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  1. San Diego is still in California.
  2. Funny - was just looking for it to see if some of the links I put on it were still valid so I could verify something. I can' find it either. Granted, many of the older links were dead, but a lot of time was put into that by several people so I hope it's just lost and wasn't just summarily killed.
  3. Not sure why the Elk's thread wasn't left open, despite them claiming to have a name much sooner than the WTFs, but this one's still going.
  4. Just have a different chip man for each race, and then use stereotypes to associate the appropriate chip with the most common flavor that race purchases. They could have an Asian chip man, Black chip man, Indian chip man, etc. Not sure what the down side of this approach could be.
  5. That mustache can't be any race. How many Black men do you know that relax their facial hair to make it flow like that?
  6. Yeah, Elite doesn't sound at all like a wrestling thing.
  7. How is that racially ambiguous? Not too many non-caucasians sporting flowing light-brown hair and full mustaches like that. EDIT: I was looking at the old packaging when I saw the hair. Even still, I don't see it as ambiguous.
  8. Unless the Broncos fans are clamoring for a return to that shade of blue, I think the navy works better for them. Give them something like the Texans uniforms but in orange with navy shoulder things, and a navy helmet with either the current or old logo on it, and they're good. They look contemporary and classy, which despite Nike's best efforts aren't mutually exclusive.
  9. Or maybe they wouldn't have been looking past the Ravens in that case. I don't blame the Steelers at all for being less than 100% into this game. The league basically sodomized them by putting them in the situation to have to play on a Wednesday afternoon to begin with - throwing them completely out of their routines not only for this game, but now they have to start preparing for a Monday game on Thursday of the previous week. That's garbage.
  10. The definition of "professional" sure has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I certainly don't think that "professional" has to equal "boring", but if you look at the league since 2019 (when in addition to current ass clowns like the Titans, Cardinals, Falcons, and Rams, you also had the alarm-clock Bucs and complete trash Browns) it's hardly "generally professional". I'm sure there's teams I've missed too - and I didn't even count borderline teams like the Broncos and Lions, and didn't go back enough to bring up the Jags gradient-helmet set. The NFL and its teams have done as much as possible to chip away at professionalism - starting in the late '90s, but then even more in the past 10-20 years. The only advantage that the NFL has over college in terms of professionalism is the consistency created by the 5-year rule. EDIT: I didn't even mention how "professional" players do everything they can to look like amateur clowns by wearing oversized undershirts under their untucked jerseys, and their socks every which way other than proper.
  11. The only jersey with side panels that worked was the early '00s Rams with the gold panels, because their pants were a beautiful shiny gold so there was no mismatch. I actually liked those jerseys better with the panels than without, though it was a perfect uniform either way. I'm old enough to vividly remember the Broncos unveiling (I was in college and ESPN actually showed a clip of it) and thought they looked like clown suits back then, then every high school team ripped it off, then they were no longer 'innovative' and were just 'old' despite being 'new'. While the helmet logo itself is well done, the helmet overall is not, due to the bizarre striping. I understand why it has to come to a point in the front, but the better solution would be to just forgo the striping altogether. The side panels are a joke, as evident when older (or "mature" lol) players like Elway and Manning wore them - they looked like dopes. The number font might be cool for some applications, but a football uniform is not one. The helmet logo is the only thing I think can be salvaged from this mess, but I think a full reset to a more traditional look needs to occur - and if that means losing that logo, then so be it.
  12. Please post some context to go along with links.
  13. How are they holding everyone accountable when they're bending over backwards to allow the Ravens to play after they completely screwed up and put unknown numbers of people at risk? We already know they're not upstanding-responsible people, so besides the two dozen or however many players tested positive, how many unknowing people did they spread it to? I'm glad the games are being played too, because it's about the only normal thing in the world right now, but there comes a point where someone needs to be a mature adult and really hold teams accountable here. It's not just each other they're putting at risk.
  14. Any reason Al Horford is still listed on the Sixers roster even though they've updated it to reflect the other trades? Did that fall through?
  15. For a lot of teams, isn't AA where most of the top prospects spend most of their time, with AAA being more where they play for just a short time before being called up, or even more of a "AAAA"-type team for middling guys that are on the 40-man but no longer prospects?