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  1. Eagles resigned Darren Sprowles, which really pisses me off. Still a good player but can’t be relied on and will take a roster spot from someone that could develop. 


    Someone today said he might be a HOFer - that can’t be right... right?

  2. Parity can be both good and bad.  It's good because (theoretically) every team has a shot.  It's exciting if your team finished last one year and then wins the division the next year (even if they get thumped the next week.)


    It's bad because it can reduce a season to a crapshoot, where any team can win and it's just either luck-of-the-draw or chance that determines games.  I tuned out of the NHL for many reasons, but one was that the playoffs had become almost a random simulation, where any mediocre team could win the cup, and building a dynastic-level team stopped mattering as much (I know this isn't the case every year.)  


    At least in the NFL, despite the 'parity', the truly best teams tend to win out.

  3. The Marlins new identity is soulless.  That's the only word I can think of for it.  And the biggest shame of it is that it doesn't have to be that way.


    Remember how excited most of us where when we saw their new colores?  Then they went and used them in the absolute worst way possible.


    The script is sterile AF.  It's not even a real script, as nobody would ever write like that.  It's computerized, perfect, and (again) soulless.  Black and white is soulless.  Their most interesting colores are reduced to next-to-nothing.  


    I don't love their logo, but you could take it, along with their new colores, and build a dynamic - and classic - identity that would potentially boost it into the top or second tier of uniforms.  


    Instead they have a boring, sterile, soulless identity that is nothing short of forgettable.


  4. 23 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


    It sure is. The Jets' lone Super Bowl appearance after the 1968 season remained the team's primary identity for a good four decades, fading only recently. The impact of the Knicks' 1970 championship lasted even longer.


    Fans of the Royals dined out on the team's 1985 World Championship until their recent pennant, 30 years later. And two pennants in the last 20 years has done nothing to dim the impact of the Mets' 1986 World Championship.


    The vast majority of fans would welcome dynastic runs for their teams; but in order to keep a fanbase engaged, all that is required is that the team win once a generation or so.


    I'm not if we live in the same world.  Phillies won the WS in '08.  The first Philadelphia championship that I remember in my lifetime (i was very early 30s at the time.)  In your view, the fans shoudl just be happy and passive that they got to see a championship 11 years ago?  AYFKM?  That run ended after the '11 season, and they faded into oblivion.  I don't know anyone that's like "well, at least we got to see good baseball 11 years ago".  No - people are pissed that they're spending $100 to go to a game to watch subpar baseball by a team that (for several of those years) didn't seem to care about the product they put on the field.  That's aggrivating, and the memories of 11 years ago don't make it any better.  The only thing that made it worth going to games was the *ahem* "distractions" - great park, drinking, having social outings, getting drunk, and starting fires*.


    It's silly and arrogant to think that the Royals fans should jsut be grateful that they got what they got, and while I get that the sports-market is different in the midwest, I highly doubt that anyone was 'dining out' on the team's 30-year-old championship.  Remember - if you're 35 years old, you never saw any pennant-winning baseball there.  If you're 35, you don't give a rat's ass about what they did when you were 5.


    You do have a point if you want to say that expectations are lower - of course they are.  If a team simply wins a division, or even just plays winning baseball after years of horrific play, then that's almost like winning something (relative to how they've been.)  But come on - to say that fans still happy about a 30 year old championship is beyond absurd.  It's... super absurd.



    *not literally.


  5. 21 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:

    Sure, London, Berlin, Mexico City, Toronto... That's just outside of the US. You could also play them in nonNFL US cities... College football stadiums. 


    I'm just spitballing... I'm not saying this should happen.  But it does spread the product around without giving some teams less home games.


    Not sure there's any non-NFL US markets (or college towns) that have NFL-caliber facilities (and no chance they'd tease SD or STL.)  I don't see the appeal of the Titans and Seahawks squaring off in Norman Oklahoma or Ames Iowa.


    The international sites would make sense.  You would need either 1 int'l game per week, or let the season start and end normally, and do two a week in the middle 8 games.



