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  1. Today we are all online bits and memes and twitter jokes.
  2. Pinstripe dress pants look stupid if not worn as part of a suit. Sure you might occasionally remove your jacket, but you’d never wear pinstriped pants on their own - or at least you shouldn’t. Point being that no team should wear pinstriped pants with their alts. If you’re not wearing a pinstriped jersey then you’re not a pinstriped team - at least that day.
  3. Yeah that’s totally different than other football fans.
  4. Why is “checking out” on a totally inept team that has been completely impotent for 20 years a bad thing? On the contrary, I’d question the sanity of anyone that spent 00s of $ to see that team play.
  5. Jordan Hicks is real good but will probably suffer a season-ending injury while signing the contract. I would never offer him a lot of guaranteed money - he will not play more than 10 games.
  6. Theres still a lot of offseason left, but I’d be willing to make some kind of board wager on that one. Foot long Foles and his magic dong only work in Philly.
  7. Many of the "classics" sound like they were for teams that were named by a bunch of old white guys back in the 20s - fitting, because at the time, the players were all "all american" white guys that looked straight out of a Rockwell painting. It's 2019, and it's unlikely that if given the choice, neither the players nor the younger fans would come up with "pioneers" for a team name. I shudder at the thought of singular team names, but I also think that a new team in a new league might be better served being with the times and not playing "O6 Dress up" with it's name. There's a balance between going with something that has some kind of local significance, and something that's relevant to the younger fans and players. With any new team, regardless of the league, it's said that it takes a generation to grow your fan base (unless you're a Florida baseball team), so why not go with something that hooks the youngsters?
  8. Desean Jackson back to the Eagles. Shouldn’t ever have been cut in the first place except that chip kelly was an insecure racist turd that spread gang rumors
  9. I’m not sure how the split works, but if the majority of sales are in fact split, then the other teams would be putting pressure on the poor-selling ones to do something since everyone is impacted by a low performer. If I’m the Yankees, I’m pissed that I’m giving welfare to the Marlins, and I’m sure MLB also wants the low-selling teams to step it up. Regardless of any split, everyone benefits from more sales, so that certainly has a lot to do with it.
  10. Should tampering between players be outlawed just like tampering is for management? I totally understand tampering rules for management - that rule should never change - but players? They're friends, in the same union, talk to each other off the field all the time. It's impossible to control, and harmless, because they're just like "yo bro, sign with us!", and not "OK, we'll give you 1.2B in a few years if you come to us, plus an option, so don't sign that extension with your current team". MLB gave Harper essentially a "cease and desist" for openly recruiting Mike Trout, and he was like "blow me, I talked to him all offseason, and I want to play with him", so now he just says (as recently as yesterday) "I'm dead serious about the player you know I'm talking about, I want him to come here and I know he wants to so I'm going to keep recruiting the player you know I'm talking about." What's the point of blocking that between players? You can maybe say "don't say it on camera or in any public situation", and I guess I get that, because it can impact the fans of the recruited player, but overall it's a silly rule that's impossible to truley enforce.
  11. Trout signing autographs for fans recently. Back to uniforms... The Phillies would have been better off dropping the white altogether (at least on the roads) rather than make it so thin that it contrasts too much against the outdated sleeve trim. I'm really not liking the photos I'm seeing of the "new" jersey. It actually looks just like the Russel replica I got back in '93, except that back then the sleeve trim was more restrained so it looked more cohesive.
  12. It really annoys me how the serifs are sharp, but the outer stroke is rounded around them. It looks very sloppy, and poor attention to detail.
  13. Winning and marketable players are the key, and everything else is second. The Phillies are a perfect example. Haven't made a notable change in 27ish years, but were among the top sellers when winning all those divisions and a few pennants in the late 00s/early10s, and now have by far the top selling jersey (so much so that they literally ran out of the letter R and all jerseys that required Rs went on backorder.) All of the other cited reasons that teams rebrand are also very valid, and I think the timing for this one made sense, but at the end of the day, if you're not winning and producing stars, you're just biding some time until you have to rebrand again just to regarner at least some interest. Just win.
  14. You yourself said it's just "rumors and leaks", but there's not even a source cited, so I'm not sure there's anything worth getting worked up about.
  15. From what I read, Denver is paying half of his salary, so Washington could conceivably pay the rest and trade Arizona a "free" QB. Not sure how that works with the cap, but I imagine it's kinda like a cash payment to AZ and he'd still count against their cap.
  16. OMG those outlines. How the hell is this popular, other than that at the time, their OG uniforms were ridiculed relentlessly?
  17. Unless the deal was contingent on him signing an extension I’m not sure why it mattered. I get you don’t want someone that’s unhappy on your team, but the league shouldn’t allow teams to suck because nobody will play for them. On the the other hand, I have no problem with a player wanting to have control over where he lives/works, so I don’t fault brown. Do NFL contracts allow for limited no-trade clauses?
  18. Unpopular opinion but I don’t see any redeeming qualities in the green set.
  19. I don't know anything about Rosen, but I don't think it matters. If there's a guy that you think is the guy for your team, you do what you have to in order to get him, regardless of anything else. If he's there, and you have some doubts about your current guy, you can't worry about where he was picked or how much he's paid. A true franchise QB is priceless, and even if you think the guy you have is really good... but maybe not a "franchise" guy, and one's available, you have to get him. You can obviously win with crap face QBs (Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson) but if you have a chance for a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Bobby Hoying, Drew Brees, etc., you have to make that move or you're dumb.
  20. I didn’t ask either of the people about it. They were #27 as well. Definitely official numbering/lettering, not knockoff.
  21. Jesus Christ - how is that even possible? also, the trout thing is getting out of hand. I saw two Trout Phillies jerseys at the Sixers game last night, and apparently people are trying to order them already (but they’re out of the letter R now since the Harper signing so there’s delays... seriously.)
  22. The 1986 Phillies (21.5 games out!) want you to hold their beer.
  23. Of course not. By now, everyone knows you so well that your response goes without saying. I just knew you were the guy in Roughriders gear. Re: NFL union and guaranteed salaries - they players have had multiple chances to change that, and have opted in favor of a system that rewards the top guys with "guarantees" in the form of giant signing bonuses, while the little guys get nothing and can be cut in a year. The football players union just seems dumb, as they continually agree to deals that benefit the 1%, despite the majority of members being in that lower 99% class.