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  1. Didn't the Cubs revert back to NNOB for a year or two too?
  2. I think the whole "he didn't start playing football until he was 18" thing is overrated. It's not rocket science - and TE is probably the easiest position to learn from scratch. You just have to learn a few patterns, and only have to block half the time - they can dumb it down for any big athletic person to learn really quickly. I'd think center or anywhere else on the OL would be a harder thing for someone to just pick up and start at. Writing on an internet message board that you hope someone pulls a groin or something isn't going to make it happen. And @CS85 saying it's a "little much" after all he's written about the Bears over the years is... well, a "little much".
  3. That's the only one where if someone told me it was purple from day one, I could see it (just like since I've always known it as blue, that's what I see.) His sleeves look kinda like the Lakers "forum blue" too. In fact, if his jersey was white and not light blue, and someone didn't already know it was a Brewers uniform, you could probably convince someone that it was purple and gold (just like the Lakers.) But there's all kinds of reasons for this - mostly old photography and the sun. It's blue.
  4. Why do the "drips" in the letters tail off to the left on the ILE and beginning of the R but then are straight by the end of the R and the S?
  5. had he made it to FA, I think it was a real possibility, especially once Harper signed. If/when the Angles decide they don’t want to pay him just to finish below .500, I think it’s logical to think that the Phillies would be in play- though I’m not sure what they could possibly offer the Angles since their minor league system is complete trash.
  6. What does it mean to "market your players"? I remember back in the early '90s, Magic, Jordan, Bird, Barkley, etc. were on everything - McDonalds commercials and cups, Coke or Gatorade ads, pretty much everything. But that was third-parties using them - not the league (though I'm sure the league was pushing them to McDonalds and those other companies.) LOL at the pigs in Atlanta busting out the chop on national TV. They don't even realize how they're just reinforcing the image that most people have of them.
  7. That there's even such a thing as the "established zone" is ridiculous - imagine the hoop being a different circumference depending on who was referring the game, and it potentially changing without notice?
  8. Browns don't move to Baltimore. Maybe Memphis or Jacksonville opens their arms and anuses to the NFL and gives Modell whatever he asks for and a mistake still gets made.
  9. I don't think you can play in Chicago (at least for the Cubs) and be in "obscurity" like Trout is. Ichiro was kind of a novelty and had international appeal, so I probably wouldn't consider him in the same category. Ichiro "felt" pretty important to baseball... at least to me.
  10. Extra inning baseball is awesome now. I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack with every pitch. I vote to keep this system for the regular season permanently.
  11. Ric Flair, Alexander Julien, Grandmama, and Kerry Collins
  12. The pig fans in Georgia just can't let the tomahawk chop go.
  13. Honestly, Ken Anderson probably belongs on the San Francisco Mt. Rushmore since the 49ers wouldn't have won any Super Bowls had he not paved the way for Joe Montana. So I've got: Ken Anderson, Gabe Kapler, Pablo Sandoval, and (I'm not sure who he is but I like his name) Jonathan Cheechoo. I'd also consider Will Clark.
  14. From roughly '88-'91, the Chargers had regular pants strips and not the lightning bolt. While researching this, I learned that in 1991, the team wore only its white jersey / navy pants combo during the regular season. They didn't wear their navy tops or white bottoms at all during the regular season.
  15. He plays in obscurity and has never helped a team achieve anything of significance. If you omitted Mike Trout from the record books, nothing would be really different. He needs to play on a team where his talents will get more exposure, be it because of the market, or because he's actually helping a team compete. If Mike Trout was never born, nothing we know about baseball would be any different. The same teams would have won the same championships, the same players would have had the same careers, etc.