  6. NBA is the worst sports league.  How the hell can you be a fan of OKC when the team doesn't want the player, the player doesn't want to be there, and they're basically just saying they're resigned to making it work for a year?  Why in the world would you cheer for that team or get invested in any way, shape, or form?


    The impossible to figure out CBA has made things nearly impossible to figure out, makes trades super confusing, results in guys being drafted even though everyone knows they aren't going to play there, and players reluctantly taking $40M to play out a season with some team.



    "The Thunder made the trade with Houston to accommodate Westbrook's wishes, but ensuing talks with Paul and his representatives found two sides sharing a belief that a season together could be beneficial to both, sources said."


    " Paul has warmed to the idea of the Thunder as a landing spot for the year"


    "Thunder general manager Sam Presti welcomes the idea of Paul playing for his franchise this season"



  7. 1. The stacked Diamond Backs Jersey is among the worst to see the field in the past 21 seasons. 


    2. Solid-white cap should never be worn with pinstriped uniforms. 


    3. Were players really still wearing their stirrups like that in ‘98? I thought we were entering the solid-sock era by then. 


    4. The turquoise caps were atrocious. Only really went with the white A jersey, but even then, purple is way better. 


    5. I forgot that I actually liked that purple jersey. Waaaay better than any of their black alts, and way better than the trash they called an away uniform. Shoulda just worn that with solid-gray pants all season long. 

  8. If we're now defining Ponzi schemes as  MLS stadiums built in stupid locations, then the Phila Union are running the biggest Ponzi scheme of them all.  Inaccessible from the city, in a location that's in a scary AF city where you need to park and take a shuttle to the game.  Absolutely disgraceful how the whole deal got done... and a shame that "Philadelphia's team" plays where it does.

  9. 16 hours ago, AustinFomBoston said:

    So the NFL doesn't want an to expand the season? 

    Remind me what I'm missing here then?


    Even if they play their backup as glorified preseason, you're still risking injury to them, and what depth you have. 




    Youre missing that they don’t want players playing more than 16 games. That’s a pretty big thing to miss, since that’s the whole reason we’re discussing this. 


    Your post stated clearly that your issue was with the league asking players to play more games, which is not the case.  

  10. 1 hour ago, dont care said:

    I don’t see what you are getting at? The pants are to the knee and the socks are pulled up, they might not meet the pants all the time and get pulled down during play but they are pulled up 


    Also half the sock has to be white. The white part is barely visible. Not saying it’s a great rule, but it is a rule. 

  11. 12 hours ago, Conrad. said:

    1. Not so fast

    2. Navy

    3. You might just see that wordmark again soon :wink2:


    Red Phila Jersey? 


    11 hours ago, Quillz said:

    I figure "Phila" is probably the "proper" abbreviation, but I've always wondered why they don't go with "Philly" given that seems to be much more common.


    Because Philly is a nick name. You wouldn’t put Cincy on a Reds uniform. Phila is an “official” abbreviation, and one that is used all the time when giving addresses “Phila, PA 19###”. Plus there’s historical context. I love it on their unis. 



  12. 1.  The red Sixers jerseys are terrible and if they're gone then good riddance.


    2.  Is the new one navy... or royal?  Looks kinda dark.


    3.  I'd much rather it say Phila than Philadelphia.  Just too long, and the Phila scrips from a couple of seasons ago were just go well done.


    4.  The Sixers have IMO the best overall set of uniforms in the league... but that's kind of a problem.  The primary block PHILA uniforms are almost perfect.  That should be their main/primary look - it's just that good.  HOwever, their stars jerseys are really well done too - both the gray and the white ones.  The Phila/Philadelphia ones look really great too.  


    They have 3 great looks... which means they don't have one.  

  13. The only 'distraction' that I'll agree needs to die is the wave.  It's one think if it's a 10-0 game and your team blows, it's another when people actually are trying to watch the game and it becomes about people looking for the wave to come around.  It was kinda not terrible in the donut stadiums, but in the neo-retro parks it's freaking dumb.