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  1. I've been consistent in hating when anyone suggests that a team simply 'goes back' to a previous design, however I'd make an exception in this case. They really should simply admit a mistake and 'go back'. If they want to switch it up some, then switch the numbers to a custom but still basic style (like the Texans) but I think that's unnecessary.
  2. I think that's sillly. The only problem I see with 'basic brown' is if the brown tops blend in too much with the diamond dirt, but I doubt that'll happen since the dirt is usually much lighter.
  3. On one hand, I like that their gimmick used to be that they change every 4 or 5 years. On the other hand, what they've had for the past 30 years is great. One thing I know for sure is that in my opinion, two-word names don't mix with tales. I feel the same about when the Mets used "New York" with a tail - the non-taled version was light years better. I remember the 1989 SI baseball preview from when I was a kid. I'll never forget it, because it had a whole section on baseball uniforms, and called out the White Sox for how often they changed "Lots of Sox". You can see at the bottom of these pages how they included all the Okkonen images that are now on Dtt9s.
  4. There's no "dream" uniform that mixes a gold or silver helmet with white pants. That simply should never happen. IMO if the lids are silver or gold, the pants need to either match the helmet (if wearing dark jerseys) or they could also be another team color (if wearing white jerseys.) Don't fight the system - just accept it.
  5. So to the mods, how is this "sports logos NEWS", when it's a topic based on an owner saying "“We are always looking at everything and seeing where we can change things in our organization and make things better,” Glazer told “Whether it is our stadium, on the field, off the field, uniforms, looks – so everything is always on the table and under discussion.”, NOT even saying explicitly or not-denying that they're getting new uniforms? It's not even a rumor. Could the forums be any more arbitrary? (nothing against you, Buc, just pointing out the suboptimal nature of the new forum system... there's many other threads that I've pointed out too.)
  6. I don’t think TV numbers are important at all anymore, with the exception of identifying a player in a photo where his jersey number might be obfuscated. Front helmet numbers would solve that “problem”, but aren’t practical for every team.
  7. Not sure that teams see it this way, considering women are customers and they endorse the employment of rapists and batterers. Michael Vick survived, and eventually flourished. I think it was much harder for him than it would be for Kaepernick.
  8. I HATE when shadows are outlined. Totally defeats the purpose of a shadow
  9. When you get raped then you know what you’d do. Until then you don’t know. Try not to pretend you know what’s going on inside a rape victim’s head.
  10. not sure where this goes - it's for discussion, but it's also a real thing and kinda news, but it's sports related, so maybe we could have a new subforum just for arena things (of course, there would be Arena Discussion and Arena News), but this is the new $15M-$20M "kinetic" scoreboard at Wells Fargo center that they'll have in place this year. The whole thing can change shapes and has these weird hoops that move around over it while it's on. Animation:
  11. The alleged text message pertaining to "jacking my on your back" (spoilered for language) This is disturbingly similar to texts that Lesean McCoy would send to his baby's momma - honestly not even as bad, which can only tell you one thing... ... Andy Reid will sign him with open arms if he's cut by the Patriots.
  12. Jimmy Butler was the first one I saw wearing the headband, and I thought it looked ridiculous. It's similar to what the kids that I see fighting each other on courts every day wear - certainly not what I'd expect to see players at a professional level - let alone the highest professional level - wear. The safety risk thing is a little bit of a stretch. On one hand I can get how anything that flails could get caught on something/someone or be grabbed, but this isn't any different than a player with long hair that's tied back in a tail. I'm not sure if they should have been outlawed, but I won't miss them.
  13. How do you get blacker than black? Off topic - our high school’s main football rival wore head-to-toe black (which was not common at all around here in early 90s), and they also had a lot of minority players. There was a newspaper article about how intimidating they looked in their all-black, and yada yada yada. In his pregame speech, our coach went on a rant and screamed about how proud they are of their blackness, which made every player on our team (who’s stars were black) lift their heads up and drop their jaws. He was clearly referring to their look and the news article, but still.
  14. When I was a kid, 7 and 12 were the QB numbers (with some notable 11s and 16s). It was a big deal (to a little uni-nerd) that Steve Walsh - an (allegedly) good QB - was going with a single-digit-non-7-number like 4.
  15. Ask the king of wasting time outs (and children)
  16. Eagles' sidline caps were solid white like players' weekend. Maybe that's a thing.
  17. Totally. I will never understand the feeling of superiority one gets by putting on a jersey, or the cowardness-mistaken-for-bravery of taunting while surrounded by a gang of perceived allies. Someone going to a game to support their team isn't in any way threatening anyone, but some people take it as if they're the enemy in a legitimate war and if they win, then their wives will be raped, their homes seized, and themselves put to death.
  18. I think Philly's treatment of players is no different than any other cities. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Colt's fans were booing and taking off their jerseys because a player who has been living in pain decided to retire? Anyway, If you look at the twitter comments, most people were pretty good natured about it, and I have to think that he was just hving fun knowing that his team was likely going to get killed (didn't work out that way though.) Everyone recognizes that the players aren't from here and have their own allegiances, and I don't think anyone cares. Again, curious to see how the fight started - guessing it's some drunk meathead Eagles fan,but again, still doesn't make sense for an athlete to literally walk through a crowd of drunk fanatics and troll them. Did he deserve to be in a fight? Of course not. Was there a non-zero chance of it happening and did he make the decision knowing that? Yep. Still don't know the facts, but yeah - I don't think anyone cares that he's a Washington fan. Try to be more like your user name. If you want to bring up last year, then prove to me that the Eagles didn't recover the fumble. If you cannot, then please slam a door on your fingers so you can't type anymore. I don't know what happened. I know that walking through a place where youknow that there are drunk lowlifes (that pay to see you and pay to wear your jersey) and taunting them isn't the smartest thing, even if it doesn't warrant any kind of physical altercation (assuming that a fan started it, and that pretty much has to be the case.)
  19. Why troll the people that pay to see you play and support you? Not saying to pander to them and pretend to be an Eagles fan, but just not put it in their face. In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, but seems to be unnecessary.
  20. 76ers forward Mike Scott, who is a pretty popular player here, went to the Eagles vs Washington game in Washington gear and got into a legitimate fight with tailgating Eagles fans. Investigations are underway - not sure who started it. Not sure what he was thinking - it's cool to be a fan of whatever team you want to be, but if you play in a city and presumably most of your fans are also fans of the Eagles, maybe not rub it in their face. Curious how the fight started.
  21. Well... while this obviously a subjective subject, that's certainly an unpopular opinion. Their regular home cap is perfect and versatile enough to be worn with any of ther uniforms. They have no need for a second cap.
  22. Washington appears to have a metallic finish on their helmets - is that new?
  23. *sigh* referees already impacting games. The rules are so arbitrary it's disgusting.