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  1. I don't know much about NBA basketball, but I know that it's a star-driven league, and that draft picks that aren't top-3 are basically worthless, so if you're able to get a bona fide star for worthless draft picks and a couple of non-star players, you make that deal 8 days a week. I'm really struggling to find any fault with the Lakers approach here. You need the stars - at any cost. Then just figure out the rest. Bench guys and "second fiddle" guys are what they are for a reason, and there's a higher supply of them than there is of top-tier guys. Are two stars without a supporting cast enough? Of course not, but getting a supporting cast is much easier than getting two stars. And enough with this "homegrown talent" crap. Homegrown talent works for you whether it actually plays for you, or can be used to acquire other talent. It's basically the same.
  2. Disagree. In fact I feel the exact opposite - orange at home and away with white as an alt, and/or brown (but not solid brown). IMO gray should be a pants option - maybe even primary - but that’s outside the scope of this discussion.
  3. None of this happens without an improbable quadruple doink in game 7 vs Sixers. Good for Kawai and Lowry. Really came to like this team and was rooting them on after the Sixers got KOd. Just sucks they won in those silly jerseys and not their primary
  4. Face masks shouldn’t be white, brown, yellow, and I’m sure there’s other colors I don’t think look good. In cases where white white would be the choice, I’d go with gray, even though I’m anti faux-traditionalism if a team hasn’t worn gray forever. Browns looked best with gray masks, and I wish they’d be able to work a little gray into a uniform set similar to their last one.
  5. You don’t recall anyone having issues because it was 1994-ish, and there was no uniform message board. I know for a fact that Paterno had resisted putting it on the uniform for as long as he could, but I think the move to Big 10 forced them into it - either that or the $$$ became too much to turn down.
  6. No hotel, probably an ABnB. It's been a while since I've been down there, and back then the only place that I knew of to go out was Fells Point, but I'm sure there's better, and wherever that is will be where we get a place.
  7. Bumping this back up. Usually when a minor-league team changes for a day, it's a whole new look. Here they simply borrowed the Phillies script... sort of. You can see how bad the script is since they can't even connect the letters. There's signs for things in the park where the letters are connected, and it looks incredibly unnatural.
  8. The latter. Looks like it's only $7 for Greyhound tix down there, so a small group of us are going to go for a night and see Toronto vs Baltimore.
  9. If there needs to be one, and I'm not naive enough to think that in 2019 anyone is passing up that kind of money, I'd rather the advertisement replace the batterman logo on the back collar. That was such an unused area in major-American sports jerseys or... well, ever until CCM/Koho moved their logo there in early 2000s. As much as I dislike it on hockey sweaters, because the yoke is usually a part of the design and the ad infringes on that, I think it's ideal for the other sports. Of course, infringing on the uniform design is kind of the point of CCM/Koho putting their mark there.
  10. Can we stop calling them 'manufacturer's logos' and just call them advertisements? That's part of how they brainwashed people into thinking it's OK.
  11. Should they limit the GD that can be earned in any one game? Like say that the max is 6, so 6-0 and 13-0 are essentially the same. There's no competitive need to put up 13 goals against a team that while playing their best, simply wants the clock to expire.
  12. I didn't see it - was it more of a "hey, this helps our team! Go Raptors!!! Oh wait.. I shouldn't be cheering when a guy got hurt..." kind of thing?
  13. I don’t think anyone’s saying they had a crazy uniform.
  14. Are you saying that a team’s uniform shouldn’t exclusively represent their brand but also serve as a canvas for other unrelated brands?
  15. By “confirming” and “hearing” youz each mean “read on twitter like the rest of us”... or are you wired into foreign law enforcement channels?
  16. Funny how that works, right? It's clear why it's like that for the US-born talent, but I don't get it for the international pool, unless the draft rules are different - I don't know all the rules, other than teams draft foreign guys with late picks knowing that they won't sign for years... if at all. Hell, the Sixers traded for Dario Saric knowing that he wouldn't play, so they could keep The Process going and have him come over when they were good. You're telling me there aren't any 8-foot-tall guys with pituitary-gland issues hooping it up in rural China or India that could be drafted?
