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  1. people are either too young to know, or have forgotten just how great he was in the 80s. He was second only to Mike Schmidt in home runs for the decade (by a margin of only 5) and was an MVP candidate pretty much every year. In this era and with these parks, he’d be an easy 500 home run guy (and Schmidt would probably have well over 600). IMO, Murphy is a HOFer. He is a great example of someone who’s numbers, while very good, don’t reflect just how dominant he was.
  2. the Super Bow LII Champion 2017 Eagles managed.
  3. Two divisions of 7, two of 8? Doesn’t seem that hard.
  4. If my memory is correct, the Phillies won all 7. That’s how good that team was.
  5. they should reschedule all the NFC East games to Thursday night since the teams are trash and preparation doesn’t matter for them anyway.
  6. If that's not damning with faint praise then I don't know what is. That's more a commentary on how wild uniforms got later on rather than how piping-laden this was. I didn't hate it nearly as much as many around these parts but even I'll concede that the went overboard with the trim.
  7. I'm watching more of it right now....
  8. Saw this link on UW and it's fantastic. One of the best things on Youtube. Not only is there history of every venue ever, but there's some incredibly old footage. It's long, so I only watched it for a few teams, but I couldn't believe the footage they had of the really old Eagles games, and there's more like that. Love the history of the Dawg Pound, and the clip of Sam Wyche yelling at the crowd.
  9. Some people don't. The fact that the slob shirts and other uniform violations are actually depicted on a team-issue graphic is pretty relevant to the discussion of sports uniforms. The horse isn't dead until every slob that wears a slob shirt learns how to wear their uniform as designed.
  10. There’s not much room for individual expression within the confines of a “uniform” without manipulating the meaning some. I think it’s valid to pay attention to those details on a message board that was designed from day one for people who care about such details. I question why anyone that feels that there doesn’t need to be rules and that players should be able to express themselves however they want would even care about uniforms in the first place.
  11. It's sad that an official team graphic shows them wearing cycling shorts, mummy-wrapping socks, and those stupid t-shirts. Hell - the dufuses on the right clearly have their bone jerseys pulled up just to expose the white undershirt.
  12. Besides Hill, Frank Clark, Terrell Suggs, and Lesean McCoy are three others that don't deserve the oxygen they breathe. Andy Reid will sign a player that he witnesses rob and beat an old lady with a crowbar, as long as he can run fast.
  13. Maybe rephrase as "first LCS with all teams from south of the 35th parallel". (assuming it's true... I didn't fact check his original claim.)
  14. This is pretty much it. The last set could have been salvaged if they didn't add every bell and whistle on day one, and phased them in gradually over the years. For example, maybe go with more of a basic jersey but with a new font and maybe the side / pants piping. Then after a while, add the sleeve detail (unless it proved popular enough as is.) Or go nuts with the sleeve detail, but be more conservative everywhere else, and then change up the font and/or add the piping every few years, so it's a gradual build rather than a full cutover. I realize that nobody has 12 years to wait for a vision to take place (considering the 4 or 5 year rule in between changes) but it's better than screwing the entire thing up and having to live with that for 4 years.
  15. Cool. They could also do that but with single-color numbers. Alternatively, they could work a little white into the horn as a keyline, but maybe almost like a shadow (white outline on the bottom of the curves. You want a pants stripe? Sure. Solid blue, or blue and white (but not a triple stripe,) That could have been really good - miles better than what hey have.