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  1. 27 minutes ago, Dalcowboyfan92 said:


    It's clear they've given up. I can't imagine how demoralizing it was seeing your team's heart and soul get injured and be out for the year.

    the Super Bow LII Champion 2017 Eagles managed. 

  2. 1 hour ago, JayMac said:

    Please explain to me why the NFL feels we have a need for Thursday night football? 

    they should reschedule all the NFC East games to Thursday night since the teams are trash and preparation doesn’t matter for them anyway. 

  3. 6 hours ago, insert name said:

    The old sets didn't even have THAT much piping. Maybe around the sleeves and armpit but those could've been easily cleaned up. Fill the white and black with the matching red, you have a much stronger uniform than the current. 


    When people say "it was cluttered with piping", you'd think it was just another Cardinals uniform but it wasn't. It was a very clean uniform. Cleaner than most people would expect from the Reebok era. It's honestly one of the better uniforms from that period.


    If that's not damning with faint praise then I don't know what is.  That's more a commentary on how wild uniforms got later on rather than how piping-laden this was.  I didn't hate it nearly as much as many around these parts but even I'll concede that the went overboard with the trim.

  4. Saw this link on UW and it's fantastic.  One of the best things on Youtube. Not only is there history of every venue ever, but there's some incredibly old footage.  It's long, so I only watched it for a few teams, but I couldn't believe the footage they had of the really old Eagles games, and there's more like that.  Love the history of the Dawg Pound, and the clip of Sam Wyche yelling at the crowd.



  5. 2 minutes ago, DNAsports said:


    The problem is, the dead horse you keep beating has to be at least 20 ft underground by now. We get it already.


    Some people don't.  The fact that the slob shirts and other uniform violations are actually depicted on a team-issue graphic is pretty relevant to the discussion of sports uniforms.  The horse isn't dead until every slob that wears a slob shirt learns how to wear their uniform as designed.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Glenn52-14 said:

    Ehh... Just let people express themselves how they please. Do I think it looks stupid and provides an easier way to be grabbed and slung around? Yes, I do. But I probably wear or have worn some dumb stuff in the name of looking cool and I'm glad people weren't paying enough attention to me to care.

    There’s not much room for individual expression within the confines of a “uniform” without manipulating the meaning some. I think it’s valid to pay attention to those details on a message board that was designed from day one for people who care about such details. 


    I question why anyone that feels that there doesn’t need to be rules and that players should be able to express themselves however they want would even care about  uniforms in the first place. 

  7. 23 hours ago, nuordr said:

    They have not introduced them for the current set. They did wear them with their color rush uniform the last few years. 



    It's sad that an official team graphic shows them wearing cycling shorts, mummy-wrapping socks, and those stupid t-shirts.  Hell - the dufuses on the right clearly have their bone jerseys pulled up just to expose the white undershirt.

  8. 1 hour ago, JWhiz96 said:

    To be fair, the only real player on their roster who could be considered a "bad character" is Tyreek Hill.



    Besides Hill, Frank Clark, Terrell Suggs, and Lesean McCoy are three others that don't deserve the oxygen they breathe.


    Andy Reid will sign a player that he witnesses rob and beat an old lady with a crowbar, as long as he can run fast.

  9. 4 hours ago, Gothamite said:

    California is not “the southern US” in any meaningful way, though. 


    Maybe rephrase as "first LCS with all teams from south of the 35th parallel".


    (assuming it's true... I didn't fact check his original claim.)

  10. 12 hours ago, FiddySicks said:

    The last set definitely had some problems, but there was a lot there that I liked. The glossy helmet with the black mask was clean and simple, the number font while not great was MILES better than the current one, and while it may not be the most popular opinion I actually rather liked the sleeve stripes. It also translated to the Nike set better than the other Reebok era unis IMO. They also looked better with red jerseys as the primaries. 



    The problem with the last set is that they were frustratingly close to having a clean, classic look and it was overdone with all of the piping and such. They simplified things in the current set, which is good, but they got basically every single other element wrong. The last set left a lot to be desired, but instead of taking what worked, they found a way to actually look a lot worse now. 


    This is pretty much it.  The last set could have been salvaged if they didn't add every bell and whistle on day one, and phased them in gradually over the years.  For example, maybe go with more of a basic jersey but with a new font and maybe the side / pants piping.  Then after a while, add the sleeve detail (unless it proved popular enough as is.)


    Or go nuts with the sleeve detail, but be more conservative everywhere else, and then change up the font and/or add the piping every few years, so it's a gradual build rather than a full cutover.


    I realize that nobody has 12 years to wait for a vision to take place (considering the 4 or 5 year rule in between changes) but it's better than screwing the entire thing up and having to live with that for 4 years.

  11. Cool. 


    They could also do that but with single-color numbers.


    Alternatively, they could work a little white into the horn as a keyline, but maybe almost like a shadow (white outline on the bottom of the curves.  You want a pants stripe?  Sure.  Solid blue, or blue and white (but not a triple stripe,)


    That could have been really good - miles better than what hey have.

