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  1. Also Pittsburgh Pirates of the old National Basketball League played from 1937 to 1939.
  2. Scroll down to "rebuilt Yankee Stadium" to see the results of all football games at the renovated stadium. Most involve Grambling. Last game was in 1987. http://www.luckyshow.org/football/ys.htm
  3. One of the proposed names for the Diamondbacks was the Arizona Phoenix. That would have been interesting.
  4. Eric Lindros, during the 1995 playoffs, wearing a visor for the only time in his career.
  5. Not a great picture but this was taken before a Blue Jays exhibition game at Taylor Field in Regina in 1989. Manager Jimy Williams is standing by home plate (obviously covered). In the background you can see the pitcher's mound as well as the (very temporary) outfield fence.
  6. If you want to take it way back and include everything there were Major League teams in both Iowa and Delaware. Many don't count the National Association and Union Association as Major Leagues but if you want to be liberal and include them both states would be included. Iowa had the Keokuk Westerns (1875, NA) and Delaware had the Wilmington Quicksteps (1884, UA). Both would play only partial seasons. Worth noting, the Bruins almost moved to New Hampshire in the early 1980s (http://www.nytimes.com/1981/06/25/sports/plan-withdrawn-to-move-bruins-to-new-hampshire.html).
  7. Here's some more: CFL Stampeders Roughriders (one word) Blue Bombers Tiger Cats Redblacks QMJHL Mooseheads Titan (no "s") Screaming Eagles Sea Dogs Oceanic Remparts Drakkar Sagueneens Voltigeurs Olympiques Cataractes Foreurs Tigres (maybe nitpicking as it`s French for Tigers) Fog Devils MAINEiacs
  8. Nice concepts. BTW, it's Saint John Millrats, not St. John Millrats. The Saint in the city's name is never abbreviated. It's to help differentiate it from St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador.
  9. Placeholder for when Argonauts "host" the RedBlacks in Ottawa on October 6. http://www.tsn.ca/argos-oct-6-game-moved-to-ottawa-1.361561
  10. This will change next year when the Padres make their long awaited Toronto debut July 25-27.
  11. Another minor league ballplayer turned actor, Kurt Russell.
  12. Someone mentioned that the 1999 Final Four was played at the Suncoast Dome / Thunderdome / Tropicana Field. Found some pics of the layout: A previous poster said it was the same layout as the Lightning, meaning this shot is facing the first baseline seats. A shot of them setting up the court (and temp seating) for basketball.
  13. Here's an ultra rare matchup: Boston Bruins vs. Belfast Giants
  14. Basketball at the Tokyo Dome: Aussie Rules at the Kia Oval in London: International soccer at Croke Park (home of Gaelic Football / Hurling):
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