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  1. Chiefs aren't the new Patriots until the Eagles beat them in the Super Bowl.
  2. If the line was 5 yards down field and not blocking anyone, wouldn't that mean the entire DL is in the offensive backfield and probably murdering the QB?
  3. Those are also teams that have no other trademarked emblem on their jerseys, so the logo patches make it so they can take action against jabronis that are selling knockoffs. Without the patches, it would be much more difficult to go after people selling plain white jerseys with black numbers to Jaguars fans.
  4. I think if you're engaged with a defender on the line then you can be down field (like if you're driving him backwards), but if you're going after a LB or DB or just hanging out a few yards ahead of the line then it's a penalty.
  5. If the NFL doesn't outlaw those ridiculous shirts then there's a problem. They look like crap, they impair performance, and they're too tempting to grab.
  6. Wow - some idiot's long slob shirt actually drew a PI call. Guess that's why they wear them.
  7. They could do a powdered-wig effect on their helmets and be the Washington's. Or, if that's too controversial due to his status as a slave owner, do the same thing but go with Washington Markie's.
  8. How many teams will be competing for him? Indianapolis and WFT? He's what - 33? So the Jets probably don't want him since they're starting from scratch. Houston (if they unload Watson?) The only leverage the Lions have is if teams compete against each other for him, and it doesn't seem like there's that many suiters for a 33-year-old QB that hasn't ever won anything of note, whether all his fault or not.
  9. The unused prototype thread is locked? If so that's dumb. EDIT: Here it is. So much good stuff in this thread:
  10. My favorite Detroit Lions thing is when Lomas Brown laughed at the Eagles and guaranteed a win in their playoff game in '96 ('95 season) and then their former QB Rodney Peete dropped 58 points on them, sending them back to Detroit humbled and broken.
  11. How do you know Starter designed them? Many teams used either in-house or 3rd-party designers and just fed the designs to the manufacturers back then. Not saying Starter didn't design them, but it's possible that all they did was make someone else's design.
  12. Does that count Jalen Hurts (2) replacing Carson Wentz (11) as starter?
  13. Any running back, d-back, and LB can wear 44.