  17. LOLWUT? He actualy behind the times, since most teams ditched stripes after the 20s, and were using solids with either colored panels or super thick stripes by the 30s. Below are just a few uniforms from 1923 - there's plenty of other examples throughout the decade. That's not to say it's a bad design, but let's not pretend it was trendsetting or anything special for the times.
  18. My point is that there's no evidence to suggest "he'd be fine with this, it's only a change in uniform placement. " While we'll never know if he would have been OK with it had MLB allowed a non-approved ad on the jerseys, all evidence suggests that he would not have wanted any ad on their uniform.
  19. The only two answers to this question - and I really don't think it's even arguable - are soccer and basketball. Soccer is so ingrained in almost every nation's culture, is the most played game in the world even today, isn't going to die due to safety reasons, and produces the biggest stars in the world. I honestly cannot see a time where it's not the #1 sport in the world, no matter how much traction some of the others are getting. Basketball will always be played by kids during recess, on playgrounds, pretty much everywhere. It's the most accessible and the easiest sport for anyone to play, since you only need two players, a ball, and a hoop. It's a huge sport in the Balkans, pretty big in western Europe, getting there in Australia, and probably in lots of other places I don't know. It's possible that interest in the NBA might fluctuate up and down depending on the stars of the era, but basketball as a sport simply cannot vanish or even decrease its role in American culture, and the same in many parts of the world. Baseball is primarily American (with all due respect to the Japanese and Korean leagues) and it seems to me like it's losing popularity at a pretty dramatic pace among younger players, and especially in urban areas. There's myriad reasons for this - it's not action packed, it's simply not accessible to many people (you need a pretty large field and a lot of people to play it), it's stars are simply not as visible and charismatic as stars from other sports, kids can't watch the biggest games, and the games take 4 hours. At least it seems like the commissioner is aware of this, which is good, but I can totally see baseball losing it's spot in American culture over the next 20 years. Hockey is, and always will be, huge in Canada, and very big in the US, Eastern Europe, some parts of the Balkans, and Scandinavia, but on a world level, it's simply not going to get there - which is totally fine - it is what it is, and people should just enjoy it for that. I have zero citations here, or statistics, but simply gut feelings - it's decreasing rapidly in popularity among kids in non-hockey markets, mostly due to the inaccessibility of games. ESPN made hockey an event - the "fastest game in the world" (or however they marketed it.) In 1993, it looked like hockey could become what basketball did... which frankly baffled me since it's the single hardest sport for someone to get into because you pretty much have to be from an affluent family and have access to rinks, equipment, coaching, and know how to skate.
  20. I'd love a streaming service that was similar to WWEN, where I could select a team, then a year, and get a full menu of games to watch. I"m not sure how much I'd pay for it since I might watch the occasional game that popped into my head or for some reason I've heard referenced lately, and I'd probably only watch the Eagles, but it'd be a great platform. Now if they came up with that and put live games on there, we're talking serious $ (at least until American football goes away.) Obviously they cannot provide such a service - at least not in the US - but it'd be pretty amazing, and as you've pointed out, the perfect model / interface is already in production.
  21. Is there any situation even close to as crazy as the Billy Martin one in all of North American pro sports? Even in the world? Hiring and firing the same manager what- 6 times? I've always thought bringing a manager/HC back even once was odd. This is downright crazy. This surprises me too, even knowing the info that was contained in the article and posted by Gothamite. They can clearly manufacture on new templates, since they're doing so for college teams, so unless they're planning on reinventing the wheel for MLB, they don't have to... well, reinvent the wheel. Maybe the deal with Majestic/Fanatics makes it tougher since they'd need to integrate whatever new processes / materials into the Majestic facility, but that doesn't seem like an insurmountable hurdle. My guess is that they do have something completely new in mind for 2021, and don't want to waste even a dime changing things up before then. Citation needed.