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  1. I’m far from a tech moron, and it was a total PiTA for me to figure out how to get my ticket for the Eagles playoff game last year. Between Ticketmaster app, Eagles app, and I think there was even a third app involved (and multiple password creations and confirms) I’m lucky I got in. I had no idea they did the barcode with the dynamic line that sweeps it, and had no idea from the ticket confirm that so many steps were involved. the tic was forwarded from a STH, and I guess if I was a STH I’d have the procedure down pat, but Jesus it was hard.
  2. You can't "remind" anyone of something they never knew, so you're not reminding any mature person. Now if I'm mistaken and that is a well-known thing, then it opens up a merchandising opportunity since they could sell gloves with a raised logo on the palm so the recipient of said red tail ends up with the logo on her or his ass. --------------------------------------- Regarding the trademark issue that's been brought up a bunch of times (them continuing to sell their old stuff just to maintain the trademark) didn't courts rule that they can't have a trademark on it? Or was it just the name? I could swear that there's something about not being able to trademark slurs or 'hate speech' or something like that. All they have to do for this year is be "Washington", and wear their throwbacks with the plain helmet. Maybe they have a new name and logo by end of year, and that's totally fine, since there likely won't be an end of the season. What would be really strange is if they start as just "Washington NFL", and then the league suspends operations, and then they come back to finish the season as the Washington Red Tails, they'd likely be the first major team to completely change its identity midway through the season.
  3. I think Red Tails isn't my favorite name just because I don't like the way it sounds and I don't like "Red X" names, but there's a connection to DC since they're part of the US Army Air Force which is commanded from Washington. While it might be a little panderish, I don't think it's an issue from a location perspective, and they could do far worse. Red Wolves is laughably minor league. If I was a hot girl and some big beefy jock-looking dude came up to me and was like "hey baby, I play for the Red Wolves, you should totally get with me. I'mma call my crew, you can call your crew, and we can rendezvous at the crib around two" I'd be like "sorry sweetie, but I don't suck minor-league d."
  4. I don't know. I guess in 2020 it can't really play out organically. I was thinking back to how my high school got its name in the early 1900s. Some sports writer said the team was running up and down the field like whippets, and people just started calling them that since they were fast. I think old MLB teams got their names either because they were nicknames based on the owner, or (again) sportswriters. Impossible in 2020, so I withdraw my suggestion. Totally. Why rush it when it's becoming increasingly likely that there won't even be a season at all? They might be able to have until the draft to figure this all out. This is the only "Red" name that would get my full support. I'm sure they've been doing some work over the years, but they can't sink too many resources into a contingency plan because if word got out then the headlines would be that they're planning to change even though they're just really buying some insurance. You can't always come up with a name first and then solicit the art (I mean yeah it can work that way, but not always.) Sometimes a branding expert or design firm with the right people might present the art and name as a package, because a name may get discarded at first but when seen in full context, it might be the winner.
  5. No. While I understand the argument that even though it's the same lineage, Ernest Byner never played for the Red Tails, but to the fans it's all the same, and they're always going to remember and honor the players from the past, so even if they "officially" dropped the lineage, that doesn't change the reality. That they're remaining in the same city is what really separates it from the Cleveland Deal, which is something I've done a 180 on and now support.
  6. Wow - he's actually doing what I suggested and going to Auschwitz. 1) I didn't know that there were any holocaust survivors still alive. 2) If you know anything about the camps, it's extremely chilling to see him wearing that uniform. Like... very chilling. 3) It legitimately seems like Deshawn Jackson is learning from this, and there's a chance that this could turn into a positive thing if he can take what he learns and educate the other pieces of s that play sports and liked all his posts. 4) I've been to both Auschwitz and Dachau, and if he were to make it through a tour of either one and not come back a changed man, then he's not human. I'm betting that he is human.
  7. Have the tribes ever weighed in on the logo? It would seem to me that it's OK, but as an average white guy, it's not my place to decide what's OK and what's not to some other people group. I'm curious what they'd say. While I think they could get away with keeping the logo if it worked with the new name, I think it would lead to people continuing to call them the [former nickname] rather than the new one since they'd look exactly the same. It blows my mind that the coach is part of it. How the hell in 2020 does that happen? As you said, he'll only be there for 2-4 years before being fired or retiring, and he's a football coach - not a branding/marketing expert. This is probably the best way to go. Let the name emerge organically, like back in the day. Better than making a rash decision and being stuck with it for the next century. This was the first thing that came to mind. I'm not sure if they'd have to pay the tribe a licensing fee though, and obviously they'd have to get the tribe to agree. It would be a great way to keep the logo while doing a complete 180 on the name. I like it.
  8. We've learned that it's likely that some of his teammates are equally as dumb and probably don't think he's an idiot. In fact, at least one is on record as saying that he really looks up to him and hopes to learn a lot from him (granted, that was a year ago - way before this mess.) I really think the Cooper thing is different. The Black leaders on the team - specifically Michael Vick - asked that he not be cut, and that they allow for them to work it out in house. Cooper was neither good enough nor counted enough against the cap to keep his job. He could easily have been cut had the Black players not stood up for him. I'm not saying that it was right to keep him - I wouldn't have - just that the situation was different. Now, it was far from unanimous, and some of his teammates - specifically Cary Williams beat the F out of him during practices (imagine the APA vs Public Enemy shoot - it looked like practice, but they were really beating the hell out of him) and turned on Vick, but Vick was strong enough to endure through that. If there was ever a situation where the difference in pre-prison Vick and the current day version was apparent, it was during that period.
  9. The common theme is that people experience these things only on this site.
  10. All of the other owners and anyone that's concerned with revenue cares what Joe from New York thinks about the name since they need more people than just the locals to buy merch. Granted, hockey by nature is more of a regional game unlike the other sports, but thinking exclusively about your home market is more like how minor league teams operate. Not saying it's a bad name or anything, just that their market isn't 100% just the Seattle area fans.
  11. Oh dear. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, who is a film producer, just finished filming a documentary called "The Meaning of Hitler". What amazing timing. Also - Stephen Jackson quoted today saying "I don't know nothin 'bout Hitler". I think that says everything you need to know about these athletes.
  12. has any company ever added a tax or fee for something and then rolled it back? You’re likely paying this price permanently. Just like if ads are worn on MLB jerseys this year, they’re never going away. I’m sure most people would accept the ads rather than no sports, but let’s just be sure everyone understands it’s probably permanent - barring some backlash that results in a tangible loss of income to the leagues... and I’m not sure how that’s possible.
  13. I don't want to live in a world where I can't support the Cardinal fencing team.
  14. Phila (not all of PA) and NJ require masks both indoors and outdoors, but I don't trust the average NFL fan to adhere to that, so I don't expect any fans in either location. Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, is seeing another rise in cases, so while it's far less dense than Phila, it won't shock me if that order reaches there too. I'm just not sure how you separate people in stands, and people will certainly go with their friends that they're not quarantining with, which kinda defeats the purpose of distancing anyway. I'm surprised about Baltimore planning to allow fans, but until it actually happens, it hasn't happened.