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  1. You said that "some people feel the need to suppress others[sic] input and thoughts on this forum". So you're accusing some people of suppressing thoughts, even if not Sec19Row53. Just curious where you've seen such suppression since you've apparently noticed it enough to comment on it.
  2. I get very uncomfortable watching him play, knowing what he went through to get back. I know that's on me and not on him, but I cringe whenever he gets hit or has to run. I can't believe he'd want to put himself out there again after nearly dying and losing the leg and going through 17 surgeries. I have nothing at all against the guy, but I never want to watch him play again. I want to get excited watching a QB get squashed, not tremble in fear because his leg could be dangling by a thread. Unlike NBA, I think it's always better to make the playoffs in the NFL than not, regardless of drafting implications. Maye that's changed now that there's an unnecessary 7 seed, but for the most part that's where I'm at - and Washington kinda showed why. They almost got another week out of it, and that's fun if your a fan. Sure they could have tanked against the Eagles and gotten a much better pick (and forced the Giants to have a worse pick) but the experience of playoff football is worth more than the pick.
  3. From the comments section, here's the NSFW alleded IG DM thread (which includes his voice) where he makes his 'joke' - So many questions. 1) he's a security guard, but dropped 60k on a SUV, and openly asks for donations? I get charging for cameos (which is how this all seems to have started) but seems like he just takes handouts too. 2) he claims he was joking, but YOU DON'T JOKE ABOUT ASKING A 14 YEAR OLD TO SHOW HER... ANYTHING. 3) I don't use IG messaging, but you can voice? And save them off and post them in Twitter threads? I don't get how all this stuff works. I don't get how anything works... so maybe I should be in Parler.
  4. Please either cite some examples to support this accusation you're making, or retract it.
  5. Didn't you get a bone jersey? How's it look IRL?
  6. That looks like every generic logo that everyone's ever done, just swap the hat for whatever makes sense. Also not sure I'd make a logo that's clearly representative of a race unless the logo is supposed to be a specific person.
  7. I don't know if I'd like bone + yellow, so I'mma have to say no to WFT getting boned. In a world in which some team needed a bone, Cleveland makes the most sense, followed by nobody. I think the Cardinals could work in bone with a redesign, but they'd have to go with bone domes too, and I'm not sure how that would look. My gut says matte bone might be awesome and match well with bone fabrics... and it could just as easily be a disaster.
  8. When you compromise, everybody loses.
  9. It's funny that Nike had a... wait for it... boner this off season, and didn't push the obvious move and try to influence the Browns to swap white for bone. It would look great with either of their tops, and would be nice as pants color to wear with either top. They could eliminate white from everything. We don't know that Nike didn't bring this to the Browns, but that would have made a lot more sense than bringing it to a team in Los goddam Angeles.
  10. Buffalo over Tampa Bay. Bills finally beat Brady.
  11. It's ridiculous that the pants have a gradient stripe that is white on top - right against the bone. How was there no thought put into the mixing and matching? It's easy to say that they weren't designed with that in mind, and fine - that's likely the case - but everyone knew from day one that they'd do it anyway.
  12. How does one become part of Bills Mafia? Are you a 'soldier'? Or do you have to be 'made'? Either way, I'm officially declaring myself a temporary member. Rooting for them to take out KC when the time comes. Then I don't care what happens... but it would be nice for them to get one after all the heartache.
  13. Justice was served - and in a way, as a fan with no interest, it worked out better because there was more meaningful action. Was Rivers just throwing it away on the subsequent plays before the hail mary? Those were awful passes.
  14. Wow. It's not the absolute worst call I've ever seen - it was super close - but a really bad break for the Bills.
  15. It certainly wasn't clear in real time, but yeah, it's a fumble. I want to see exactly when the time out was called - the whistles didn't come until after the completed pass!
  16. Right! An oil derrick used as a mark for a professional football team in Houston. It's an open and shut case, regardless of if they modified it enough to force an H in there.
  17. But Lily. I have no allegiances in this game, but goddammit go Bills. I thought that FG iced it, but their defense forgot there was time left. Don't have a good feeling about this one.
  18. I think it makes sense given where the company is heading. It's not like it appears on actual cars. I prefer the "tougher" current logo, but this does make sense.
  19. Yeah - I don't see any reason to hate on the NFL for this. Seems perfectly reasonable.
  20. The two middle are the worst. Any outline cannot be the same color as the shell or it looks washed out. THe others are superior. Another option is no outline, and either flat silver - or silver/charcoal wing. Strokes are overrated.
  21. I"ve been saying on this board for more than 10 years that I wouldn't mind seeing a silver helmet with midnight green wings (maybe black outline, maybe white, dunno) and silver pants. I don't know if that is enough to make it appear less dark/drab, but I think it'd look really sleek. I do think kelly green will come back, but not for a while, since they've said they want to mix it in as an alt if/when the 1-helmet rule goes away so they can 'test the waters'. I wonder if the loss in revenue would influence the helmet rule, since that would allow them to market more throwbacks and alts.
  22. He's kind of a local here where I grew up outside of Philadelphia. When I was in HS, practically everyone had an "under the table" job washing dishes at Lasorda's Tavern in Exton, and in the offseason, it wasn't uncommon at all to see him in there.
  23. That's silly. You'd wreck your franchise and any chance of being able to add players around him. If he demands a trade because he wasn't able to select the coach and GM of his team then his value plummets in my eyes and there's no way I"d trade for someone who lacks such basic understanding of how business works. I understand asking key players for input, but apparently he doesn't understand what the word 'input' means. If they hire a coach that he lobbies for, then how much clout does that coach really have, and will that coach have the nuts to sit Watson down or discipline him if it's necessary? At some point if you just let the player make those decisions, it becomes his franchise. QBs come and go, but the people routing our direction and driving the car are put there for the long haul. He sounds like a whiney [female dog].
  24. How are they losing Watson?
  25. To us. Not to everyone. And technically, a new jersey - even when paired with existing cap and pants - makes for a new uniform.