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  1. I’d argue that the Falcons didn’t look that good. The Eagles lost an insane number of significant players, and still win the game if Agholor catches an easy ball. Jones is incredible, but they’re pedestrian after that.
  2. The unused trumpet jersey would have been fantastic, and the 90’sest thing ever. They could even replace the notes with little Stanley Cups. That being said, I’m one of the few fans of the Gretzky jersey so this pleases me.
  3. I missed the word "rumors" in that title... so I guess while there wasn't even a rumor about a change, this one makes sense.
  4. 4 Eagles starters entered concussion protocol tonight (all eventually cleared) 4 starters and 1 kinda stater out for the game in the 1st q (none of the ones mentioned above). Can’t be disappointed with this loss, considering they had several opportunities to win (as long as the QB doesn’t jump forward) with backup offensive players (no starting WRs).
  5. It doesn't matter who you are. Based on the number of "likes" to my relatively-few questioning posts, I'm not alone... just want a definition, while none has been given. Topic literally says rumor, which by definition, isn't "news".
  6. Wait - so a QB diving forward for the end zone is "giving himself up"???? What the mothereffing eff? I really don't know why anyone watches this trash that's so arbitrarily judged. Is every instance of a QB diving forward treated this way? I get the baseball slide, but jesus - you're telling me a QB can't even dive anymore? It's one thing when the fans don't know the rules, it's another when the players don't, and it's yet another when they're applied sometimes but not others. Screw this stupid league. Everyone on the competition committee needs to get a terminal disease, and then be punched repeatedly in the face as they're taking their final breath (with their children watching in horror, and then their children should be punched in the face.)
  7. That's what gets me. I guess that "impacts the play" adds even more subjectivity to an already frustratingly-subjective officiating system, but come on - common sense needs to be part of this some times.
  8. I knew that they got rid of the bottom-white rule, but now they don't even need to be uniform? That's ridiculous. Socks are absolutely part of the uniform, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees, because they're wrong, and not only embarrassing themselves, but their families as well. You want to allow some to be solid and some to have a white bottom? I guess that's not too bad, but the colored part needs to be the same. What a joke.
  9. Actually, take the Jaguars set and recolor it in Bucs colors and it's not that bad. It'd still be an overcorrection, but it'd work better for them than it does for the Jags. Just make sure there's only pewter pants - no white - and it could work.
  10. Pitchers in single digits bugs me. Maybe because visually, I look at a pitcher as the 'anchor', implying that he should have a higher number. Pitchers in the low teens bug me too. The Phillies have some jabroni pitcher that wears 12, and I hate it. Catchers in single digits kinda bugs me too - maybe because the strap of the older chest protectors would go straight through the number, rather than in the middle of two digits. I'm torn on WRs wearingi 10-19. On the one hand, they're often smaller players, so wearing low numbers makes sense, but I don't like that when you see the offense line up, there's more than just the QB wearing a number from that set. It'd be better if QBs were then restricted to single-digits, but that's obviously a bad idea. In any case, there's some numbers that should just be 'off limits' to WRs - specifically 12 and 14, since 1) they're not "fast" numbers, and 2) they're so associated with QBs.
  11. especially if they do decide to change the helmet rule, you're stuck with your choice for the remainder of 5 years.