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  1. I get why wrestling announcers would do it - the viewers are shown certain shots for a specific reason so it wouldn't make sense for the viewer to see a shot of someone on the outside who's getting ready to cheat while the announcers are focusing on something totally different. I do find it funny that they're ringside, but watching TV (other than when there's replays.) I assumed that sports broadcasters did it mostly based on the action on the field, with the help of spotters and other aids either putting things on a prompter or communicating via earpiece. There's stuff they could see that a viewer wouldn't, like the positioning of the fielders. I know they're always handed papers with certain info on them. They'd need the actual viewer feed available, and often refer to it, but I'm not sure if it's their primary input.
  2. Should this be in 'discussion' if we're adhering to the guidelines?
  3. The Pirates' numbers, much like most themed numbers, border on cartoonish to me. That style works perfectly for their wordmark, but plain MLB block or varsity block would be better for their numbers. I think the Ravens would look better with something that's sleek but "plain". Honestly, the Steelers numbers would work for them. I feel less strongly about the white socks thing - especially if they're just white on the top and then have color underneath, Regardless, the Ravens are a team that can get away with the yoga pants look - when they wear their purple jerseys with the black pants. I love that look. I liked it a lot more when dark-on-dark was less common than it is today, but I still think it's very much in line with their identity. Maybe purple socks would work with black pants? I like this a lot: They could certainly pull it off, but I'd rather them just lose the black jerseys altogether. I generally don't think that teams should worry about what their division rivals are wearing when selecting their colors, and they're never going to be confused with the Steelers even when wearing black tops, but I'd just rather them have separate color schemes. EDIT: To your point about white socks with colored jerseys, I'll give you that this looks ridiculous. That's not what I had in mind.
  4. Read something today that if there's MLB this year, and if they play at home stadiums, the announcers won't travel with the team and will call road games from studios in their home location. I wonder if they'll be calling it based on the same feed the viewers see, or if they'll have their own CC feed that shows more of what's going on.
  5. Those numbers are comical. I don't love the current ones but they're much better. I've come to like the Ravens look - when they limit their options to purple over white, purple over black, and white over white. The helmet logo is among the worst in the league. I don't have a suggestion to improve it but it's horrible. The orginal is better, but still a very awkward shape to be on the side of a helmet.
  6. Huh? How does that work? But that's one less year you'll get to hear him talk about players "presenting well" and how he jerks off with coconut oil and talk about how the results don't really matter and it's more important to be super positive and project the right energy. He's from a different planet.
  7. And then the AAXFL will eventually merge with the NFL (after playing 3 "Real World's Champion" games) and they'll create the Uber Bowl. Nobody will really care about pre Uber Bowl championships.
  8. This isn't a Jerome Bettis playing his last game in his hometown so the league needs him to win so there's something to talk about. This whole pandemic is bigger than Kobe, and there will be no shortage of things to write about regardless of who wins. The league has way more pressing things to deal with now besides figuring out how to fix a playoff... that might not even complete anyway. Even if they wanted to fix it for the Lakers - which is ridiculous - all it takes is for one of them to get the virus and then it's all over.
  9. I think that was the early days of "Proline", which was probably the first step toward getting us to where we are now. The Eagles also made changes each year when they came out with their first midnight green set in '96. Most of the changes weren't as significant as the Patriot's, but they did get rid of the sleeve stripes and replace with a logo after the first season, which could be thought of as significant.
  10. Considering the NFL wasn't going to even allow them to switch full time to the throwbacks without holding them to the 5-year things, I'd say there's zero room for negotiating that policy. The only thing that might get for the owners to make an exception is if the new gear was dead last in sales, and therefore bringing everyone else down. New gear always sells at first, so there's zero chance of that happening.
  11. Relaxed rules when it comes to things like socks and alts, but is there any evidence of relaxed rules when it comes to noticeable jersey modifications? I doubt they'd allow anything that 1) wasn't for legitimate legibility reasons, and 2) required the replicas, shirsies, and other merch to be modified to match.
  12. All it does is highlight the absolute absurdity of their new uniform scheme.
  13. The Titans was just thickening, right? Did they even have to change it for the retail jerseys? I don't think there's much - if anything - the Rams can do if they're having second thoughts now. I'm struggling to think of any other number "adjustments" in the past 15 or so years. The last ones I can think of at all are the 2000 STL Rams (on-field change only), '97 Jaguars (changed during the preseason... not sure what happened with the replicas) and the mid-late '90s 49ers (just a change in block styles due to manufacturer change - before things were standardized) (can't say what year because the Gridiron Database uses #11 for some dumb reason.)
  14. someone needs to teach him how to use all caps effectively.
  15. When asked about playing in empty stadiums, Melvin Gordon (referring to the Chargers) said “Bro, we didn’t have fans anyway.”
  16. What if you could hack them, and get some idiot receiver to run straight out of bounds or even backwards? Or trick the QB into throwing right to a defender?
  17. Neither the Yankees nor the Dodgers took a left turn at Albuquerque during the pullover era. The Giants did, and it’s a wonderful period-specific script to use as an alt. The Pirates could also be considered one of those teams, had they not mucked it up from the mid 70s-late90s (and now maybe again).
  18. So I'm a goofball, and you're an expert on design? I have a few words I'd like to say back, but they may be phrases that became popular within the last 30 years, so I'm sure you'd fire back that I don't know the real English or something like that. I'm 100% convinced that you're a contrarian troll.
  19. The 2002 7 is an improvement. The 4 is a push.
  20. With TV numbers, the vertical stripes are just as bad and useless as the horizontal ones. Run it the whole way up the sleeve. Regarding the Steelers... while there's several ways to improve their look... 3d/beveled numbers ain't one.
  21. The gold trim and oversized script are part of what makes the modern version so great IMO. I'd hate to give that up. I'm indifferent to the headspoon. It looks fine with, but might be better without.
  22. I imagine if this board was around back then, many people - possibly including me - would have called them clown suits, unprofessional, and that they're just wearing tiger halloween costumes. Most of us have the benefit of only knowing these since they were in use before we were born, so I think that might help form our opinions that these are normal and professional. I'm curious how we would have reacted had the Jaguars come out with the same uniform, with with jaguar spots everywhere the Bengals had tiger stripes.
  23. Now that TV numbers aren't required, the sleeve stripe should run vertically from neck to cuff, like the old Astros rainbow-racing stripe (the version right after tequila sunrise.) Similar to this, but without the dumb undershirt: