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  1. If you mean that it implies that the US will likely follow suit, then yeah. While unlikely, it's always a tiny bit possible (even if 0.0001%) that they're like "wow, we did such a good job at social distancing, eh? Let's make that May 30 instead, eh?" In the more likely scenario where they stay with that, and the guy with bad hair decides to say "screw this, I need the economy to be better regardless of how much it spreads" and ends our ban on April 30 or some time before June 30, then it shouldn't stop American pro sports leagues. Toronto could just become a traveling team, or maybe play games in Buffalo until Canada starts returning to normal. Of course, if I'm Canada, I'm looking at the numbers in the US and possibly keeping my borders closed (oh, the irony if they build a wall) even if my citizens are allowed to gather again. We all know the reality, and that June 30 probably makes a lot more sense than anything sooner, but what makes sense vs what happens aren't mutually exclusive.
  2. Oh, but I thought the Rams were the toast of the town, and millions had spent the previous 20 years praying for their return, and they're really LA's team.
  3. Disagree (as usual). This is a pretty good look. Like anything, stripeless can work in some cases. This was one. It even made their short-lived-crappy side panels less crapy since there was no misalignment. Stripeless black / navy / brown pants? Hell no. White? GTFO.
  4. I have to disagree that it's dumb to debut uniforms in a new stadium. It just adds to the 'new era' feeling. A new stadium is a really big deal these days (has been for around 20 years) and it makes sense to try and tie as many things to that as possible. I will agree that it can be hard to match up the dates, though you can always sit on a new design (which is exactly what the Rams did). I also agree that it's all the Rams fault for being in this mess. They should have just sucked it up and filed the papers for a new uniform right away, and just worn the STL uniforms for a couple of seasons (with the throwbacks as much as would be allowed.) Sure they would have been in the new uniforms a couple of seasons before the new stadium, but IMO that's better than the other way around, which is what would have happened had they taken the league up on their throwback option. Another play they could have made was to go with the throwback option, keep their mouths shut for a year, and then :censored: and complain and try to get the exception later, when maybe everyone had calmed down about the move. Sure, it would have been a gamble and if they lost, it'd be their own fault, but in either case, they were in control of their destiny and made the wrong choice.
  5. Cool, but other than that, what evidence is there? yes, I'm trolling at this point
  6. Not at all. My post may have read differently in text than it would have if spoken. Let me try again: "I'm not fighting the point, and I don't even know that I'm right and that you're wrong, I just haven't seen anything that makes me know for sure that you're right, and I don't even really feel strongly about this, just discussing because I'm bored because there's no real news to talk about" As for what would sway me? IDK - merch sales outside of home market (has that already been provided)? I don't know about TV ratings, since most people would watch a dynasty team when they're on, and if they're on nationally, it's probably a big game anyway. Maybe a survey of 100,000,000 people asking them who their favorite teams are? I just can't believe that they're one of the most popular teams when you practically never hear people that aren't from New England talking about them as fans, and practically everyone that's not from there seems to post and talk negative about them, either out of jealousy or because they cheated or other reasons.
  7. The question was about what the team wanted, and they've been crystal clear that they are only looking to use kelly green for throwback purposes, at least short term. They've been very clear that they don't have immediate plans to move away from midnight green. I'm not saying I'm not wrong about the Patriots - I very well may be - but Arizona and Florida are retiree states, so it's reasonable to assume that many people from colder areas have migrated there and kept their allegiances. Again, not fighting the point because i know that it's wrong, just that the evidence provided hasn't swayed me (not that it matters... we're just killing time until a reveal.)
  8. Looking like an F shouldn't be a requirement. As much as I love the OG logo, I never thought it looked much like an F, even when told it did. Letter logos that aren't symmetrical are tough to work with and should be avoided anyway. Even the Bears helmet looks a little odd to me when looking at the left-facing view. I like my football helmet logos to be mirror images of each other when possible.
  9. It's probably not going to be their decision to make. Even playing in empty arenas isn't an option in many places right now. They're just going to follow the guidance and local mandates that everyone else is.
  10. The bucs old/new uniforms are 'traditional', but not minimalist-traditional. They also make use of non-trad colors (don't recall any historical teams using pewter / anthracite) so it's not exactly 1:1. I'd be for a Cardinals set that's maybe on the same level as something like the Texans or Vikings.
  11. There may be language in the CBA that covers prolonged outages - especially since this situation was unfolding right around the time it was agreed to. Short of that, both sides would have to agree to some kind of solution. My guess is that the lost year would count as service time - similar to how baseball is doing it - and those guys would become FAs again. The players may or may not want that, but probably not, since they're unlikely to get any type of salary in a cancelled season, so those guys would want to be paid for the year that they signed on for. Also for the players, a 33 year old would then be 34, and unlikely to sign for the same amount he did at 33 (especially since the cap would very likely drop.) For the owners, they'd prbably want it to count as a service year for that very reason - they're not getting the 29-year old that they signed - they're now getting a 30 year old, who in theory, may have lost a step. Hopefully it's a moot discussion... but it likely will need to happen.
  12. Do we even know for sure that they're using Nike's design team? I don't think they're obligated to.
  13. I guess the difference for me is that neither the Bears nor Raiders ever changed. Now that the Cardinals have gone with a set that's contemporary (even if garishly so) I just can't see them doing a complete 180 and going to what some people may refer to as 'practice jerseys'.
  14. Are you equating 'revenue' to popularity? I'm not sure that works, unless your statement is based on local popularity. I have nothing against the Patriots, but they don't seem to be one of those teams that inspires a bandwagon following around the country. Anecdotally, just from reading these forums and a few other sites, I'd say that because of things like spygate and deflategate, as well as people just being tired of their greatness, they're very unpopular outside of their home market. No. The desire has only been for a throwback.