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  1. You're using the word "rebrand" very loosely. Slightly changing number fonts doesn't constitute a "rebrand".
  2. That would have had to be started two years ago, and you don't think there'd be any leaks by now? Typically new unis don't drop until closer to the draft, but we at least know what's coming by now.
  3. I'm curious why it hasn't been mentioned on the broadcast, considering how odd it looks. There's clearly something weird and non-standard about the balls the Bucs are using when on offense. Given Brady's history of manipulating balls, I'm really surprised this isn't something that's being talked about. Even if it's completely benign, there's still a striking visual difference between the balls being used tonight.
  4. They're using different balls. Brees' balls look normal, but Brady is playing with black balls. Let that be the first of the soon-to-be-started "out of context posts" thread.
  5. It does look black. Almost like it's been soaked in some kind of oil. There's brown in some parts, but the rest looks black.
  6. So barring some out-of-left-field surprise, like when Warren Sapp leaked that the Bucs were getting new unis despite nothing being mentioned prior, we aren't getting anything of note for 2021. Maybe a patch here and there, maybe some tweaks to the WFT helmet (though nothing even hinted at by the team), but no full overhauls. Pretty dull offseason.
  7. I'm not sure why it isn't treated like any other fumble that goes out of bounds, where it's returned to the offense at the point where the ball came out of the player's hands. It's too big of a swing to have it be a touchback. It's really one of the worst rules IMO. That ended up being a 10-point swing, and you simply can't come back from that against a team like the Chiefs. It was properly called, just a lousy rule.
  8. I can't root for the Saints because I hate their black pants too much, so I don't want to see them more than absolutely necessary. I can't root for Andy Reid because I think he's a scum bag. I'm good with everyone else - especially in the AFC. Given that the NFC is the home team for the SB, then my ideal uniform matchups would be: Cleveland (white over brown or orange) at Green Bay Buffalo (white over blue) at Green Bay Buffalo (white over white) at Tampa (red over pewter) Cleveland (white over orange or white) at Tampa (red over pewter)
  9. I liked Depeche Mode It's No Good after the last missed FG. Nice touch.
  10. I wonder if that played a part in the silly patches that are on the Rams jerseys. People buy stuff all the time just because it has some brand's patch on it (like those winter coats with the FJKLJRMJRM (no idea what the real name is) patch for example. I wonder if the Rams were thinking that that patch could go on a whole assortment of things, and "Los Angeles Rams" could become a fashion brand name - not just the literal name of the team. I guess if it's not on anything but the jerseys then the answer is no, but maybe?
  11. I don't think that's the issue at all, it's just that in all the databases, 'Football Team' is stored in the 'Team_Nickname' column, so the systems use it whenever the nickname is called for, which can lead to situations where you have "Eagles are visiting the Football Team", which looks ridiculous.
  12. The "best of both worlds" is never as good as the best of one world. Logos have no business breaking up stripes on sleeves. It's not as egregious on pants since the 95% of the stripe would lie below the logo, but still not good.
  13. It's not like Josh Gordon is sitting there consciously thinking "they ain't never gonna catch me" or "my NFL career don't mean nothin' so I'mma hit this" when he smokes up. He's clearly got some addiction issue or other reason why he can't put substances aside for any length of time. I get that there's some schadenfreude involved when a multi-millionaire fails (I'm guilty of this too), but it's sad that some people think it's something to have fun with. Let alone that weed is legal recreationally in several states, and medically in a lot more yet the NFL sees the need to ban it for reasons. I don't know what the solution is, but maybe, ironically, taking away the pressure of being tested for weed all the time and losing his job might actually help him use less. IDK though, everyone's different.
  14. I read "K" and the Cyrillic I ("И") KИ
  15. If he does, I'll be rooting for nothing less than a snapped femur - and for someone else to take any of his accolades away, because that's basically what unretiring a number is - except that it's just about the highest award a team can give a player. There better be marrow on the turf.
  16. I think it's pretty common. Penn State has like 20ish campuses, which are actually organized into multiple groups that I don't understand and don't feel like spending even 30 seconds trying ("commonwealth campuses", and "college campuses".)
  17. A mascot should NEVER remove his head. Ever. Also - what's up with the garters on the girls' legs?
  18. EDIT: Edited before the MOD EDIT
  19. My bachelor's is from IUP, which nobody east of Harrisburg knows of. I'm glad I got a grad degree from a well-known school, because explaining IUP (is it a branch of U of P in Indiana? Is it a branch of Indiana but in PA?) can be exhausting.
  20. Nothing you said has any relevance. It has nothing to do with companies protecting their trademark. If a consumer was fooled into buy a product that they thought was an Apple or Nike product, but it was just some cheap garbage with a similar logo, that would reflect poorly on Apple or Nike because they'd start to be associated with cheap garbage. While the consumer should be able to spot a fake, the trademark owner has much more at stake, and has to defend their marks. You're making a totally different argument than if the NFL has a case against the XFL based on the law.
  21. Another weird college naming thing is when a state has two different types of state higher-education systems. One example is CA, where there's the "of California" system, and the "State University" system. PA is weird like that too. There's the "State University" system, like Pennsylvania State University, and the "Of Pennsylvania" system, for the state-system-of-higher-education system (California University of Pennsylvania, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, et al.) But those can't be confused with the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania, which has nuthin' to do with those other schools. I went to one of them, and still get looks from people that either have no idea where I went to school, or think it was some branch campus of U of P. I should just let them think that.
  22. I only realized where Cincinnati was a couple of years ago when wondering what river the Reds stadium is near. Was surprised that it's basically Kentucky. The Reds really should have turned that stadium around the other way. Cincinnati doesn't have a notable skyline, but it would be a better view than what they ended up with.