  12. That Flyers jersey is horrible.  It should have white sleeves and black cuffs... kinda like the jersey it's trying to emulate.


    They should have done this, which gets you a black jersey, but not one that's just black+white like their dumb 00s ones.




  13. 1 hour ago, Red Comet said:

    Looking like a nice rebound game so far. And this is with Patrick Mahomes having an Alex Smith kind of game. 


    And with Clyde Edwards-Helaire continuing a 20 year trend of having very good to great runningbacks? Maybe Mahomes doesn't need to be Superman in every game. 


    Feels good to be the Empire. Feels good to be hated. Feels better than being pitied. Hail Zeon Chiefs Kingdom.


    EDIT: And as I say that, it's now a game. Even better. Competition brings out the best in everyone. Let's bring back the 90s. Including the Chiefs-Bills games that actually meant something. 


    EDIT 2: And getting that tough win against Buffalo improves my confidence in the team. Last week was getting caught off-guard. Still, do not underestimate any division foe. Like Denver, the team the Chiefs play next week. 


    People hate the Chiefs because they have some absolutely reprehensible players and are lead by an enabler who cares more about football than any moral value. 


    Not because they're really good.

  14. 8 hours ago, TrueYankee26 said:

    Dodgers have wait is 32 years since their last WS title

    Rays never won in 22 years of existence


    54 years of frustration combined.


    In the Rays case, is it 'frustration' if nobody cares?

  15. On 10/9/2020 at 1:42 PM, SilverBullet1929 said:

    As a Miami kid who didn't start watching baseball consistently until the Marlins became a team, this is not a specifically "wrong uniform." I think there are ways to have a uniform still be positively associated with someone who may have a different "right" uniform. Obviously Hough had greater success before the Marlins but the only clips I keep seeing of Charlie Hough over the last thirty years have been him pitching in the Marlins' inaugural game. When I see Charlie Hough, I think Marlins 1993, not Dodgers. Of course I'm not saying his Dodgers uniform is wrong I'm just saying there can be right uniform and wrong uniform but there can also be a middle ground.


    That's how I feel about Roy Halladay.  His biggest moments and highlights were with the Phillies, and that's how many passive fans probably associate him, but he obviously became a star and played more years with Toronto, and that's probably technically his 'right' uniform.

  16. 8 hours ago, Buc said:

    Switching gears for a moment...


    ...In looking again at those things the Titans call unifor--just look at this:





    Who else sees what's glaringly wrong here? And yet somehow these things passed muster to make it onto an NFL jersey...if that don't look backwards as all get-out...

    After the first image, I thought your point was that someone made a one-off mistake and put the 1s on backwards.  But if that’s the way they are? Someone needs to have their decision-making power stripped. That’s just awful. 

  17. Magic should post to our NFL thread since a lot of that is people simply regurgitating ESPN headlines.  


    I laughed at a lot of the mocking he got in the comments, but it's sad that people are actually discussing the game and having real sports-talk with strangers in the comments of such a silly post.


    EDIT: I don't live in LA so I don't know much about Magic other than his connection with that trash-ass lending company, but why follow him at all?

  18. 2 minutes ago, the admiral said:

    The gradient numbers are terrible, but I can get on board with sans-serif numbers for the Rams. A design that otherwise stayed true to the old Rams uniforms could have updated the numbers accordingly (and should have, the Rams' block numbers always looked cheap) and made it fit well the way the Bears do with their non-block numbers.


    Balance out the universe by restoring block numbers to, I dunno, the Bengals.



    If these unforms never existed, and they rolled these out now (in the current colors), I think many would consider them in the top tier of the league.


    Before they messed with the pants, this was one of my favorites.  Even the "dull" colors looked great under natural light.  I get that we were never going to get a simple recolor, but that's all that was needed.



  19. 10 hours ago, VikWings said:


    Sixers missing an opportunity to wear the Iverson throwbacks given this will be 20 years since the Finals run, I know Simmons has been pining for them. They just had the early 70s ones last year but that shouldn't matter.


    Define "pining", and other than saying one time that he thought they were cool, how he's been doing that.

  20. Since any potential WS matchup will be between legitimately good teams that would likely have been there even in a full season, does that change anyone's opinion about the legitimately of this season?  Even with the funky rules, it's looking like the best teams emerged.

  21. The networks wouldn't want it, and it's harder to keep teams comprised of rosters of 60+ players plus 20 coaches + a bunch of trainers in a bubble than it is basketball teams with 15 players, a few coaches and trainers, where they can rotate in and out on the same courts.  


    Bubbles might work in the playoffs if you have maybe four teams per site, but I don't think you can do any more than that.  Even then, you're setting the tournament so that each site's winners play each other, which isn't possible without making major alterations (which they could probably have done.)  Then, you're going from one bubble to another, which I guess is what baseball is doing, so maybe that would work too.