to change very little. The current design is, in my opinion, extremely generic. I really want to like the new design, I go to about 50 games a year, and love the Brewers, but I just can't get myself to like the uniforms. They are too bland, and I guess look like something more suitable for a beer league. The ball and glove, loved by some and reviled by others, is a unique design. You will never mistake it for a Miller ad, it is what it is. I think that is part of why people like it. The only thing I would say about the design, Gothamite, is shrink the beer-barrel man, he may be a little large. Other than that I think they are good. Keep in mind I am not huge on the retro thing, but the Brewers are one of the few teams that I think could benefit from it. I will agree with Gothamite and say the best uni's were probably the gothic style ('96-'99), but those never caught on, probably because they immediately followed a long standing tradition (I know the MB Notre Dame thing came first, but I like to pretend that didn't happen). Just my opinion.