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  1. not when one of those colors is “bone”.
  2. YOu sure about that?
  3. Or just air it out and hope for a PI call. Trying for a penalty is just as good these days as trying to actually make a play on merit.
  4. They weren't "moving the ball at will" though. Teams only go for two in that situation if they're 1) a huge underdog and see that as their one-and-only chance to slay the giant, or 2) their season is over so screw it, why not? The decision to punt at the end was unbelievable. Playing for a tie when you're 0-2? Granted, the offense sucked all day - both the QB and playcaller - but at least try. Hell - even going for the 64-yard FG wouldn't have been the worst decision. He certainly has the leg for it.
  5. the smart money was on a Florida team to be first affected, but I guess Georgia and Texas would have been next in line. Not surprising.
  6. The framing is out of control. It's like between appeals and framing, catchers have become the biggest douchebags in the game. It's nauseating watching these idiots catch a pitch that practically takes the batter's face off and move it was right down the middle and then be like "you're squeezing us blue!" People should be as angry about the dbag catchers as they are about the quirky new rules.
  7. I don't follow basketball too much either, but I'm completely certain that there's a host of other self-inflicted errors that have done in the process.
  8. Just saw it again where the HP umpire called the batter out swinging, and the dufus catcher still tried to get an appeal to 1st base. Seriously - throw these guys out of the game for this nonsense. It's just instinct at this point - they don't even wait for the HP umpire to make a call one way or the other. Idiots.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one that remembers the white house.
  10. Why are all the catchers catching from one knee instead of squatting? Wouldn't that limit their mobility and ability to block balls to one side? Is it just laziness? There can't be any advantage gained by it other than rest.
  11. The 2020est thing would be for the Marlins to be within one strike of winning the WS, only for a tornado to wipe out the Costco that the final games will be played in.
  12. Overrated by who? I don't recall reading enough posts praising it for it to be considered "overrated". If their double-star look is referenced fondly, it's usually just in comparison to their trash primary look - damning with faint praise.
  13. Try calling these guys: