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  1. I don’t think there are philosophical differences at all. I just think the owner is a little more concerned about public perception and actual results than his GM/Pres are. I just think that if you public ally say that the GM and Pres wanted him back and that it was 100% the CEO’s call to fire him, then he also needs to let them go too rather than entrust them with another search that will ultimately be decided by the owner rather than his “baseball people”. philosophically they’re all-in on having a manager that works hand-in-hand with their analytics department and knows/trusts the numbers. I think the GM is a too-young jerkoff who’s played video games his whole life and never accomplished anything before getting the position from Andy McPhail... who I also don’t think has accomplished anything and just says stupid thing after stupid thing.
  2. since we talking about missed face masks...
  3. gabe “jerk off with coconut oil” Kapler was not qualified to manage a team, and he proved it. The only problem was he was fired by the owner, in defiance of the president and GM, who he recently extended and won’t fire. So there’s a bit of a Jerry Jones thing going on there. edit: Gabe Kapler wasn’t the reason they didn’t win - he was dealt a bad hand with all the injuries - but he was lax on discipline, got taken advantage of, relied on numbers vs eyes too much, and absolutely cost them games with his baffling moves. He seems like the nicest and most interesting man in the world, just not a good manager. of course we said that about Francona when he was fired and he seemed to figure it out... so someone should hire Kapler immediately.
  4. Let's not pretend that even all Rams games are true Rams home games. It's something that's going to happen in every 'getaway' city - LA, SD, LV, MIA, maybe SF, TB, etc. How's Nashville been? I'd expect that to be a semi-popular 'road trip' city for fans. I don't think those cities anticipating needing visiting fans to fill their stadiums though. In LV, they do (yes, apparently the seats have been sold, but IMO they wouldn't be sold if not for speculators anticipating road-trippers wanting in.)
  5. The Flyers now have a "disassembly room" or "rage room" at the Wells Fargo Center to allow angry fans to smash TVs and break other stuff.
  6. Thanks for reminding me to cancel before Black Friday. I think I’ve read it three times. It’s good, I just don’t care enough about sports to pay for anything more than what the local beat writers and twitterers provide for free.
  7. Wasn't that an intetntional part of the plan though? I hate giving them any credit, but they have to be smart enough to know that the big allure of having a team in Vegas is the guaranteed sellouts from the 'road trippers'. Is there any reason to believe that they'd sell out from local sales by newly-converted Raider fans?
  8. As long as the helmet is silver, there's no place for white pants.
  9. Is the blue part supposed to be a ship coming at the viewer? If yes, it's way too blocky/angled to be effective. I think the original is a more effective logo, plus it contains the maple leaf, which is a requirement for every logo representing anything in Canada.
  10. ESPN's site is basically a huge promo for their shows, and the two are tied together pretty well. Not to diminish some of the good things on the site that aren't tied into programming, but that's essentially what it is. There's just no reason I can think of to go to I remember when it was the "sports section" for, but even then, I gravitated to, even if the actual writing wasn't as good and the stories were slanted in ways to build drama to entice people to tune into a game conveniently carried by... ESPN. Seems like SI should have become what the Athletic is now. I don't have any stats or figures, but I imagine the Athletic is doing OK, and maybe even better than expected.
  11. Rockies - Forrest green and purple. Done.
  12. I’ve said 400 times that the A’s should only have an A (not even ‘s) on their jerseys. Maybe put a city on the road, but not necessary. I’m not even sure I want to see the script on an alternate, but maybe on a green one, with the A being on a yellow one. their an old AF team, regardless of location, so they should look more like it.
  13. I think anything greater than 10-yards should either be challengable or taken out of the hands of the on-field refs altogether. They’re too crucial, and the referees aren’t capable of making those calls. hire more officials that simply watch the game from exclusive angles and are essentially instant-replay officials. One is for PI, one for roughing, etc. at least that way there’s consistency within a game, and they’re already watching for whatever their thing is so the replays should go much quicker.
  14. NYG vs WAS was #1 for me. I don’t care for either individually, but when together, the colors look great. I prefer games where there’s warm and cool colors, opposed to something like Colts and Raiders where it’s all cool. Bengals should never make this list in those all white uniforms (or their regular ones.)
  15. I’ve been very consistent in my vision for this rule, so I’m not sure why you’d think I’d waver now. You can still deploy the gorilla, but you’d need 4 or 5 birds, and maybe a harness, to get it off the ground. It doesn’t get an exception to the feet-on-ground rule. eventually, breeders will start making winged gorillas, at which point - like I want to do with kicking - we’ll need to re-examine the rule and see if it still makes sense.