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  1. But there's so many other channels in the NBC family of networks. Usually if both HD channels have the Sixers and Flyers, the Phillies would be on some former-UHF network in HD or (rarely) on the NBC network affiliate. We had a game on a CW or "My" station the other day, but at least it was HD, not this Cozi garbage. I'd expect a top 5 media market to be able to do better.
  2. Also, anyone that doesn't want "robot" umps behind the plate is a dope and probably a heavy drug user that needs an intervention. I'm watching this idiot Wendelstat (sp) call perfect middle-of-the-plate pitches balls, pitches that nearly hit the dirt strikes, check swings that aren't even close to actual swings strikes without asking for help, and just generally been umpiring as if he's totally drunk. The majority of his calls have benefited the Phillies (though the Phillies are legit demolishing the Braves regardless), and even the announcers are admitting that his calls have been absurd all night. Is there no performance management in place for umpires? You should never hear "if that's what the strike zone is today then it's going to be a long day" - it shouldn't be variable. Home plate umpires in general just can't get it done anymore, and should just be "supervisors" while the machine calls the balls and strikes.
  3. Does any team besides the Phillies have a game or two every year that's not available in HD for some reason? TOnight's game is on something called Cozi TV, which doesn't have an HD version in Philadelphia. By the time I was finished searching what station it was on and then what number that station was, it was already 6-0 in the top of the 1st. It's 2021 - how is a game not in HD? Why do the Flyers, who are horrible and eliminated, and the Sixers get preference on NBCSN Phila and NBCSN+... a RSN that (is potentially for sale and) the Phillies now have a stake in?
  4. Not sure rumors like that are even worth thinking about as long as the 1-helmet rule is in effect, and given that they've already voted on this year's changes (including one to the uniform code), there's no reason to think it's going away in 2021.
  5. I don't attend high school or college football games so their rules are irrelevant to me. Not everyone is SPORTS obsessed and attends everything where there's some kind of ball in play.
  6. After COVID-19, Should Reporters Remain Barred from Locker Rooms? Making the Case for ‘Yes’ I clicked on the headline expecting to vehemently disagree with the author, but I actually think he may be on to something. It's kinda weird that reporters are in a locker room and talking to dudes who just wrapped a towel around their balls or are seconds removed from some major-emotional moment. I'm not sure I'm down with a full-Zoom world (and that's not what he's suggesting) but I think it's fair to ask if locker-room access is really needed.
  7. I think you misunderstood me. Assuming this is his last season, and assuming he doesn't want to spend it on the bench, and assuming that was going to be the only role they had for him, they may have told him that if he wants the opportunity to play every day for the rest of his last season that it would have to be elsewhere and this is what they'd have to do. They were probably like "you can spend your last season with us on the bench, or you could retire and say it was on your terms (which we know it isn't), or we could waive you and you could possibly DH somewhere and at least enjoy it."
  8. Yeah, but at least the players have the choice as to what kind of base layer they wear, as opposed to either thick-ass old-school pants or something that's built-in but not necessarily what they want. They've basically took the old-school football pant and made it a series of customizable parts underneath a top shell. Too bad it looks like crap. I remember back in my day when I got my first "girdle" with the oversized hip pads and butt pad, and the super thick pants with the slots for the thigh and knee pad. I hated those so much, and would really have preferred if they had the biker-shorts with the pads in them like they do now. So I can appreciate the ability to tailor to your preferences... but it still looks like crap.
  9. I'm sure I'll be shown some example that shows me wrong, but there's no way any women's team would wear those pants.
  10. And the Phillies just-completed 4-game sweep of the Brewers, which netted them +5, is exactly why. Win by one... lose by a hundred.
  11. If you "lead your team to the top pick" in this scenario, you're just the leader of a lousy team. There's just no incentive to get players to play hard for the future of a team that they're unlikely to be a part of. In your Zion example then yeah - he certainly would - but the other guys? I'm not saying that they'll tank or not try or anything like that, but if I'm nursing a knee that I could play on, there's no way I'm risking it to play in a game like that.
  12. Not a change, but today I learned that the original Flyers jerseys had the sleeve numbers in single-color black twill. Never knew that. Also never realized there was orange stitching across the sleeve.
  13. I wonder if they gave him the option of either accepting a reserve role or retiring, and he said he wanted to keep playing so this was the only way to give him that chance? It does seem kinda lousy, but since they're paying him either way, I doubt this was a team-only decision.
  14. The only team in the NL East that has a positive run differential is the last place team.